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What do people think of me when I say Crime and Punishment was my favorite book of all time?

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Probably a young man. Good choice though.

Not even my favourite Dosto.

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I might just be a brainlet but I didn't like it that much.

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Some people will like you for reading literature, especially dostoevsky fans will like you

Snobby literati fuckers will laugh at you

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What's your favorite work? It's funny, Chekhov is my favorite Russian writer overall but this book is my favorite piece of Russian literature.

>Probably a young man
you're right im 21 lol
what else would you think? But honestly, what do you think normies would think? That was the main point of my post

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why laugh?

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Why do you care what normies think? Serious question.

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im bored. just looking to start discussion w potential to have some laughs

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>being chill on /lit/

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I think it would be much more interesting to discuss the book itself then. Why is it your favorite book? What did you enjoy about it? Have you read any other books from Dostoevsky?

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Normies will think you like a book they think they remember hearing the name of once.

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I like the main character Raskolnikov a lot. I find the moral dilemma very interesting, I love crime stories (books and movies) and this novel is a great take on that genre. I like the way in which Dostoevsky so accurately portrays the thought process/inner human nature of his characters.

I've read his other works but its been a while. This is the one that stuck out to me the most, manly because I liked Raskolnikov more than his other characters.

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oh also, u sound like a total fucking nerd. is everyone on /lit/ like this?

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Very interesting. I haven't read Crime and Punishment yet but I'm planning to in the next week. The only Dostoevsky I've read is The Brothers Karamazov, I loved every part of it. Crime and Punishment seems to be Dostoevsky's most accessible work.

We're all autists here.

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Crime and Punishment is basically an accessible version of The Brothers Karamazov.

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brainlet post

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saying "most accessible" is a way for snobby autists to avoid admitting its the author's best work

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Not sure if it's his best work, but it's a lot shorter than The Brothers Karamazov while dealing with many of the same themes.

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>less accessible
>these two points together means that its better
how fucking retarded are you? I invite you to make a legitimate, cogent argument for why you think The Brothers Karamazov is so good, and possibly better than Crime and Punishment. Go on, I know you won't.

Kill yourself you pathetic faggot. I hope you and your family encounter a horrible life and death.

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I meant accessible in that it's the book that everyone recommends to read first/reads first. Not trying to imply anything here.

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i'd actually argue that tbk is more accessible than crime and punishment since it has more of, you know, a plot, but either way tbk > cap

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came here to say this desu

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People will know you're a devoted Jordan Peterson fan

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They're completely different books.

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breddy gud

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used to be me

i think of someone who hasn't read brothers karamazov yet

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Why would You care of What other people would think of You?
Everyone is just a pseud anyway, us included.

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