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How do I get over my crippling writers block?

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by accepting that only writers can have that condition

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Just write lol

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you are not a writer

you just have block

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Maybe you just don't want to write. Give up and stop whining about it

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Gotta respect ol' Steve-O's work ethic

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Smoke weed dude

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Writer's block is a myth. We write because we're compelled to, not because we think it's cool.

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Had my most productive year of writing yet. But currently don't have a great idea and I feel Worthless.
Don't substantiate or conceive of yourself

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I thought i would have time to write on vacation, but i am just becoming a fuxking maniac. I wake up very early in the morning just to watch youtube and wank myself to numbness even though i have a very good idea ive been trying to devolope. Plis kill me. Wtf. This suffering is a really subtle and demonic one. Fuuuck. Fuxxxkk me. Shit. I cant writem i cant do anything. Why cant i conteoll my actions???? Wheres my free Willy

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By continuing to write. Even if it's not good or relevant, just write some shit and you will eventually get back into the groove. At the very least you will have some words to edit into something decent.

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Not writing because you're lazy? Tons of ways to resolve this
Not writing because you have no ideas? Brainlet

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Look if you can't write a story at a given time, best not to try at the moment. Keep reading for inspiration. When a story comes your way and it feels right, then you'll be able to right. A story can come out of anything; a concept, a plot, a theme, an occurrence, a passage or fragment, even a title; you build the story around that.

But it has to feel right. Again, it's a compulsion. If you're having trouble moving forward with a story, it isn't writer's block. Simply, it just wasn't meant to be written.

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A good exercise: Write everything you remember from your earliest memory to the age of 12. Just pour it all out. Organize it however you wish. But get typing. Then, think of two or three people whose paths you crossed during that time and write a scene that probably occurred with them.

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Read an old favorite of yours.

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