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you know what to write...

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What to write about?

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Alright, I'm in. Let's write it!

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anything, just write

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Trips for the books name

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I hope you don't mind me going bananas in this bitch

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The Complete Works of God II.

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what is in your opinion the best book written by lit

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pepe covfefe

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trips already gotten

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The Ununited State of Reality

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I Think, But Am I?

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A secret international organization known as the Jest Eternal World Society (J.E.W.S.) and their plot to harness the sacred energy of the world's semen through filmed entertainments to manipulate social behavior and the global economy.

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Is it gay if I put my suicide note here

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Only Real Intellectuals Read This Book

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big beniz time

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who deleted half the book?

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not bad.

rolling for subtitle.

The Complete Works of God II: A Time to Weep
The Complete Works of God II: The Conspiracy against Job
The Complete Works of God II: Sodom Revisited
The Complete Works of God II: Ladies Who Lunch
The Complete Works of God II: Sin Complete
The Complete Works of God II: Reliquary of Casanova

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By Jordan B. Peterson

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no subtitle option roll

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The Complete Works of God II: Trouble Man


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The Big Penis Archives

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Apu Apustaja's First Blood

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A phenomenological approach to the JQ

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Of Postmodern Culture: Critique Arsenal, California

>> No.12191420

California, New York, and Nowhere Inbetween: Essays on the Forgotten Zion

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if THEY DID IT: Inside the Central Banks

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The Complete Works of God II: Suicide Notes

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the subtitle is: Now With Tweets!

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Divine Orgasms

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I'm Gonna Say It, Vol. N

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A Complete History of Ligma

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can we make this less edgy /pol/tier jokes and include actual humour -- like in lotiat

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Where the hell can I find epubs of Hypersphere and Tundra?

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Can we also stop intentionally fucking with the work others have done. I don't what some retard to keep spamming "B" in what I've written

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no you fucking gay piece of shit

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fuck you, why even contribute if my shitposting will be shitposted on by some other illiterate fuck

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because your shitpost deserves to get shitposted. if it was good people would leave it alone or make an effort

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lmao try and stop me cuck

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favorite section so far?

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I found the Neil Gaiman Q&A pretty funny

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This. Please.

What do you guys think of the Gospel of Gregory Berrycone?

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This doesn't work if we don't at least have an idea of what genre we're doing

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Something about religion and social media

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It's a compilation of works ("The Complete Works of God II")

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Increase /pol/ memes, disregard redditfags and leftypol insanity.

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It was a beautiful mess of footnotes that had me laughing out loud in pleasure

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The book of lists is already off to a great start

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We should at least try to edit it a bit. Delete the bad shitposting and only let the higest tier of quality shitposting remain.

Some obvious ones we should axe right away?

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How to pick up drunk chicks on the L train

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psych ward

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The Ramshackle Sagas

>> No.12191847

The "Stacey, a Tragihistorycomedy in Five Words" has to stay though

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don't mess with the formating too much, dudes

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Based and Redpilled

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the anons helping write the Fecal Fallacy section are giving me a hearty kek nice work lads

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Tractatus Psychologico-phenomenologicus, or, Walden One Thousand

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my dude:

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rolling, or, the anons helping write the Fecal Fallacy section are giving me a hearty kek nice work lads

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God's Deception; or, Anon's Journey

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He votes for this

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25 Anal Fissures

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I think "The Complete Works of God II" is a better title because it kinda makes sense of the mess that the book is (a lot of unrelated things, but it's a compilation of works really) and actually sounds like a title

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none of these are funny

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who the fuck pasted the communist manifesto

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Of niggers and non-niggers

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These digits

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i'm fixing it right now dont worry. i was in the middle of writing karen's recollection and i got a lag spike and was interrupted by fuckery

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Wandering in the rain (and other takes of idolatry)

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Thirsting for Future Faggotry: Neo Shanghai

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same, how am i supposed to write this rape scene with fucking communists ruining my erections

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Stop changing the space between lines

>> No.12192021

If you're going to change the font of everything to Times, fine. But don't change the space between the lines. 1,15 is ok.

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cover mock-up. yes/no?

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Or rather 1,5. But not fucking double.

