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Its Friday and it feels like my whole week was wasted. All the Stacies and qts have returned to campus after the break. I had a lot of work to catch up on and I was actually productive for a change and did it. I even handed in that paper I was suppose to submit around a month ago. Getting absorbed in my studies is nice all the way up to the point when I look out the window and find Stacies flirting with Chads outside my window.

Chasteposter guy tries hard to convince us that sex is a pernicious distraction. I'm sexless, and I fail to see the virtue in it. I have more time to focus on stuff, but it all feels unfulfilling. I can't help but feel when I read about love, sex, and the strong emotions that come with those that I could better appreciate it if I actually had experience to compare it to. How is being chaste part of the /lit/ lifestyle when most of the great works focus on love or sex to some capacity?

I spoke to pink beret girl a couple of times this week. I feel like I could get more involved with her, but I have absolutely no idea how. Shakespeare is of remarkable little help, and Subahibi definitely won't help (I'm still working through that Chinese Porn game).

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This is a too unironic a use of incel slang that it bugs me. Stop!

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too many (a)s btw

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sex is overrated. if you get the chance yea fuck a girl but if not just focus on shit you wanna do

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We are rooting for you PrincetonToad

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this, desu

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I don’t want to do anything. I just fantasize about dying a painless instant death hopefully soon

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Just do what Takuji does in Jabberwocky I. But you'll have to be as messed up Takuji to achieve it.

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you're such a faggot

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You don’t need sex to understand love/ intimacy, and if you think you do it’s probably because you have shallow friendships and a weak relationship with your family.
It’s been a couple years since I’ve had a gf and I thought I was pining for a new one until I started to make more effort to spend time with my friends and open up to them more. The feelings mostly went away.

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You have risen above the thots and the fuckboys. This is like the Resurrection.

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sex is a form of communication and one that is necessary to the human experience

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One of te reasons this board sucks so much is because it's populated by incels who never read.

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Imagine unironically being a 20+ year old virgin

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show your work niglet

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Fuck you faggot

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Pincetontoad, why are you such a loser nigga faggot?

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You're just a jealous faggot that didnt get into an Ivy league school like PrincetonToad did. How does it feel knowing that you are a bigger loser than him?

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sure PrincetonToad

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Easy to imagine

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i'm european, our colleges are free and better than any of your ivy league meme schools that only exist for freemason networking and getting buttfucked at a skull and bones ceremony.

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Pursuing relationships is just such a hassle for an autist like myself. I only get along with very few people, it's hard for me to find new friends, much less a gf. I guess online dating could be a solution?

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How do you even understand half of literature if you've never had a relationship? Even a line like 'warm thighed Briseis' is beyond your understanding