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get in here


first thread:

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based cover. will work on the book some more tonight

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Who deleted my brap poetry section?

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My word, this is a masterpeice, how long has this been going on?

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how long we aiming for fellas

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Finally, a book I can proudly display on my mantle.

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What dimentions should the doc be?

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Here's a provisory pdf. The cover is enourmous for some reason (at least in the original file I have).

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I forgot the fucking link

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how come it isn't using the schizophrenic image from the OP?

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The PDF is provisory and the link to the organized document is here:
Just because there's a PDF already doesn't mean the book is finished. You can keep working on it if you want.

But either write new stuff at the end (not the middle of the document because it gets harder to find the new stuff and put it into the organized doc) of OP's file or in the organized file (it'll be just a commentary though.)

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it's not bad but it's too full of stuff
I wanted a cover that looked like something that would actually be for sale
but if you guys prefer that cover I can change it in the next PDF (again, it's just provisory)

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The table on 262 is cut off a little as it is now, but i think thats the widest thing in there. Accommodate for that and it should be fine

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God damn, I just read the Cogito ergo cum line and it's beautiful

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Whoever wrote the psalms of god ii, that footnote made me laugh until i cried

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there are inconsistencies between this doc and the pdf

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The well-ordered doc needs some updating

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>"Alexa, give enlightenment"

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posted this already in another thread
suggestions welcome for the back
(also t b h f a m if anyone wants to even attempt to get this published we should really use the other image)

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ugly and meme tier. The two Steve Jobs and the other one were better. I know yo spent a lot of time on this, Anon, but it's just ugly.

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wtf is your problem? it was perfect how it was

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Who the fuck is Eduoard Musbodijk?

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cool it with the anti semitic remarks

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i like it

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this, you actually want someone to buy the book dummy anons.

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I'm not the creator of this, I just prefer it to the decided upon cover and wondered if other anons felt the same.

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Yes. Either this or the Steve Jobs silhouette.

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No ones gonna buy this except people on this site

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these all suck

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Yes this is the nicest and most publishable thus far

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i'm the person who made the other cover and even i think we should use the one in your post

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it is art

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going to see what's new and put it into the organised file

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actual cover

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>doesn't know who Edouard Musbodijk, PhD is
gtfo pl├Ęb

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I like the OP cover

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Can we please get rid of the phallus editions? It's too lowbrow to be on the cover. The eye with the dollars and God in it could also use a little correction to shade it more closely the mustardy yellow of the rest of the cover

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i second this

i also like OP's cover better, this one >>12209321 looks like the international edition of a textbook

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skimmed through most of it, best part was the genre fiction keyboard piano. Legit made me laugh

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nah, /lit/ is above gamer plebs

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Agreed. For the most part I like this cover, but if it's anti-semitic I can't put it in my house

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"BEST OF FOUR" has been updated/finished by the original anon who wrote it and the title has been changed to "Hospice of the Gods". It is located below "Tunisia."

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What the fuck is wrong with you people? You're not allowed to make jokes about Jews anymore? Fuck you and your thought-policing. Go write a book with reddit if you need a safe space.

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someone fucked it up again; and is *suggesting* to fuck it up in the organized doc too

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It's just a tasteless /pol/ tier joke.
I mean the Jews Logo and Ashkenazi seal of approval is fine, but there is a swastika hidden in the ps1 logo, and the whole killing Obama thing just seems a tad harsh.
Imagine if it promotes some dumb faggot to declare it his manifesto in a hokey terror attack this whole place and reputation was be ruined forever because of some repetitive unfunny jokes?

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This actually looks really sharp.

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OP cover is much much better

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>and the whole killing Obama thing just seems a tad harsh.
classic 4channel

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you fools, did you not consider someone would delete this? ffs this always happens

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you fools, did you not consider!

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Nah, killing Obama joke is fine , because it's paired with dismantling capitalism, so it reads as conspiracy nonsense.

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>No introductory *AHEM*

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the last on the list of the conspiracy theories made me laugh so fucking hard.. still research

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some of the entries are actualy good. meme entries are meme but im not a pomo censoring inclined individual.

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Name a few you like!

>> No.12213903

meant for >>12213879

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>translation by Anoymous
fix the cover you fucking illiterates

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chicken fucker is so far my favorite, first part of micropenis, herzog epigraph, oregon wifebeater was alright.

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The sega saturn cover is really lame and just trying way too hard to be funny. the three previous options are miles above.

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Oh wow this is miles ahead of what it was last time I checked

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Can I still write something for it?

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if you want

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the one about fucking chickens is genuinely an excellent piece of writing

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>tfw when you aren't a moron and know it's ripped from Tommy Doocey in Infinite Jest

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I tried writing an ending and adding it. Since no one's done anything for a while I'm guessing the work's about complete.

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Yeah I think we should wrap it up and put out a finalized version, then we can get it on lulu or whatever.

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Hold on, I am just about to add my piece of art to this.

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What the fuck is up with the organised document?

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Someone must be having fun. I hope everyone saved their work to a .docx.
I am still not done btw, just give me a few more hours of autism. I haven't slept all night and only modafinil is fueling my autism.

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I have somewhat of an ending. I deals with God II and gregory berrycone

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1. How the fuck do I remove spacing, it only worked a few times
2. I added an image and removed it to replace it but can I completely remove it?

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All of this is so insane and utter trash it's brilliant.

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bump / the end?

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It's been heavily vandalized.

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>lit collaboration
Congrats, you're a retard

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all instances of I, me, my have been changed to you, you, your (respectively), if not more fuckery.
Some Petersonian has not respected our pronouns!

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where are you op? there are a lot of comments you need to sort out

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This. I can't fix the useless space and place the image that I made.

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freaking epic!

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