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the rape scene is beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye

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fucking no

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>> No.12192080

12 Rules for Cuckoldry: A How to Clean your Bull's Asshole Guide

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Of Kikes and Goys

>> No.12192114

the epic amnd amazing adventures of darkshade mcedgeblade the badass cool vampire dragoness and her servant steve

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Does Megan Boyle come to /lit/? I know she has a tattoo that simply says "4chan."

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Maybe just a black and white sillhoutte of Jobs, less on the nose

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how do sections/subsections work?

>> No.12192143

Friendzoned by Thomas Pynchon; Or How the Jew Conspiracy to Enslave the Goykind Got Me Over My Post-Friendzone Depression

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BLACKED dot com

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the title is already decided you fucks


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Apologia Pro Vita Sine Nomine

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John D. Rockefeller presents "The Mind of Mencia"

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Diary of a Pavement Ape

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anyone notice this is pretty gay? as in everyone is literally writing about dicks and gay sex.

>> No.12192393

tater tots

>> No.12192403

i didn't

>> No.12192410

Okay, this is epic

>> No.12192415

this was so much better about two hours ago

>> No.12192436

Command + F: nigger

In 150 pages, "nigger" shows up only 8 times. I am actually impressed

>> No.12192484

I was really looking forward to quality literature, but instead 4chan 4channed

>> No.12192509

why do people find it funny to just delete everything?

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because shitheads will be shitheads

>> No.12192586

I upped it to 30

>> No.12192800

This is pretty weak compared to the others

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>> No.12192890

How To Be A Faggot In The Internet

>> No.12192899

Men and Women Can Both Have Balls

>> No.12192938

Boobies Through the Ages

>> No.12192975

> interrupt someone editing their meme story
> type out, "what are you doing with your life?"
> he tells me to fuck off
> he leaves
> he's gone
> because of me

>> No.12193073

it is funny :)

>> No.12193104

Abigail Shapiro's Massive Hyperspheres

>> No.12193129

Noli me tangere

>> No.12193130

My Fragile Heterosexuality

>> No.12193159

Black "People": A Collaborative Metaplay

>> No.12193219


>> No.12193327

JEWS DID 9/11 (And Other Outrageous Claims)

>> No.12193355

We must secure the future and existence for White children.

>> No.12193358

are the people on this site capable of anything other than /pol/?

>> No.12193445

The Official NPC Handbook

>> No.12193490

Finnegans N.A.P.

>> No.12193511

Name is already decided you nincompoops

>> No.12194133

someone """""edited"""" my piece now it's shit

>> No.12194183

Oh okay it's ruined, nice work everyone

>> No.12194212

>trying to collaborate on something in modern day 4channel

>> No.12194222

Yep. some retard has "Edited" mine too and it's ruined

>> No.12194228

They mass replaced words like "this" "they" "is" "you" "I", and they removed periods/capitals, from the whole doc. Now some faggot pasted the bible and it's lagging too hard for me to do much at all.

>> No.12194239

most punctuation has been removed and any instance of gender switched as well.

>> No.12194255

I feel sorry for berrycone. it's all ruined

>> No.12194261

We can roll it back to an earlier version but anything people are working on now is going to get lost. Is this how the previous books were written?

>> No.12194267

I hope not. why would anyone publish a mess like this

>> No.12194271

it's dead

>> No.12194272


>> No.12194282

rip in peace

>> No.12194286

Just checked out the book.

Never realized before that the /lit/ average age is probably 14.

>> No.12194290

There is no book

>> No.12194299

>>12194286 did you see it before it was destroyed?

>> No.12194300


Praying to Azrael

>> No.12194302

I'd just started to look at it when the wipeout war began. It had apparently been up to 94 pages.

>> No.12194337

Why don't you idiots just have one guy select all of the best shit out of a thread?

Fucking retards.

>> No.12194339



>> No.12194371

I guess it really wasn't time

>> No.12194374

I only come on /lit/ now and then. Were the previous books made pre-Gamergate?

>> No.12194375

Boogerboy's Dream

>> No.12194389

Can someone add my story? The page is really fucking up from all the people deleting it over and over again.

