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> literally a metaphysician
> all he goes on about is the soul and metaphysical structures and shit
> makes all these grand statements about the virtue of beautiful arts and all that
> goes on about how beautiful the culture age is as opposed to the civilizational phase
> and yet: is an atheist, has no religious foundation for any of it, has no epistemological/metaphysical foundation
Literally why listen to him?

How can an atheist analyze any of this or make any ontological claims about the nature of how a civilization 'should' be? He has no ground to make all these spiritual and metaphysical claims. Without a certain foundation for an epistemology and metaphysics virtually everything you say is worthless. I mean possibly you could argue that they can analyze things in a cold fashion, but even then their 'ought' claims are worthless.

Also why would a Splenglerian care about the West anyway? How would you convince some globo-homo interacial fag who is perfectly happy with the experience machine modern life? If they're physically happy what can you say?

Same goes for Nietzsche

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>believes the only way to save the west is a caesarian style dictatorship

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>How can an atheist analyze any of this or make any ontological claims about the nature of how a civilization 'should' be?
it's easy. we observe nature to describe it, and we build our conception of how a civilization "should" be by seeing what results from a given action, and judging whether or not this given result is beneficial for a functioning society. it's not that hard.
>I mean possibly you could argue that they can analyze things in a cold fashion, but even then their 'ought' claims are worthless.
if you want your car to run, you ought to put gas in it. this statement is not worthless without a god.

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>judging whether or not this given result is beneficial for a functioning society.
How are you judging 'beneficial'? Under an atheistic framework all you have is dopamine and general happiness/fitness/etc. If it's just about maximizing happiness (gay utilitarianism) then why don't you just have a society of experience machine people? Like a society where everyone can just get dopamine pumped into them like Brave New World? There's no argument against this without God.


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Who cares

Have you gained something from reading him? He might just be autistic, maybe a schizoid who has opinions dancing in his head.

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Is simple authority any more compelling a reason?

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>metaphysics and atheism are mutually exclusive
read schopenhauer brainlet

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Hope you someday realize that the christian lunar morality and the christian feminization of the methaphysical world has banalized and emasculated the western ethos, and the atheist reaction is not fulled by a disgust of the ideal conception of religion, but by a suprahistorian disgust of how christianity killed the power of the nordic Volk

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>hur dur Christcucks are fags!!
Yeah yeah try and explain the orthodox logos you fag. Pagans are low-tier poseurs, they don't have any metaphysical foundation for anything they say, watch Dyer
You didn't reply to any of my questions regarding why would you care about such things.
>muh authority
That doesn't explain why authority is actually important, you have no actual point in caring about that, why don't you just hook yourself up to the dopamine machine, why live it all?
Schopenhauer was a vegetarian sodomite. How could he have any kind of metaphysical foundation for anything he says without God


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Metaphysics doesn't fucking exist. Life is a property of matter.

"Our most sacred convictions,those which are permanent in us concerning the highest values, are judgments emanating from our muscles." - Will to Power Vol 1

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He didn't say that.

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Spengler literally never said this. Spengler is a fatal pessimist. He does not believe the West can be saved at all, let alone by Caesarism, which is only an outward political expression of the late stage decline of the soul of a culture

Honestly not entirely sure what you're on about OP. It's not irreconcilable that Spengler is an atheist but still believes in an underlying metaphysical structure to world history. Do you want him to go around larping as a Christian like so many other of today's reactionaries? There's no doubt Spengler understands the significance of religion in relation to culture, but he is a man of his times, and the only sincere road for him was atheism I suppose.

That being said, you have to understand that Spengler's philosophy is one of a grand kind of historical relativism. For the brief time during which the culture lives and dies, its metaphysical truths are of the utmost importance to its constituent individuals. But to members of other cultures, they are incomprehensible.

>Also why would a Splenglerian care about the West anyway?

A Spenglerian not necessarily, but a Western Spenglerian would. Read the last page of Man and Technics, where Spengler concisely lays out his philosophy of life or what is to be done in the face of the knowledge of the Western tragedy. In short, you should hold your post and die a noble death, because that is ultimately what the high cultures are. They arose out of a fear of death, and they overcome this fear through the development of transcendent meaning.

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LITERALLY a high school teacher who's big conclusion is that if you a noble cracka you'll accept your civilization and race's inevitable decline

germans are autistic

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>>believes the only way to save the west is a caesarian style dictatorship
consider never posting on this board again

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you mongoloid, he explicitly says you should do everything you can to fight against the decline, even if you believe it is inevitable.

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Based Become Orthodox poster

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Please kill yourself OP

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>watches Granville Thorndyke once
>doesn't read any of the surrounding literature
>arguments are garbage so he LARPs as part of a Soviet Era psyop to destabilize the West
I knew you were really onto something when you started using all caps.

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Also, post your Twitter account. I want to know if there's more than one of you.

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religion is proper to metaphysics, not the other way around *clicks images of stairs*

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life is a property of thought

this can be proven by simply recognising the source of all experience which is after all thought

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Thought is a property of Being

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& how does that prove the validity of materialism?

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It does the opposite. I'm just pointing out that the source of all experience is not though, as you said, but Being itself

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>How are you judging 'beneficial'?
Survival, social harmony, stability, and perpetuation of the system that empowers those.

Which, if you really read your religion, you'll find that's 99% of what it's really about - from the dietary commandments, to the mixed fabric rules (among those rules which helped the hebrews to retain their cultural identity through the diaspora), and, yes, everything in the new covenant as well. ...and even the stuff that isn't about any of those things, is designed to inspire folks to follow, perpetuate, and enforce all the teachings are.

Only difference would be that a wise atheist would build his system based on existing trends in existing systems and their success and failures, based on analysis and dialectic reduction, rather than on the life experience and resulting advice of a few groups of old men who have been dead for thousands of years... And probably aim for something much more dynamic as well as self perpetuating. (Or not, there's always Marx.)

Sadly, that doesn't sell as well as deities do.

But morality is the lowest and easiest grasped rung of the ladder of religion, that those that would climb it tend to get stuck there. Should you escape that trap of fundamentalism, yes, you can climb to heights that no empirical system can lead you to, but to deny the existence of God does not necessarily also entail the denial of spirituality and consciousness.

Indeed, even for the religious, for the aspect you're describing, God doesn't necessarily even need to exist, just the concept.

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PS. Sorry for "reddit spacing" - typing in this little window makes paragraphs look a lot longer than they are. Hell, I'm not even an atheist - just sayin'.

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Atheism and materialism are not the same thing, someone can believe in metaphysics, the soul, an afterlife ect without believing in a theistic God.

Both Buddhism and NeoPlatonism are technically atheistic (unless you call The One a God, which kind of makes sense but you can't describe The One so it doesn't fit into the category of God), but still both believe that there is more to the world than just physical material.

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What does a Godless afterlife look like? Genuinely curious.

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>In the spring of 1936 (shortly before his death), he prophetically remarked in a letter to Reichsleiter Hans Frank that "in ten years, the German Reich will probably no longer exist"

how did he do it lads

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It's a start.

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"Remember all that time before you were born. Kinda like that."

Though for spiritual atheists who believe in an afterlife, it kinda varies. I suppose, in western culture, the customized individual self-made heaven/hell based on the last working psyche is pretty common - and sorta healthy, as it does encourage one to maintain clean mental health and a good internal self image. Which is also what a lot of the bodily denial of Christianity and a lot of other religions is about, if you read between the lines - not falling into the hell of the hedonistic treadmill and the like.

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This has to be the dumbest view on Spengler that i have ever heard.

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