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>Most beautiful sung language bar none
>Plethora of classic literature
>Spoken colloquial sounds hideous

How is this even possible?

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A poor man's Spanish.

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delete this picture man, it's hideous.

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Spanish and Portuguese are a black man's Latin.

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Spanish is objectively a mud language with all those phonetic changes.

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bad spoken gallician

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Luís de Camões, António Lobo Antunes, Fernando Pessoa, José Saramago >>>>>>>>>>>> Brazilian "literature" made by niggers

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Spanish is cleaner than Portuguese. Irrelevant negro influence unlike Portuguese, five vowel system, every letter is pronounced. Can't beat that.

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>Most beautiful sung language bar none.
Eh, Italian, mate. Italian is better at this than Blacktuguese.

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Blacks are irrelevant in Spanish culture.

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>Most beautiful sung language bar none
Eh what? Singing makes Portuguese sound more palatable and less of a garbage-compactor-French, but it isn't in any way extraordinarily good. I've only ever heard delusional lusophones on /lit/ claim that fado is somehow superior to other singing traditions.

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Brazilian Portuguese is a sweet sounding language; Portuguese from Portugal is atrocious.

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Everything you say in Italian sounds like music. Italian is THE musical language. Get the fuck out of here, macaco.

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>Spanish is cleaner than Portuguese

Your language literally sounds like a creole due to artificial phonetic and ortographic changes.

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Maybe. But Portugal has better literature.

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Not hard to have better writers than a Zoo.

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Not really, but you're entitled to your opinion. Portuguese can't beat the clarity and conciseness of Spanish.


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One of the best posters I ever encountered on /lit/ is from Brazil. And I’ve been here for more than 8 years.

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>artificial phonetic and ortographic changes
As opposed to naturally occurring in the wild and organically farmed deposits of Portuguese orthography?

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And were are you from?

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...which doesn't have anything to do with their actual body of literature, but whatever.

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In a way, yes. Up to this point (we had a big change a few years ago) the written language more or less followed how paradigmatic people spoke. I only hope those stupid fucking Brazilians who can't pronounce 'di' or 'ti' correctly die in a fucking FIRE. It's pathetic to hear those scumbags mutilate the language with their 'bom djias' and 'boa noitches'.

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Stop arguing, boys. Both the Polish-French and the bad-Italian-with-lisp are terrible languages.

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Brazil was a mistake.

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Yeah, but have you read their body of literature? Keep in mind that you are using the option of a guy from Portugal who got offended when someone said that their version of the language is ugly while the Brazilian one is sonorous. Is this the kind of judge that you will allow to form your opinion?

One example: XIXth century Russia was filled with poverty, corruption and a population that was composed mostly of peasents, and yet look at the kind of writers they produced.

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None of the Spanish spoken in the Americas has a lisp. Argentinian and Mexican Spanish, for instance.

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They are saving the language, as far as I’m concerned. Much more open vowel sounds while people in Portugal swallow all the vowels and spit out consonants. It looks like Russian.

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>caring about niggers' barbarized tongues
Castellano is the only proper way to speak Spanish.

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>Yeah, but have you read their body of literature?
Yeah, it's mediocre at best. Nowhere near Portugal's.

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Using the OPINION of a guy, not option

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Ah, so you’re Portuguese. Now I understand the antipathy and arrogance

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Yet Borges (Argentina) and Rulfo (Mexico) are better writers than whatever the fuck has crawled out of Spain in the 20th century in terms of literature.

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Amerifat here, can confirm, Euro-Spanish sounds like nasally fags and catladies.

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Both are mediocre.

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Correction: southerners and southeasterns speak like that. People from Rio in particular have mongrelized the language beyond recognition.

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Bom djia, gentchi. Dji ondji vocês vêm?

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>has never read Eça de Queiroz
>has never read Machado de Assis
>has never read Almeida Garrett
>has never read Ariano Suassuna

Just leave

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I'm born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal but I prefer reading in English, its easier for me to understand books this way, I think its because its a more streamlined, direct language. Trying to read The Book of Disquiet in Portuguese is a massive challenge, while in English its almost too easy.

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>Trying to read The Book of Disquiet in Portuguese is a massive challenge, while in English its almost too easy.
So you're a pleb who likes to read the watered down version for kids? Gotcha.

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>b-but in this particular period
>coping that badly
Nobody cares. Also double kek at Rulfo. Afraid to disappoint you, but he's literally who tier compared even to such "titans" as Lorca, Ortega y Gasset and Unamuno.