Here it is:

It is not a question of whether being a cipher is good or bad: it is the basis of the question, authentically fulfilled or not, that forces us to believe in ourselves.

>> No.12194391

Man That is not going well

>> No.12194399

You what mate.
You? What? Mate?
You, what mate?
You: what mate?
You "what mate?"
You what?! Mate..
You? What mate?!
You> what mate.
[You] [what mate]
You (what mate)
You what, mate!
You <what> mate
(((You))) what mate?

>> No.12194411

sorry mexico anon i lied about having 10k pesos
btw dont go to mexico st tonight

>> No.12194416


oh my god what have you done

>> No.12194421

dedicate the work to the memory of mexicofag, lured to his untimely death by anon

>> No.12194447

it is i mexicofag

>> No.12194450

Imprimatur of Stupidity

>> No.12194694

pls tell me gospel is saved, I want to expand on it

>> No.12194717

I Think, Therefore Bitch I Might

>> No.12194750

Let's try that again

>> No.12194809

Already Reddit

>> No.12194932

I still got the Philosophical treatise doc if we want to finish that.


>> No.12194940

why are you contributing to a 4chan book if you cant handle people fucking about with your words lol


>> No.12195010

Fellas let's start again, but make sure to save your shit and the whole book in general

>> No.12195099


>> No.12195125

Bengals and Bentleys

>> No.12195206

someone undo it

>> No.12195394

What's happening? Are we starting again, or giving up?

>> No.12195529

wow who the fuck thought this would work

>> No.12195583

fucker. I'm at work. pls no pee pee pics.

>> No.12195597

i'm gonna rip my hair out if someone ruined the Fecal Fallacy chapter

>> No.12195636

Oh god no. It's gone.

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File: 56 KB, 1200x1153, 9356591B-8A03-47A5-B1E8-025534D4A8D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12195647

Just go back in the log and restore it

>> No.12195689

I restored everything

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Another option

>> No.12195751

I like it.

>> No.12196190

It's not God: II though. It's God II. Like God the second, you know.
Otherwise that's pretty good, the best so far.

>> No.12196219

>a 4chan book
it's not, it's the first 4channel book

>> No.12196463

Anything good so far?

>> No.12196477

Take a look at it and find you.

I'm trying to organize it right now (not OP, doing it in a different document) since there has been very little activity in the document recently.
It doesn't mean you have to stop doing stuff (just put it at the end of the file so it's easier to see what's new)

>> No.12196541


>> No.12196555

Subscribe to PewDiePie!

>> No.12196557

The name has already been decided, for fuck's sake.

>> No.12196586

Fucking edge, I love it.

>> No.12196592

Anyone has a favorite part yet?
Mine is the Edouard Musbodijk PSA

>> No.12196609

Where? I can't find it.

>> No.12196611

Right in the start. Page 3.

>> No.12196616

yea... that's from a old failed lit project.

>> No.12196622

still pretty good though

>> No.12196628

yup. theres a reason why it survived.

Anyone got the unabomber meets Pynchon one?

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File: 240 KB, 571x720, complete wrks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12196700

the Jim Keranga bit is shit. whoever did it you suck at whatever the fuck you were trying to do.

>> No.12196719

Fucking hell.

>> No.12196726

iT'S gREAT tHOUGH. . .

>> No.12196732

Needs some work, but has much potential.

>> No.12196739

Here's a title:

"Say 'Unironically' One More Fucking Time: Essays on Life, Love, and the Eternal Pursuit of Beauty"

>> No.12196762
File: 352 KB, 571x720, complete wrks smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I improved your design

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File: 62 KB, 953x730, 1518046443850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw name was decided 3 rolls in and 200 posts later people are still rolling for names

>> No.12196774

unironically a good title

>> No.12196779

The T H I C C Scrolls

>> No.12196880

>12/07/18(Fri)21:08:37 No.12196555
well shit

>> No.12196921

can someone restore it to before the cowboy cock spam. its lagging so bad I cant do anything in it

>> No.12197028

this is shit
this is Very good

>> No.12197071

I’ve got some great Hebrew wisdom literature for the doc once the cowboy shit is gone

>> No.12197126

the cowboy shit is funny as fuck but the spam is awful

>> No.12197135

I'm going to restore the file to before the cowbot shit started. So if anyone wrote anything after the cowboy shit, it's going to be lost

>> No.12197167

Thank you anon, my wisdom literature can finally flourish now

>> No.12197172

Thanks anon, that was an act of god.

