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Thoughts on Michel Houellebecq?

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Unironically based and redpilled

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I've only read Whatever but highly enjoyed it and plan on reading more from this goblino

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RICED and waifupilled

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Nice. How do you go from "Extension du domaine de la lutte’ to Whatever?

I'm trying to find the movie in torrents buts it's nearly impossible

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I ain't no Houellebecq girl.

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boy does he just completely not give a fuck

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Literally Beigbeder but with less aplomb and more pseudointellectualism. Just watch 99 francs and read something actually good.

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I see this guy posted everyday on here, is this samfagging? Or why do you guys like him so much? Everything about his work sounds depressing and not in a good way

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>I see this guy posted everyday on here

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he's like what if the "sick man" in Notes from Underground had a succesful literary career.
>I smoke
>I don't care that it's going to kill me
>I look like shit
>I hate modernity
>I have various sexual fantasies about women
>I think lots of them are stupid
>I don't care if you think I'm disgusting

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It's not depressing at all actually. If you look through the cynicism Houellebecq is actually a romantic and has quite healthy and positive views about sexuality. I remember a passage in platform where the protagonist told his gf why he'd find her so attractive and just gave the following reason: because she, Valerie, would simply like to please and be among the very few people nowadays who are able to give their body to others as gift, just for the sake of pleasure. Also he wrote that being able to be vulnerable would be essential for a good sexual relationship and that a lot of people nowadays wouldn't be able to deal with this vulnerability. Even the pornographic scenes are not misogynist or toxic at all like some people say, in fact they are pretty tame and always seem like the partners are just having great fun.

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