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Post shit you dropped

I'll start

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you, as a baby

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What an insightful and constructive post

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the only book i have ever dropped.

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Shit, me too. I dropped the secret agent just when I was about to finish it.
Also, It can happen here. Just the first chapter is good. Since the guy has congessmen arrested that parhetic mess of classism in book form collapses into itself

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don't act like this thread is going to be anything near constructive. it's going to be contrarianism all the way through with zero discussion

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Then leave

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After about 50 pages

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Why? It's not even bad

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told ya

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Not sure why this was the cover I had saved for this book.

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Never even picked it up

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I finished it and thought it was better than HoD. I'd go so far as to call it one of the great terrorist novels.

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Sartre was an idiot and a kid diddler. A kidler.

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Atlas Shrugged
read it for the memes and dropped it 400p in for its naivete and repetitiveness

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was digging the stuff about the internet / mmos but got bored with all the new york socialite garbage

couldn't make it through the interviews?

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Kim by Rudyard Kipling

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also this

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You faggots memed me.

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GR dropped me

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I liked Invisible Cities fine. I’d probably like this too.

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It's not as good, but arguably a lot more fun

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No I didn't. I actually hated it, and I love Ulysses because I have good taste. Stop impersonating me.

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off the top of my head
Lolita (90% through)
Moby Dick (80%)
Crime and Punishment (60%)
Dune (50%)
Dubliners (40%)
Divine Comedy (30%)
Heaven and Hell (25%)
Grapes of Wrath (20%)
Finnegans Wake (10%)
Mason and Dixon (10%)
Gravity's Rainbow (.5%)
I talk about most of those as if I read them fully though

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It's weirdly appropriate to stop reading this halfway through

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Muhammed was also a kid diddler. A billion people think he was chosen by God.

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I couldn't stand the gay narrator and his embarrassingly beta thirst for the love interest. So cringe. If you're going to lay that much beta on me there needs to be more objectivity and distance.

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Only if you let it.

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For Lolita I read a spoiler that the narrator gets BTFO by some movie star so I dropped it lol

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Only book I dropped last year. Couldn't get past the first 50 pages. Dharma Bums is much better.

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