>> No.12197178

But my dudes, all you needed to do was to open the document logged in an account and restore it based on its history

>> No.12197222

That goes pretty slowly for what was a 500 page spam doc with a dozen viewers

>> No.12197288


>> No.12197318

Whoever deleted the running footer: good call

>> No.12197359

What should I write about.. this is always the problem, I enjoy writing but I have not a single bit of content in my brain to inspire it.

>> No.12197391

Here's an organized version of the document

>> No.12197425

are you updating that version as it goes along?

>> No.12197443

I think I'll do that (so btw put the new stuff at the end so it's easier to see what's new).
If I don't I'll just share it with the guy who created the original document.

>> No.12197642

some1 get rid of the "ft. pewdiepie" shit thats not from the thread is it? I mean I think I recall trips posting that but it was well after the title was made. If there is gonna be a sub title there were other gets before that I thought

>> No.12197658

It's from the thread.
I didn't like it either, but when I erased it the dude who owns the document put it back.

>> No.12197669

You spergs actually wrote a book? Why didnt I know of this

>> No.12197677

yes but this >>12191000 was long before and this >>12191305 seemed to be held by everyone as accepted
I guess its not a huge deal but there doesnt seem to be any reason to include it

>> No.12197682

Even though there's already a organized document you can keep adding stuff. 250 pages would be nice enough. Maybe some pseudo-philosphical stuff (something like the Heideggerian analysis of La Globina in L'Anomie, that was good).

Yeah, I erased it from my document now.

>> No.12197762

Some motherfucker deleted all of it.

>> No.12197776

its back its really easy to restore

>> No.12197787


Introduction to the 2nd Edition:

Two thousand and eighteen years after Christianity first cast its diamond stylus on the record of the earth, it was to be reborn with the teachings of a host of modern prophets. Chief among these, St. Peterson, followed in the footsteps of Christ and sought to corral local Jews into the fleshy foreskin folds of his Memetic teachings. Then followed Brothers Harris and Rogan. And from these three, more emerged in revolution. And the pseudolotry of their followers was so great, that time and material earth thrust faith and Christianity itself back into the depths of space and time and 404'd threads until there emerged a movement, organic and repulsive, to bring Christianity back to its roots. This movement was founded on nowhere other than a Sumerian antinatalist silk-screening forum. It was from these origins that everything that follows comes.

>> No.12197902

Next time: Find out what happened to Muhammad and Gd's feminine penis. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

>> No.12197931

Is there an index or something for books that /lit/ wrote?

>> No.12198223


>> No.12198246

thanks anon it looks good. i like the cover a lot

>> No.12198728

pls dont delete the memory of mexicofag may he RIP

>> No.12198809


holy shit, I havent lurked here quite long enough. I've only heard of one or two of these. Are these all /lit/ collaborations or written by /lit/ perusers?

>> No.12198880


>> No.12198905
File: 61 KB, 490x653, IMG-2119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, though that Tundra 3 / Kolsti book I think was a somewhat quick project and had a lot of complaints about it being non-canon or whatever at the time.

Also, my copy of L'anomie came split (pic related). They sent me a new copy but I've just been sitting on this a few months. What should I do with it? I had an idea of offering it out for free to my class, but I probably shouldn't do that with a book where the first page says "Kill yourself. Yeah, fuck you, faggot," and then it's all still downhill from there.

>> No.12198945

Tundra 2: Miami had the worst reactions at the time. It was done in just a one-day period if I remember.

Not sure why you'd want to buy any of the /lit/ books. They're just juvenile and embarrassing. They also mean that I can't take anyone on here seriously. All the talk on here about intellectual or aesthetic quality, but when given the opportunity to create their own stuff, /lit/ shits out some real turds.

>> No.12198959

It's because all sorts contribute to the Doc, not just the learned individuals who post in the interesting threads which you and I browse.

