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>Tell us why it's shit

Monthly Reading for November: A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny



NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books:

SF&F author listing with ratings and summaries:


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Two days to go!

I'm reading this actually I finished a couple of days ago and it's not shit.

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I dropped Stormlight 1/4 in the second book. What happened later and in the third book?

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read it and find out

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Fucking Canadians.

Germline by TCMcarthy. Also I think Spiral Wars are the new military sci-fi meme so be warned.

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About to start pic related. Is it good?

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>what happened in the third book
literally nothing

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also want to know this

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Im an entry level reader who loves the writing style and stories of Gaiman. Any recs?

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More Gainman, Pratchett. I've also heard people compare his writing to China Miéville but I have not read anything by him so I cannot confirm.

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Ive read everything Gaiman already. Ill check out China Mieville.

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Masters of Rome
>Tell us why it's shit
Sulla is a mortal man and has to pass on at some point.

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>tfw the dog protag is trapped in a hayloft because dogs have a hard time going down stairs
It's the little details. That book was a blast.

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Ah the meme rises.

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read Good Omens ?
Gaiman X Pratchett

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I'm looking for books written in the wuxia/xianxia style by western authors.
I've read Cradle and liked it. Also read Sufficiently Advanced Magic but didn't like it as much.
Some people have recommended Sanderson but I dislike his writing.
Any other recommendations?

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Why did Miss. Sarah J. "Cumlord" Maas ruin the Acotar series via character assassination and self insert fanfic tier writing. However, I am a fan of her Throne of Glass series. Why is character assassination so common for her literary works?

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>>12147185 #
>just as there is no american shakespeare.
There isn't someone who stole another's work and published under his name and got insanely popular because of it in America?

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Yup! Even Sandman, but not the prequel one.

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What am I in for?

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Hopefully sex with cute dark elves

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Realizing dryads are the best girls

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Well then, if you enjoyed Good Omens, you can get into Pratchett. Good omens is more pratchett-y than gaiman-y

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They reach the promised land, meet the big bad, and Kaladin goes through another cycle of being a crying pussy to finding peace and going full super saiyan. Overall better than the second imo.

Also the assassin in white pops up again. He’s a pretty okay guy this time around. Oh and Shallan is basically god awful as ever. Maybe even a little worse.

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Masters of Rome
>Tell us why it's shit
Caesar crucified the qt pirates

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>Oh and Shallan is basically god awful as ever
Not that anon but that's all I needed to know. She was a big chunk of why I dropped the series in the first place. There's two major things that Sanderson is incapable of writing, humor or witty characters and romance. Both of which are major components to Shallan's character.

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If it makes any difference her humor and romantic hang ups are about as terrible as the other two books. Sanderson just wratches her craziness level way up though which makes her just that much worse.

By the end though she works past most of that trauma so maybe it won’t be as bad in the next book. Granted we’ve seen Kaladin go through the same cycle multiple times now.

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>What are you reading
Black Company, Soldier’s Live.

>Why’s it shit
It’s not about a small band of mercenaries having comfy adventures across the countryside anymore.

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>Joe Abercrombie Returns to the First Law World with A Little Hatred, the Start of a New Trilogy
say what you want about his pace but at least he writes books

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>Joe Abercrombie Returns to the First Law World with A Little Hatred, the Start of a New Trilogy
say what you want about his pace but at least he writes books

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>say what you want about his pace but at least he writes books
Does it matter when the books are shit?

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they're better than a lot of other shit that gets written these days

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Is this series any good?
A lot of fantasy lit fans I know seem to recommend it, but a lot of people online seem to hate it. But the only criticism I can find is that he's anti-communism and comes off as preachy.
Personally, I'm not offended by things like that because I'm not a faggot, and sometimes I even enjoy seeing things through someone else's worldview even if it isn't one I agree with.
So is it any good?

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They aren't though.

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The first few books are fun but don't expect anything deep. After that he gets way too preachy without deciding what he's even preaching. Following his various Mary Sues for no reason eventually gets pretty tiresome as well.
Also pic related happens.

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>Is this series any good?
First book is alright, then it just spirals downward. His boner for Ayn Rand aside, I don't have a problem with the anti-communism stuff because commies are all scum anyway, but even then Goodkind gets a bit too preachy later on even if you happen to agree with his ideals. Also the books are full of fetishes ranging from pseudo infidelity, BDSM, magic rape, actual rape and so on and so forth but that's a bonus for some people I suppose. As for the hero and heroine, Richard is a gary stu and Kahlan exists only to be rape bait though she never actually gets raped, though she does get indirectly raped which doesn't sound like it makes sense but it happens.

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>terry goodkind
Hahahaha no.

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Oh okay. Sounds a little too weird for me

>Also pic related happens
lmao nice

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They are.
But why read shit books or shittier books when you can read good books?

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Absolute garbage.
Being preachy with no hint of subtelty is the least of its flaws.
Imagine the most standard, stale, vanilla heroic fantasy you can think of. Then, take HBO's game of thrones taste for lurid, gratuitous sex and violence. Mix those together, add a (big) dash of tortureporn, and voilà, terry goodkind.

