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My thread was raided by /pol/, so I'm reposting it
I think this is fun. Write out what your remember about your highschool experience in the syle of David Foster Wallace. Have fun.

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Bumping my own thread.

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"and but so suicide and weed and stuff"
-Vivid Floppy Walrus

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Imagine being born the son of two rich loving parents who never had to worry about financial struggle his entire life.

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To be fair his parents relationship was terrible and their divorce in his early 20s combined with his mothers guilt to play a large role in the success of his early career. So it wasn’t entirely happy, he likely felt his mother was a whore in some respect, it comes across in his writing and his relationships as well

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>tfw you never got to push your mommy out a moving car

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What’s extra creepy about his relationship with Mary Karr is that she was basically a known whore (a former wild southern belle whohad a kid by an Indian doctor or some shit). His attraction to her, despite her being 10 years or so his senior, seems mostly founded on him wanting to leech her literary connections (she likely also got through whoring).

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Why would pol raid your shitty thread?

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Some people are convinced that the Jews are sabotaging David career but meanwhile they neglect the fact that David’s success is almost identical to how most despised power-Jews achieve it.

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David’s path to success*

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The latter, this.

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besides who the fuck cares, im not a wasp why do i give a shit if some wasp is successful or not? why do i give a shit if anyone who isn't me successful or not really...but this weird stockholm syndrome people have with wasps is bizarre

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That's precisely why I dislike the Jews at times. I don't think they have nefarious conspiratorial plans. I just despise their nepotism and connections. Jews typically have it easy. Even their patents guiding them is a huge advantage.

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Parents not parents

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everyone who isn't from a deadbeat degenerate family is guided by their parents, like did u not see the high falutin lifestyles of all those catholics in the kavanaugh hearings?

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The sad part is that you are right, much of anti-semitism is just jealousy of the basic privilege they've earned for themselves (very similar WASPs, who simply have a shorter history) . It's mostly amplified by their perceived physical weakness/characteristics which only exaggerates the irritation to supposedly superior beings who associate them with their own failings rather than the facts of life.

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hindus and chinese are doing the same stuff, sorry but anti-semitism, anti-hinduism, and anti-chinesism is just resentment from failed degenerates...which is why it flourishes in shitholes like 4cahn

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Hindus and Chinese have huge populations so it is very different, but I see your point.

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The main thing to watch out for when Wallace-posturing is a certain lengthy style of buiding sentences: words become nothing but the reinforced steels keeping concrete stiff and hard and rigid while it supports the structure's weight from downwards.

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not in the united states, there are more jews than hindus or chinese

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there aren't that many jews in the world and most them are honorary US citizens so it seems like something else, though really its just politics.
Again, I really do see your point, I think the USA promotes this sort of practice, but it's very familiar territory for the jews, which given our nations' shared history, easily enables people to see their situation in a particularly dark light.

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I made a huge mistake by saying some /pol/fags were here.
Please go back to your own board so I can have my comfy Wallace thread.

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Don't you think that contributed to why he killed himself? There wasn't a built in excuse for the way he felt. Which I think a lot of people can relate to. Like I'm aware of the fact that life is good so why can't I just relax and be happy

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I assume[1] that you want something like this, OP[2], with the footnotes[3], but in DFW's[4] style[5]. Sorry your thread's been derailed[6] into about how Jews are ruining DFW's[4] legacy[7] but in post-2016[8] 4chan, every board is /pol/[9] and /r9k/[10].

1. Which as we all know, makes an ass of you and me*
*A common adage used to discourage jumping to conclusions. 'assume' can be decomposed into 'ass', 'u' and 'me'.
2. Original poster, referring to the person who begins a thread on 4chan*
*Popular imageboard
3. Reference to the large amount of 'footnotes' in David Foster Wallace's 1996 novel Infinite Jest, however this is actually a misnomer, as they are at the end of the book rather than the bottom of the page and are therefore endnotes. However, say footnotes on /lit/* and everyone knows which book you're talking about**
*literature board
**Infinite Jest
4. David Foster Wallace
5. A style regularly compared to postmodernist author Thomas Pynchon
6. Meaning to have its topic changed significantly from what was intended
7. Details about Wallace have surfaced in more recent years
8. Specifically, post-2016 election, in which 4chan saw large increases in popularity as it became associated with Donald Trump and the alt right.
9. The 'politically incorrect' board, the centre of the discourse that many perceive to be racist and sexist for which 4chan is known in the public consciousness
10. The ROBOT9000 board, a board in which every post can only be posted once, encouraging original discussion*. It is predominantly based on discussion of failure with women, often blamed on 'Chads'** and 'normalfags'***, although it must be noted that many 'normalfags' are regular users of the board****
*Although in practice people just add 'original' or 'oregano'+ to the end of their posts to force originality
+Herb chosen due to its similar spelling to 'original', which is what they are trying to make their post
**Sexually desirable and successful men, named after the stereotypical name for a high school jock. A Brad is similar but not identical
***Referring to normal people using the common suffix used on 4chan '-fag', eg. 'newfag', 'oldfag', 'samefag', 'tripfag' although it must be noted that this suffix is not inherently insulting, as seen in 'drawfag', a term of endearment and respect. 'Normie' is a similar term but is associated with Reddit+, so 'normalfag' is preferred
+4chan has historically disliked Reddit, to the point where it is an adjective used as an insult, e.g. 'Slaughterhouse-Five is too Reddit for me', however like all insults on 4chan which originally have a concrete meaning^ it has become meaningless
^Other examples include soi# and normalfag
#Referring to the bean alleged to reduce testosterone in males, intentionally misspelt to evade the word filter, which would change it to onions, which was put into place as a result of overuse of the word in 2018
****/r9k/ users are aware of this and regularly lament it

