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What would /lit/'s top 100 that's not the top 100 look like? You know, like the 2nd hundred... the less known books. What are 5 of your favorite books that can't be found in the top 100?

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I never understood the point of top 100 shit. It's obviously going to be rendered almost meaningless by the vast majority of any community being entry level and the vast majority of those people voting for the most obvious basic bitch shit they read. What does it mean that /lit/ thinks Don Quixote is #36 best book of all time, other than that Don Quixote is commonly read or recommended by /lit/ faggots so it's in their mind when someone asks for a list of good/important books?

It's fitting that Reddit got more out of "/lit/'s" top 100 books since the top 100 books poll is an inherently reddit thing anyway and represents the most reddity part of /lit/. What I'm trying to say is, gas reddit.

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Also 4chan polls are extremely easy to rig, as evidenced by the ChristLARP faction spamming the bible to #1. It's not reflective of actual tastes, which is its one job.

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just tell me a good book that's not in the charts

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It is fun to see what /lit/‘s general tastes are. That’s why we do it brainlet

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Gulliver's Travels

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Journey to the west

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