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Oedipa was going crazy, right?

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no u

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where are we going?
we’re all going mad.
i thought we were going to kew gardens...

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She was finally seeing the truth.
Your mailman is a pedo.

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I don't think she was. I think everyone else was.

Usually, that's a clue that we're dealing with an unreliable narrator, but not here.

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Somebody post Not Bill Murray’s explanation of crying of lot 49, Not Bill Murray did an explanation here at one point.

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Not Bill Murray is obviously Pynchon, because nobody could give enough of a shit about The Farting of Lit 49 to pick up on that gay Badger reference

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Wow...real subtle...

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on the contrary, she was starting to be sane

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So who bought it?

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It was about a suburban white woman realizing that she's not the center of attention any more.

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Oedipa Maas, one of the best characters names in literature.

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not at all. why do you think this?

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link to that thread?

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turned badger = torquato tasso = yes, she was crazy.

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I think the point was that she was the only sane person left.

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Someone made the following comments:

>Maas, the surname, is derived from Thomas. The Biblical Thomas did what again?
>Maas is also the name of a river. A river that traces the boundary of the Holy Roman Empire. Gee whiz, Mr Misprint had an empire... Mz Maas ends up doing wha?

Which, if you tie this together and your head doesn't explode, should make a lot more sense.

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