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I'm half portuguese/half brazilian and I must say that your ignorance is only shadowed by your obnoxious stupidity. There are more - literally millions - of brazillians, specifically those from the north west, that do not pronounce those syllabes like you described.

You want to talk how european portuguese sounds like a russian having a stroke?

Resumindo, vai enfiar essa arrogância no cu.

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>There are more - literally millions - of brazillians, specifically those from the north west, that do not pronounce those syllabes like you described.

And yet some of the most annoying accents in the country come from there.

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Sou brasileiro e compreendo a sua opinião, mas devo dizer que os melhores autores do Brasil são pouco lidos em Portugal. Refiro-me a poetas como Jorge de Lima, Murilo Mendes, Bruno Tolentino, Augusto dos Anjos (mais ou menos comparável a Mário de Sá-Carneiro, todavia superior), João Cabral de Melo Neto e outros mais.

Nossos romancistas são inferiores aos nossos poetas.


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>looks like Russian
Só um simióide brasileiro cometeria um erro de inglês destes

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Just to the ears of you stupid southerners who literally learned how to speak from the mistakes of cariocas. lmao

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The poorest part of Brazil is by far the best one in terms of literature.

I am referring to the Northeast, specially to the state of Pernambuco, which produced a disproportional number of great writers and intellectuals. Apparently even the very poor still cultivate a type of popular literature there named 'poesia de cordel', which reminds one of the old Iberian 'romances'. They even have a Cid/Roland type of character in the figure of Lampião, a bandit from the 30's. If I remember correctly, João Cabral de Melo Neto once said that he became a poet after listening to the workers at his father's farm reciting cordel literature among themselves.

I am not from Pernambuco, by the way, nor do I have family there. I am just stating a fact.

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Not all northeastern accents are bad. The ones that are bad are disgusting. If it applies to you, my condolences.

And we don't speak of car*ocas here.

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So where do you come from?

So is this why Portugal is totally irrelevant? You people are turbo arrogant yet you are very close to the paulistanos in Brazil. Richest people in the country, control media and politics, and yet are nothing but semen slurpers for anything Anglo.

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Objectively true beauty ranking for Romance languages:
>Brazilian Portuguese
>Argentine Spanish
>Spic Spanish
>Castillian Spanish
>John Green
>Rupi Kaur
>Continental Portuguese

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If you pronounce 'd' and 't' like 'dji' and 'tchi' you've been linguistically colonized by cariocas and their mediatic shenanigans and therefore I'll treat you like one of them.

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Aggrandized faggot. Utterly ephemeral. Means absolutely nothing to me.
>Ortega y Gasset
Meme tier "philosopher". Proof that the Spanish can't into philosophy

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La creature del nordeste makes his presence known

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I can guarantee you I don't know anyone who does things like me.

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Why does it matter?

I come from Manaus, but my family is mostly foreign in origin, with most of my ancestors having come from Europe in the 1910's and 20's.

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And still, Portugal lit >>>>>> Brazil "lit"


No Brazilian "writer" even comes neat at Pessoa's feet. Not even their memes.

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>Means absolutely nothing to me.
Who cares what it means to you, buttblasted spic? He's undeniably greater than some meme-tier faggot at most known for "inspiring" actually good latam authors. And before you sperg out: I'm not Spanish. Just stop being delusional.

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>muh camoes muh pessoa
>at least we're better than a 500 year old nigger colony
Portuguese posters are the /lit/ equivalent of Poland flags on /pol/.

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Yeah but Brazilian portuguese still sounds sexier

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>Gaycía Lorca
>Ortega y Memesset
All of them are inferior to Borges. Now, shut your butthole.

>> No.12210858

>comparing portugal cancer language to anyone else

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"Sexier" doesn't make good lit. So the "sexiness" amounts to nothing, ultimately.

>> No.12210874

>How a language sounds isn't important

>> No.12210893

All save Gran Sertón: Veredas are absolute memes. Machado de Assis is an absolute meme. Biggest fraud there is. And I'm a Portuguese language PhD, so I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

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Look at his face features: thin hair, facial hair, 'sunken' eyes, thin nose... Whiter than most Moortuguese people.

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Imagine being born a Portuguese speaker.

>straddling european mediocrity and incoherent jungle ramblings
>only good writers are a medieval poet, an incel and a ukrainian jew
>continental accent sounds like a drunk russian speaking spanish
>south american accent sounds like a drunk italian speaking spanish with a mouthful of feijoada

Even Romania has produced more worthwhile literature than your two poor excuses for a country. Truly, a disgrace.