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youre trying too hard OP. i appreciate the attempt to have good on topic threads with fun oc but u need to try different angles, if you directly and in good faith try to do something youre just gonna get mocked

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But I'm not trying. That took me like 15 seconds to type. I just want to read other people's highschool experience written like DFW. Long sentences, footnotes, endnotes, extremely descriptive language, well prosed, niche humor, "in" jokes, shit like that.

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Just reading the Wikipedia page, this looks pretty dumb and obvious.

>dude, corporations name years after products LMAO
>dude, ONAN, LMAO
>dude, New England is a toxic waste dump LMAO
>dude, the media turns people into addicted drones LMAO

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Just hijacking the hottest thread for a sec because I didn't see much in the catalog. I can sneakily listen to books at work but I can't focus on anything too intense. I have audible and have been listening to Stefen Fry's free stuff but I'm almost out. Can you recommend me something fairly long to spend my credit on?

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I don't think you understand how correct he was.
Wikipedia is for faggots anyway, read the book.

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>fairly long

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Well done.

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its his worst book, read lobster or hideous men instead

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>its his worst book
Still better than your book.

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It's funny the kinds of things that bring us back, banal or otherwise. Ah, high school, says the Updikean in all of us, sure, but to knock it before one proverbially tries it is to commit something that goes against (here we go) human nature. For instance--and these are many (the instances, that is)--it was sophomore year, that sweet gap between just getting to know what's going on and still getting used to maybe being top dog. I was at a close friend's bonfire, not many of us around the barrel. This friend of mine, a proto-mentor insofar as he was slightly older and more masculine than me, had a girl at his side, and me, well, midwestern downward dope as I was, was fuddling around in my head how to go about holding the hand of another one (a girl) there that was leaning up against the back of a truck bed. You get the picture, and so did everyone else there. About this time it's clear, to me, to you, to us teenagers back then, that this is that sweet striking moment of--here we go again--(in)decision. Whereas this is not my place and venue on this forum to express these feelings that kids and adults everywhere by themselves perceive, back then, you better believe it was my place and venue to make a choice to and hold this girl-eight-months-my younger's hand. And I did. Let this roundabout way of getting to that point summarize the roundabout way in which we not only recall moments like these, but live them.

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I saw his interview clip on youtube about Blue Velvet and he just seemed like wank.

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it's 2 years since I read IJ and I only vaguely remember his prose having a lot of "and so but anyways"

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Why would you mention /pol/
Cant handle bantz about the Jews?

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would you rather have an empty shelf, or a pile of shit on your shelf?

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>implying it's a pile of shit
There's a reason why it was so popular.
If you have an empty bookshelf then there is no point in having the bookself. If you think the bookshelf has shit on it then whats the point in reading?

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I can handle the bantz, but I go to /pol/ for that, not /lit/.

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>dude im down with the struggle, see im all upset, *wipes tears with stack of money*, yeah sucks that you can't pay rent, or afford food or afford to pay the tuition ransom to continue college but, look dude, im more upset trust me!
>yeah man, my parents were two professors who raked in a modest 300k a year collectively and had millions in savings and paid for my college, paid for a new car for me, paid for everything and their connections allowed me to be able to publish. but dude, depression dude! you don't know how good you have it!
>but dude, i get you because i dress like im down with the struggle but let's be clear, I, DFW, lived a harder life than anyone because woe is me! see, look how street i am, i dress just like a regular joe, look how authentic I am!
>and there's something terribly sad and banal about that

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Op here. I'm abandoning this.
All boards are compromised.
4chan is now just /pol/ anyway.
Have fun with your jew threads.

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>4chan is now just /pol/ anyway
good thing we're on 4channel

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Correction: 4chan AND 4channel are now just /pol/.
Hope that clarifies.

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portrait of the artist
or oblivion

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Also the ruthless banking, importing brown people, degeneracy, and baby killing also add to the anti semitism

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>in his early 20s
How the fuck would parents divorce that late in your life hurt you

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He never walked into a manufacturing plant in his life

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I would agree with the first two, but the second two I'm not sure is especially characteristic

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When youre in college and suddenly realize that youre hideous/not special and the that the foundation of your very existence was based on a vain lie, can be especially traumatic you fuckign idiot

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>however like all insults on 4chan which originally have a concrete meaning^ it has become meaningless

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I do think this is dumb.
Basically, youre saying "who cares if I'm being cucked, I still get laid".

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If you think that you’re special that late in life and you still believed that your parents were superhumans who could do no wrong that late in life then that’s a big yikes from me

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maybe, yeah.
But David was a bit of a space-case if I had to guess.

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tfw when you known deep down the origin of the yikes meme is psuedo-pol-kanye-west related and every time you see it you can't help but cringe at the fact that this person doesn't realize the toolish role they play in the zeitgeist at the moment it's used as an insult

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Time to die.

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