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Is there anything inherently wrong with the consumption of literature, particularly the canon, solely for entertainment?

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Literature is entertainment. Some of us require more entertaining than others and need to read Tolstoy rather than Grisham to be entertained, but it will always be entertainment.

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Novels are just movies for pseuds

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Yes, because the canon is not mindlessly entertaining. You would be much better off reading YA or light fiction from the 21st century

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>canon is not mindlessly entertaining
It is entertaining though, because its entertainment.

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That is true, but what I'm trying to say is that underlying complex themes and ideas take out spots where there could be more meaningless plot. Sure it's entertaining, but a completely vapid book is much more concentrated entertainment

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>underlying complex themes and ideas
But I find these entertaining, as surely you do as well. Obviously it's more sophisticated than some Dan Brown nonsense, but it's still essentially the same thing.
The only real difference between Puccini and Lloyd-Webber is Puccini is much, much better at doing the same thing

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Those are some great looking milkers

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At least a half of Western canon are adventure and plot-driven (e.g. Dostoevsky and Dickens) stories.

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>Puccini is much, much better at doing the same thing
Remind me, how many memorable catchy tunes this guy wrote? Two?

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That's why you consume it.

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this but unironically