>> No.12198971
File: 9 KB, 225x225, 1542401756276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the section I wrote was deleted

>> No.12198973

L’Anomie was also done in one day but it turned out to be one of the better ones

>> No.12198984

It's foolish to expect anything of particular quality to be added into a Google Doc to be published anonymously, but yes, they are disappointing. You can open any of them to a random page and you will almost invariably find a page along the lines of:
And but so Max Stirner said, "CUM SPOOKS." And so it was[1]. lmao p.s. fag

>> No.12198993

The Death of the Literature Board in Four Channels.

>> No.12198997

The Death of the Literature Board in Four Channels


>> No.12198999

miami is the shit one. kolsti is significantly better and tokyo drift is alright

>> No.12199001

Nevermind, It's all Lost Anyhow

>> No.12199007

You trip getting son of a bitch fuck you

>> No.12199091

Dog is Life

>> No.12199786

restore pls

>> No.12200148

I'm going to add new stuff you guys wrote in the organized document soon

>> No.12200152

I guess the dude already copied my organized version to the original file.
I'm going to see if anything new was added in the original file before that in the history of the document

>> No.12200192

I got everything that was new at the end of the file. And also the platonic something something right at the start. So if you added something in the middle of the document I didn't put it to the organized file yet.

>> No.12200195

I also got "The Inner Struggles of Conformity within a Timeless Society."

>> No.12200213

Also the prelude to the trap essay.

>> No.12200715

Can you enable comments while keeping it in view-only mode? There's a thing or two worth fixing but I need to be able to flag it.

>> No.12200800


>> No.12201495

Thanks, I really just wanted to put a missing space in my Hebrew acrostic but there's probably another useful suggestion or two someone else has as well.

>> No.12201531

The Nigger of Nagocdoches

>> No.12201615

how do I submit my contribution?

>> No.12201869

put it in the end of the file

>> No.12202262

Anything "good" so far?

>> No.12202749

Why don't you read it and tell us? There were certainly some things I liked, like [fragment fragment].

>> No.12202791
File: 2.11 MB, 1422x2373, COMPLETEWORKS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how about this for a cover

>> No.12202809

Is it more representative of the contents? Yes. Does it hurt to look at? Yes. I'm for what we've got already.

>> No.12202887

much better.
don't be afraid of the truth just because it's ugly

>> No.12203003

I Dont Even Read (or Write)

>> No.12203040

ur mum hurts to look at

>> No.12203055

Hobbes, Locke & Kant contra My Pussy: For Whom does the Bell Toll?

>> No.12203116

you are a GAY MAN Neil

>> No.12203154
File: 2.10 MB, 1422x2373, II.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh kay this time with the proper title oopsie

>> No.12203837

Who's going to publish this?

>> No.12204131

People actually buy these?

>> No.12204308

Only the people who contributed because it's the only way we'll actually get our shit published

>> No.12204388

>it's the only way we'll actually get our shit published
Just self-publish your shit.

>> No.12204403

Honestly this is a good idea. Too bad it's going to end up being edgy. Did a quick check and there's like 3 pages rambling on about a nigger.
:sigh: So much potential wasted

>> No.12204525

suck my ass

>> No.12204531

Who is Cal Fraser Grant?

>> No.12204570

>Who is Cal Fraser Grant?
a board user who forgot to to incognito or log out of his google account before editing.

>> No.12204592

Why don't you people write your text on word then copy/paste it to the doc? Also how long will this last? I have too many exams to produce something half bad.

>> No.12204595

that's exactly what I did on the organised doc, but that one you can only suggest edits rather than edit yourself so afaik mine are visible but not approved yet

>> No.12204607

That's good and bad, if you don't get approved then you're not in the book. Or am I misunderstanding something? Also, how much time have I got anon, I missed this last year, I don't want to miss it again.

>> No.12204654

I don't fucking know, I was just linked this thread and google doc by a mate and thought I'd try contributing, I don't know the whole deal with it.
besides one of the 2 stories I added, I had written at the beginning of this year and it was just going to waste so I didn't even have to put effort into that one.

>> No.12204734

Going to take a look into what's new in the document and put it into the organised doc now.

>> No.12204750

sorry I might have just added all of my shit to the organised doc as suggestions but hopefully it's easy for you to do w/e the fuck to.

