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Is there really such thing as a book too dark to be sold or read?

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How I despise those who thinks they had it sooo hard and they are unique. Tone it down you're just a fat ass playing video games too busy trying to be a good boy to write a book "too dark for anyone"

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the existential horror of being a videogame playing fatass

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Just a novice fallacy, that's all. No need to get worked up about it. As soon as you start writing you know that there's someone out there who can out-edge you.

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Hope this fat piece of shit dies desu. He is an exceptionally pathetic individual and his army of white knights don't help either.

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I mean he's not wrong, I would not read that and it would not sell.

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how the fuck does a dumb anonymous tripfag on twitter have a blue check

and no anon.

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It isnt even his pathetic lifestyle that bothers me, its the aggressive “woe is me” attitude that he holds. He aggressively plays the victim. Disgusting fat faggot.

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jfc how does someone do this to themselves.

does he not know what a push-up is.

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>and it would not sell
Anon, we live in a world where Ready Player One is popular.

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>I have one in me

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What’s meant here is that his story won’t sell and is too dark in the psychological sense not as some fantastical horror story.

Boogie has talked about his past with drugs and even a woman that tried to feed him so much food he would die , that was her kink , that he would die. I’d say a life of agoraphobia and depression and shit is pretty fucked honestly. I wish Boogie wasn’t such a fencewalking faggot as it’s obvious he’s one of us ( a shitlord ) but he just wants to succeed with what he’s built. It’s all he has.

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Does that mean he ate it, and it's covered in shit?

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I was having a very pleasant evening until you posted this

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he eats BOOKS too?

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The man has lived a thorough life

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I can imagine him writing a book. lots of youtubers have done it. you can be sure it would be the most self-fellating and dishonest piece of garbage imaginable. he'd try to spin his shitty fatassed life as something noble.

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looks like he has a few in him

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>I have one [a book] in me.
what did someone roll this fat motherfucker around in a library or sumtin

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i like the part where he admits to not understanding it

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Based les fleurs du mal

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Hey, it looks like he's lost a lot of weight

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/Rec/ me some books that actually meet this criteria.
HARD MODE: no stoner, oblomov, notes from the underground, no longer human, Pessoa, Celine or Wellback

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Thomas Ligotti conspiracy against the human race

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>Waah I'm Fat And It's Someone Else's Fault!!!: The Boogie's Story

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just fuck you i love that shit

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I think he got badly abused as a child. Wouldn't want to read how her mother hit him and raped him ?

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why sminem big ear?

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>You're Gonna Have To Book Two Seats: Horror at 5,000 feet and 5,000 stone

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gastric bypass

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The problem with him writing a book is the self censorship required. He couldn't truly write what he thinks as any controversy would isolate a certain percentage of his viewership. This is why he never revealed who he voted for while pushing politics once in a while and saying he did vote.

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>5 years old twitter screencap by literal who retard

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Many academics believe certain books shouldn't be published or sold due to their contents. I saw in a bookstore once the /pol/ meme book camp of the saints. It had a 10 page intro as to why the editor decided to publish a copy of it against wishes of his peers. As if somehow reading it might make the reader a right winger.

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Sminem is the irl Alyosha

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haha yeah.

We have the technology, we can rebuild him.

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My favourite book of all time dark spring by Unica Zürn

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>Boogie2988 Presents: "The Rape Contest"

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Have you read Hunter by William Luther Pierce yet?

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How do you remember how to breathe?

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Based and cannibalpilled.

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I have a weak stomach and Haunted by Palahniuk grossed me out

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Zombie evolution when?

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hey fuck you buddy i have trouble breathing manually and correctly dont call me stupid

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I hate Boogie so goddamn much. This stupid fuck thinks his life is interesting beyond slightly gawking at his failure.

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Are any youtuber books even moderately interesting?

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It would probably be full of food and rape scenes like Game of Thrones. Fat people aren’t so creative or original after all.

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All things considered he isn’t that bad guys, he’s a nice man. He just never had any business being famous. But you’re lying to yourself if you think he isn’t likable , he clearly is.

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so is it /lit/ to play videogames? what's the most /lit/ genre?

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Tbh yeah considering how much reading some games have. Obviously games like Oregon trail and old dos text scrollers count as /lit/

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this. he's a classic case of why not to use punitive enemas as a parenting technique

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lol you can tell boogie hasn't read any books.

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This senpai

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of course but that doesn't stop them from being written
and boy when that happens you're in the belly of the beast bucko

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He dies every livestream

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I don't know who boogie is, thankfully. What is this fat fuck's claim to fame?

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He's a piece of shit:

He even said the only reason he doesn't want kids is because he would just abuse them

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why would his mother rape him, he is fat

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