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Hey, wait up, you dropped something!

Oh, Sun Tzu? Babby's first warrior philosophist text. Move along now!

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What are grown up warrior philosophist texts?

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true warrior philosophy

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hagakure is teenager-tier

THE grown up warrior philosopher is plato

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Where should I start to read deleuze?

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In west-socialist communist paradise of course.

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B-but why, anon.

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because deleuze is a fraud whose work deserves to be deterritorialized from the category of philosophy

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Deleuze was a pedophile who didn’t know math but pretended to, disavowed both the anti-oedipus books and became bitter and abandoned formal marxism after the ‘68er chimpout failed, then tried to sneak post-modern interpretations of marx into his philosophy.

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(he is a wannabe philosopher and performance artist, whose canvas is the intellectual sphere. he very quite literally does not belong and his work should be thought of as a parody.)

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Yeah, you sound like you know a lot about him, anons. I'll listen to you!

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spend your money and read him then. remember me when you figure out deleuze's corpus is without substance.

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Not OP, but I found a lot of Value in Jomini's writings.

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I was not being ironic, anon. I cannot read a lot of books so I have to be picky. Since two anons discouraged me to read deleuze, I probably won't read about him in the near future. Thanks anyways.

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You're right. Real men read Storm of Steel and Metaphysics of War.

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Sorry, I was just doing some light reading after Clausewitz.

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homer is steeped in martial philosophy

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>homer is steeped in martial philosophy
Sure, but his works fall short of delivering much practical detail. "They fought like gods" does not help me form much of an operating premise.

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Everyone is scared to say it for sake of being called a pleb:
>Book of Five Rings
There - I said it. The motherfucker beat a fully readied opponent to death with an oar after having mindfucked him. Suck it.

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