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How the fuck does phonetics even relate to "good lit", retard? Your orc tongue is literally a Slavic version of French and sounds like a typewriter filled with tinfoil falling down the stairs. Even fucking Brazilian macacos refused to communicate through these sequences of inhuman sounds, that's how fucking bad it is. "Muh good lit". Shut the fuck up. Your entire corpus of 2.5 great writers and a dozen memes can barely be called a tradition of its own. Just like everything about Portuguese culture it's "are you even trying tier" and doesn't even come close to being of note on the international stage. "B-but we're better than a nigger shithole that's a few centuries old!!11". No, you're fucking not. You're the epitome of lazy fags and world class failures that went from having a spice monopoly to being an irrelevant Moldova-tier shithole where people unironically justify decrepit buildings in the middle of the capital by "we just had an earthquake 300 years ago". I mean, there's no wonder your unique national quality is basically glorified coping. Saudade my ass. Now fuck off and go prep your girlfriend and my surfboard for the summer, you pathetic Moor rape baby.

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cala a boca filho da puta

>> No.12210961

Pessoa was a volcel. You clearly haven't read him. Opinion discarded.

>> No.12210963


This is one of the truest things ever said about Portugal on the internet. I couldn’t put it more perfectly. This Anon hit the nail on the head.

>> No.12210972

That's unfair, anon.

Moldova has produced at least three or four excellent poets, unlike Poortugal.

>> No.12210982

I'm not even Portuguese you pathetic and somehow butthurt Anglo. Prep your own shit. Prep your sister for my exchange student residence. Good times coming.

>> No.12210988

They have better lit than Brazil, though. Lobo Antunes, Pessoa and Saramago are better than anything ever written in Brazil.

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Did a Portuguese guy fuck your mother or something? Like, holy shit, dude.

>> No.12211025

I'm not an Anglo, bacalhao nigger, and if I was my sister certainly wouldn't be attending the sort of institution that accepts the likes of you. Enjoy your pasty C-list snaggletoothed chavs and stay mad.

>> No.12211039

Every institution in America is niggerfriendly these days. And your sister is most likely a puta. Kek I don't even live in Portugal, but enjoy whatever nigger tribe is in your particular location.

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Absolutely delusional.

>> No.12211088

Imagine being anglo

>> No.12211107

>I'm not an Anglo,
so you're irrelevant then.


>> No.12211112

The fact that you place Lispector among the greatest writers of the Portuguese tongue shows that you are a New Yorker-reading idiot.

Lispector is nowhere - nowhere - near Machado de Assis, Eça de Queiroz, Almeida Garrett, Bernardim Ribeiro, Alexandre Herculano, Antônio Lobo Antunes, Euclides da Cunha, Anthero de Quental, José Cardoso Pires, Graciliano Ramos, Guimarães Rosa...

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>lusonigger cope

>> No.12211127

>mad he's irrelevant


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From the land of plenty

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>n-no you're irrelevant
>n-no you're mad

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Opinion on this book?

>> No.12211137

>that cope that you live in a irrelevant shit hole
keep 'em coming champ

>> No.12211139

Also, calling Camões a Medieval poet is a proof of your ignorance not only of Portuguese literature, but also of World history.

Camões is the poet the navigation age, you fool. His cosmic scheme where Hellenic mythology and Christianity are mixed is something that only a Renaissance man could build.

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>n-no you're coping

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>still coping


>> No.12211147

I've never read Veríssimo. What do you think of him?

I recently decided to buy one of his first novels, Clarissa, but haven't read it yet. I have so much stuff to read that it will probably take me a few years until I read O Tempo e o Vento.

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só os br baseado

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>literal kindergarten tier rage
As expected from a nigger.

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>k-kindergarten tier

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File: 1.39 MB, 2482x5434, 2017-12-29_07-29-41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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You're both niggers for engaging in mindless insults and meming like faggots. Get fucked.

>> No.12211201

>every book released in Brazil ever
Great "selection", punk.

>> No.12211207


Catalan has a disgusting sound and so is Brazilian Portuguese. I agree that Spanish from Latin America usually sounds better.

>> No.12211240


The common spaniard often uses words in a better way, picking adjectives more carefully for example, and has in general a broader vocabulary, but their accents are horrible (that fucking annoying lisp!) and their literature is inferior. They never produced anything closed to Borges, García Márquez or Arreola.

>> No.12211293

Vai se fuder português de merda

>> No.12211313

kind of like English

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>> No.12211352

What makes you think so?

