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I will start reading this tomorrow, any advice or recommendation?

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No, it's pretty straight forward
The culture of Russian name usage can be a bit tricky at first but you get used to it

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Read from left to righT

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finishing picture of dorian gray within the next 2 days and then starting C&P soon after. What am I in for?

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Into the trash it goes

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Don’t turn the page too fast or it might rip

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This except unironically

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Remember to drink water

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Garnett's fine.

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Garnett still exceeds all others.

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What about Mcduff?

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Garnett was good enough for all the writers and scholars that established Dostoevskys reputation in the West you spoiled niggers

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Throw it in the trash and read Schopenhauer

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Take your time. It’s a “philosophical”novel, so at times it will feel like the plot will stall for chapters on end while Raskolnikov ponders. The plot is almost secondary in this novel. When you feel like it gets heavy (it’s not a difficult novel but it drags at parts) but go for a walk tbqh

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What totally asinine "advice."

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It’s literally just another book, you dumb nigger. What else do you want from me, there’s nothing “deep” about it. I read it when I was 14 for English class and I “got” it, idk what the faggot of OP wants really other than signaling his pseud-dom

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Mcduff is excellent

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the argument is that Garnett is great because she introduced Dosto to the West, but since then there have been better translations. The reason most scholars (of past) have relied on her translations is because they were the only ones available for a long time (the alternatives early on did not have a good rep)
this is no longer the case

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Wtf I actually did exactly this

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>bathing thrice a year and dying from consumption at 30 was good enough for billions you spoiled brats

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So many anglocucks on this board, mods should add anglo filter option

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