>> No.12204753

It doesn't matter that much if you wrote it as a commentary on my doc or if you wrote it in the original doc.
It's only kinda shitty if someone wrote it in the middle of the original doc. It's hard to find.

>> No.12204760

It's really nice to see you guys actually wrote some stuff on the theme "on God II" in the part 5.
Also nice that someone actually elaborated on the five proofs of God II (but there's still some stuff empty there)

>> No.12204782

you got to write your contribution in a seperate doc so you can just paste it in when it gets deleted

>> No.12204837

All the new content looks really good (even though I haven't read anything entirely so far, but I will). Specially that true conspiracy theories list. Someone could expand on it or do a list of false conspiracy theories

>> No.12204912

That new cover is pretty fucking good, but it could have less glow on the text and not the textures in "the complete works of"

>> No.12204922

better than anything else so far

>> No.12204938

That cover doesn't fit into a A4 page though

>> No.12204940

your mum has a willy

>> No.12204941

>*stretch to fit*

>> No.12204947

Pizzagate is real

>> No.12204961

so whats the deadline here? can i just throw in a short story in the mix? im computer retarded, how should i go about throwing my shit in the mix?

>> No.12204963

What I'm saying is that it's not proportional. A created a file with 0 margin on everything, put the cover there, and at least 1/4 of the image was below the page. It doesn't look too bad if I just compress it a little bit though. Take a look https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1wcqh5_QUImAgECFx2M5MyEPTnb-I0TW2MDZupi0qBfM/copy?id=1wcqh5_QUImAgECFx2M5MyEPTnb-I0TW2MDZupi0qBfM&copyCollaborators=false&copyComments=false&title=cover%20-%20complete%20works%20of%20god%20ii&token=AC4w5ViPyLs3LvU0px48FmVNdTj1HpJ7bA%3A1544382053804&usp=docs_web

>> No.12204999

This link works I think https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B-FQ0L_d1RA6t-7_TJcgekWHFGVMNjbu-bhZS1F7HOc/edit?usp=sharing

>> No.12205017

I love this.

>> No.12205021

All right, just got here, give me the story so far pls.

>> No.12205022

Put it at the end of the doc in OP.
Select some part of the text as "Title" (in the menu this is just after the zoom).

>> No.12205027

I love you.

>> No.12205033

There's God I and God II (God the second—it's not the vol. 2 of the complete works of God)
That's basically it. Most of the time there isn't a common theme. Except on part 5, "on God II" there's some stuff in which he talks about him

>> No.12205041

So a sort of scriptural/biblical spoof thing this time?
There's got to be SOME sort of thread here.

>> No.12205054

Sometimes, yeah. There's a gospel on Gregory Berrycone full of fucked up footnotes and also a tale on God's feminine penis, in which the protagonist is Muhammad.
There's also five proofs of God II (of his existence, of him being cooler than God I—but this is still incomplete).
But most of it is short stories, it seems. Some of them look good but I haven't read them. And some non-fiction (an essay on traps...).

>> No.12205059

Guys, please tell me the Essay on Traps that I wrote isn't that bad. I was in a really dark place when I wrote it and I've kept it as a reminder of just how far someone can fall.

>> No.12205062

this would be a cool epigram to the essay, wouldn't it?

>> No.12205076

The second fall of man, the essay on traps

>> No.12205080

"Traps — an essay; or, The Second Fall of Man."?

>> No.12205083

It's perfect

>> No.12205087

t. Eduoard Musbodijk

>> No.12205097

I think I might write a gospel on Edouard Musbodijk. Any ideas?

I was thinking of him being, for God II, what Jesus is for God I.
Gregory Berrycone could be some kind of false prophet then (there's alraedy a gospel on him).

>> No.12205165

There's a section down there that will be an exam of "the complete works of God II".
Write some questions based on the stuff you guys wrote. Not more than 2 per text though.

>> No.12205182

preferably objective questions

>> No.12205222

Is that to say, provide questions that someone else will answer, or give a question with a pre-written answer?

>> No.12205244

That someone else will answer (the reader).
That's why it's better to have objective questions.

>> No.12205329

Tell me there are backed up versions.

