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Hey /lit/, should I steal my course pack? I don't feel like shelling out 80$ to the thieving book store.

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no electronic tattle tale in books?

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No. It's not worth being kicked out on the first day. Suck it up and accept it's going to cost you

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I doubt it, but even if so I don't really care. Place is too busy and big
I could also just slice open the plastic and have a look

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If they caught me I'd run

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yeah do it w.e

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Thieves should get there hands cut off. I had my motorcycle stolen and a thousand other little mementos. People have stole from my home, my car. Fuck thieves.

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Fuck'em. Institutions of higher learning are just liberal indoctrination centers that turned education into a business. It's also likely the professor wrote your text and shits a new edition out every year to make more bucks, so fuck him too.

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