>> No.12211380

>ctrl + f "Ferreira Gullar"
>0 results

the absolute state of this board

>> No.12211383

Spanish is the peasant version of Portuguese
spaniards btfo

>> No.12211390

this looks more like "vestibular" essentials
what are some nice books then?

>> No.12211392

Portuguese is for niggers. Brazil's most famous writer is a nigger. Simply pathetic.

>> No.12211393

De Santa Catarina seu BAIANO de merda

>> No.12211396

Cool it with the racist remarks.

>> No.12211406

Young macaquito makes gringo filho da puta very mad just with words
You gringos are a fucking joke

>> No.12211430

>be from Santa Catarina
>instead of honoring my forefathers I'll decide to speak like I'm retarded and can't prononounce labiodental sounds correctly

lmaoatyou if you're either from the litoral or west

>> No.12211434

>from the Litoral
How did you knew?

>> No.12211441

If you're from the litoral you're literally shitting on your ancestor's graves. Pay attention to any old person (75+) speak and compare their speech patterns to your mongrelized, carioquified accent. You people are destroying your own language and transforming anyone who speaks it correctly into some dumb "manezinho da ilha" caricature.

>> No.12211442
File: 207 KB, 825x1200, memorial-de-maria-moura-6-coleco-folha-D_NQ_NP_936068-MLB26624704863_012018-F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pleb Lispector and Cora instead of any Rachel de Queiroz or Hilda Hilst

>> No.12211450


>> No.12211454

>capitães da areia

really hoping this is a meme list

>> No.12211456

This thread is a fucking disaster. Bairrismo everywhere, ignorant retards pretending they know anything about linguistics, and no actual discussion. As to be expected from /lit/.

>how did you knew

I don't really know anyone here who speaks like a Rede Globofied carioca or any exaggerated north-eastern accent. Brazillian portuguese is marvelous, and euro Portuguese does have its charm. All this cherry-picking is ridiculous.
Also the worst accent is by far the goiano.

>> No.12211457


>> No.12211458


This. Latin American literature is by far more interesting than the Spanish one, and I sincerely think One Hundred Years of Solitude is better than the Quixote.

>> No.12211459

>Every book ever written by a Brazilian: the list

>> No.12211462

Do Goianos actually have an accent? Also, even though I'm from the south, the worst accent is actually the southern interior, especially in the Paraná's and SC's countryside, annoying as shit

>> No.12211465

Yes and it's kinda bad.

>> No.12211471


>> No.12211472

Take your own conclusions.

>> No.12211474


>> No.12211475

If you say bom djia instead of dia you're already far down the Globohole.

>> No.12211478

True. Modern literature from Spain is a reflection of their boring reality. They just love realism so much that when a writer like Enrique Vila-Matas came in and defied the norm, the critics shat on him. On the other hand they adore writers like Francisco Umbral (fake name btw) who just filled and filled pages of absolute trash. Truly a backwards country. It's ridiculous.

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>spics discussing who's more of a spic

>> No.12211482

Very few people I know do it. I'm from Alagoas, though I voice chat quite a bit with people all over Brazil. It's more annoying to me hearing "dias e noites" as "diash e noitesh" than hearing tchia and djia to be fair.

>> No.12211484

Based Chico Bento

>> No.12211485

Jesus lmao
I can't believe there is a worse version for the Mineiro's accent

>> No.12211490

Why is Brazil's literature curriculum obsessed with realism?

>> No.12211494

hue literature or is shit or is plagiarisms.

>> No.12211495

As opposed to what? Anglos deciding which nigger fucks their daughter the best? Fuck off.

>> No.12211497

Oh look we have another pseud here

>> No.12211503

It's like they're stuck in 1800s modernim while the rest of the world moved on.

>> No.12211509

Honestly, because there is nothing else to read. I confess that hue literature is nowadays filled only with youtubers book (mostly which are not even written by them)

>> No.12211512

As opposed to first world, negroid.

>> No.12211523

>hue literature is nowadays filled only with youtubers book (mostly which are not even written by them)
That's a sorry state, huebro. I hope your country's lit passes to a better state.

>> No.12211524

So do I, my gringo friend, so do I

>> No.12211526

It won't.

>> No.12211527

I'd rather live in my third world nigger-free shithole than be surrounded by them. Your degenerate nation disgusts me. Now go swallow your daily dosis of faggotry.

>> No.12211536

What's that have to do with anything? I bet you voted Trump.

>> No.12211538

Hey you gringo filho da puta, you can't talk shit about my shithole of a country, only us macacos can say shit about ourselves, go back to your fucking burger king you discusting fat ass murican

>> No.12211550
File: 30 KB, 500x491, 0crntr0spaxx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>b-but I LIKE living in a poor spic-infested shithole!11

>> No.12211560

Don't be, he's a retard unwilling to engage with contemporary authors while wanking realist crap he barely even understands but regards as sacred.