>> No.12205334

Google docs always keeps a history of the document. It can always be restored.

>> No.12205337

I've printed the version of it from 1 hour ago

>> No.12205398

Someone changed every instance of "the" to "cocks"

>> No.12205417


>> No.12205418

also "and" to "nigger"

>> No.12205434

If the document get's erased and there's no one to restore, write your stuff in another file and wait for someone to restore the original and paste it there.

>> No.12205436

idk why i put that ' there
gets erased*

>> No.12205465

I can't edit or access the document. It's just a picture of pepe. help. I cannot restore it help.

>> No.12205556

restored the doc for you fags

>> No.12205585

However, someone Ctrl + F'd and replaced every instance of "and" with "nigger," haven't yet found how far back we'd need to go to undo that. Undoing it manually would of course be challenging considering how many times "nigger" is used intentionally.

>> No.12205641

May just be easiest to make your changes/additions to the controlled, organized document at this point, honestly, since it's in good condition.

>> No.12205880

Surely one wouldn't make an A4-size book, right? Right?

>> No.12205970

>have funny idea for story
>start writing
>someone comes and starts writing about feminine penises and loli porn
>give up

>> No.12206132

Why are you mad? That they made your story better than yours ever could have been?

>> No.12206145

No but I've never seen a book with a higher width/height ratio higher than A4.

>> No.12206152

actually height/width but whatever

>> No.12206205
File: 1.95 MB, 1422x2011, a4 god.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry about this it's based on the proportions of a sega saturn game cartridge lol
here it is squished down if anyone cares
also the text changes you for

>> No.12206221

Amazon will never publish that cover.

>> No.12206230

With what software are you working to make the cover?

>> No.12206262

too many shockjocks, not enough wit & talent, I'd say

>> No.12206280

I just want to get that eye thing with God & illuminati and use it in my attempt to make a cover.
I kinda like yours (specially the eye stuff and the atlas shrugghed thing) but it's too full of stuff.

>> No.12206291

Can anyone write a text to be in the back cover of the book?

>> No.12206306
File: 925 KB, 1033x523, eyeballforanon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah t b h i kind ran out of ideas after the eye & atlas shrugged. The binary was mostly just because i needed something to put there
here it is if you want it

>> No.12206309

way cooler looking than my steve jobs idea.

but what happened to the literary fashion show? it was essential to the "God's Insta" narrative?

>> No.12206313

Only after you give me the word for the thing you're asking for.

>> No.12206332

English isn't my first language mate. Had to google it.

>> No.12206372
File: 72 KB, 177x2373, godspine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is a potential mock up for a spine
of course i can't actually know how thick the book is going to be but this is just an idea

>> No.12206377
File: 80 KB, 177x2011, godspineA4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and squished down to A4

>> No.12206417
File: 1.68 MB, 901x1157, complete works.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an attempt.
The image is bigger, I had to make it smaller so it wasn't over 4mb.

>> No.12206440

Edited by Mikhaila Peterson or Edouard Musbodijk? Which do you guys prefer?

>> No.12206464

this actually looks like something someone could actually get a physical copy of

>> No.12206468

That's the goal

>> No.12206485

This actually looks really nice. Though im not sure about the very prominent editorship

>> No.12206491
File: 99 KB, 600x771, complete works 2222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe like this?

>> No.12206493

better, just higher res

>> No.12206494

I had to make the res smaller because I can't upload pictures bigger than 4mb

>> No.12206501

This actually looks really nice. Though im not sure about the very prominent editorship>>12206491

>> No.12206510

Nice phoneposting

>> No.12206521

Rei Ayanmani is Best Gril: An Introductory Analysis into Incest Fantasies

>> No.12206557

I guess we can settle on this, right?
https://i.imgur.com/GjcfHHc.jpg (originally a png, don't know why it's a jpg in the link)
Just need the blurb to make the backcover now.

>> No.12206572


>> No.12206578

I always wondered who gets the proceeds from the sales?

>> No.12206588

I don't think we need to make it into a real book.
I'd just wish there was an index for books written by /lit/ to put this one there.

>> No.12206589

Historically nobody, it just costs the price of printing

>> No.12206640

I'm trying to download it as pdf but it's taking a lot of time

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