This thread is a fucking joke, we used to be able to talk about lusophone literature without everyone (but the portuguese sometimes) completely chimping out,.

>> No.12211567

I'd much rather be a spic than a burgerfag with no real identity. You can't even pronounce your own last names. Absolutely lame.
>b-but we are first world! We are first wooorld!! Hear me!!!! WE WUZ MOON LANDERS N SHIT

>> No.12211568

Yeah, whatever you say, fucking pseud
Name some contemporary authors btw

>> No.12211585

Veronica Stiegger, Carlos de Brito e Mello, Jacques Fux, Alexandre Dal Farra (stick to his plays though), Lourenço Mutarelli, Daniel Galera.
Keep in mind I'm not even trying and only listed authors still releasing books. I'm sure I could stretch it a bit more if I went back and reviewed recommendations and stuff I didn't paticularly care about if you want, and could list even more if we took "contemporary" to mean from the 70s to today, as most people do.

>> No.12211589

Alright then, off you go

>> No.12211596

Lmao, faggot, go read some more Julio Ribeiro or whatever shit you came across at your first semester then come back.

>> No.12211600

I don't read, books are a fucking waste of time, and this board is a joke

>> No.12211608

Then fuck off. Go back to Plebbit or whatever shithole you crawled out from.

>> No.12211614

The best ones are not even there.


>> No.12211616

kys faggot

>> No.12211619

no u

>> No.12211622
File: 13 KB, 399x400, 1534275150021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/pol/ ruined another thread with their epic memes.

>> No.12211626

>implying this was a thread of value

>> No.12211628

This board is full of pseuds and niggers, I say btfo this shithole

>> No.12211630

>epic memes
I hope this is a joke.

>> No.12211634

He's lying, though.

Our poetry is doing very well. Some of the best poetry books in the history of the country were published in the last 30 years or so.

>Mourão (not the general, mind you)
>Cunha Mello
>Érico Nogueira

>> No.12211642

I really don't know what the fuck happened (ok, we all do), but there used to be good threads on both /lit/ and /mu/ about brazilian shit, but for the past two years or so it's nearly impossible.
Every thread is about cucked brazilian right wingers trying to prove they're white to fulfill some weird oedipal complex, assmad portuguese and so on.

>> No.12211643

What about this Veronica Stigger fella?

I keep seeing her books being recommended but I'm not sure if it's just girlish bait like Clarice Lispector or truly worthwhile reading.

Who are her influences?

>> No.12211644

>being this butthurted

>> No.12211651

Brazil was a mistake. Let's accept that fact and move on.

>> No.12211771

Get out of here.

>> No.12211787
File: 875 KB, 1059x667, gullar tolentino.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I am not an olavete. It's about time for Tolentino's talent to be recognized. As Horas de Katharina contains some of the best sonnets ever written in Portuguese.

At least he was accepted by those who matter, such as Ferreira Gullar.

>> No.12212386

holy shit, this is the worst thread I've ever witnessed
congratulations /lit/

>> No.12212464

>southerners and southeasterns
south dont speak "djia noitchi" anon, just southeast MG ES RJ SP.
its even a joke with my MG friends, to say "bundinha" in the morning while vacationing at ES, the locals assume we're saying "boom djeen ah" (bom dia) ... among other phonetic veiled pranks

>> No.12212496

i see lusitanos using english idioms and nouns all the fucking time, and im not referring to things that didnt exist before globalism, you lusos are adopting english terms for estabilished vocabulary, its fucking insane.

>> No.12213130

>No Sagarana

Plebiest of the pleb

>> No.12213162

Why do all three Med languages (Spanish, Italian, Greek) sound nice, clear and staccato while Portuguese sound like hillbilly Russian? What went wrong there?

>> No.12213178

>think its because its a more streamlined, direct language
I think the same about English portubro. They have words to describe what others need 2-3 words to say.

>> No.12213230

ou sulista ou da roça, em qualquer um dos casos seu sotaque é feio pra caralho

>> No.12213249


The whole Iberian Peninsula was a mistake

>> No.12213292 [DELETED] 

>spoken colloquial sounds hideous
Let me guess, you're basing this by listening to illiterate criminal speech from liveleak videos.

>> No.12213300 [DELETED] 

>gran sertón
Oh yeah I'm going to trust your opinion.

>> No.12213306

Fds. Mata-te.....

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