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>But why read shit books or shittier books when you can read good books?

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They don't exist.

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This is what he looks like. Do you now still think it might be a good idea to read these books, knowing what he looks like?

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He looks like he belongs in the WWE.

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That's hardly his worst photo. Dude used to rock the worst ponytail

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No they aren't.

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I'm reading hyperion right now, and while the stories and genre switches are fun I find the prose and ideology to be a bit lacking outside of the poets tale after just coming off of chapterhouse: dune. Any sci-fi books similar in style to dune preferably written before?

I was going to read foundation next. I tried reading ringworld after hearing that it was good actual hard sci-fi but dropped it a couple chapters in when it was clear that the entire book was going to be "DUDE THIS RAINBOW ALIEN HAS MOUTHS FOR HANDS AND TEETH FOR FINGERS LMAO HAHAHA"

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What are you writing about /sffg/? I'm writing a fantasy story about a blacksmith who ends up on a quest with his soon to be mother in law who absolutely hates him and doesn't approve of him marrying her daughter. Usually the trope goes that the guy and his hard ass father in law are forced to work with each other and at the end the father in law finally approves, so I just decided to twist it around a bit. It's a bit silly but I'm just writing it for fun anyway. Tell me your ideas.

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I'm trying to improve by writing from a perspective that is completely alien to me. So I am trying to write a short story in a high fantasy setting, where the protagonist is a fat, middle-aged black woman. I have literally never even met one, so I have no idea what they're like. This is really challenging.

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You were saying?

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How can you not have met a fat middle aged black woman? They're fucking everywhere

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>I have literally never even met one
Just go to your local DMV. I swear it's some hidden mandatory requirement to have a sassy overweight black woman at the front desk in every DMV. That's assuming you live in burgerland of course.

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I grew up sheltered in a mainly white neighborhood. I was home-schooled, and there are no black women at my current job. I still live with my parents too

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>blacksmith who ends up on a quest with his soon to be mother in law who absolutely hates him
Do they fuck?

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I keep seeing people here alternate from saying this is good and that it's shit. So what's good about it? What's shit about it?

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We aren't all y*nks

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This got recommended to me recently but I'm on the fence about reading it. Is it any good? How are Vandermeer's other works?

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Neither am I. Still impossible to avoid the nogs in western europe.

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It's like 200 pages so it's not like you're investing a huge amount of effort

>> No.12149292

Are you going to do any research or just guess and get it completely wrong?

>> No.12149295

I'm just going to guess. I'm trying to improve creativity. My protagonist can't swim, I'm pretty sure that's common

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read and find out

>> No.12149315

You really should do something about that.

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Book of the New Sun

>> No.12149328

I'm open to suggestions

>> No.12149330

I've got 2 other books in contention and if it's not his strongest work I'd prefer to know now and read that instead.

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>Currently reading
Perdido Street Station

>Why is it shit?
So far it's not.

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Oh the historically usual thing - just vote in some right(ish) populist party and go to town.

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What’s your favorite coming of age story /sffg/?

>> No.12149380

Well that's the thing, I've nearly used up my book budget this month and I don't want to blow it on something I don't even want to finish.

>> No.12149395

What is this book budget you speak of anon? Do you actually buy books?

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I'm a huge star wars fag especially old timeline so I'm pecking away at pic related. I want to start Bane trilogy and continue the original Conan stories.

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Nice try, Vagina Melvin.

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The dark is rising
Diamond age

>> No.12149428

>actually believing that the shill is several people
Read it, for all I care. Just don't come here crying that you were tricked into reading it if you dislike it.

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Redwall, Martin the Warrior, Mattimeo

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>Still impossible to avoid the nogs in western europe.

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steal an e-reader, pirate books, problem solved.
You can always buy physical copies of the ones you liked after the fact

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>western europe
What a surprise, people on /lit/ don't know how to read

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BotNS, obviously.

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You do know that you can find genre fiction for pennies on the dollar online, right? If you buy from Amazon you can even get free shipping most of the time. Failing that, just fucking pirate whatever you want.

>> No.12149545

I pirate first and if I like the book I support the author and purchase it. Simple as that.

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Just read all three you pussy

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WoT peeps, who is you favourite male character? I'm really struggling to care about any of them.

>> No.12149769

Mat is the best. Just he’s not really a character till like book two or three.

>> No.12149779

I've find him a bit shit tbqh and I'm on the 8th book, I don't think Jordan can write a 'badass' so Mat just looks like a tool. The only men in the series I've liked so far have been Thom, Pedron Niall and Ashmodean.

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This entire series is amazing

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The first part is among the best post-Tolkien works, but the second part is several orders of magnitude below.

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Recommend me any fantasy which isn't a poorly written, infantile, formulaic anime cringefest.

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Chronicles of Amber

>> No.12149871

Throne of glass

>> No.12149876

Interesting, thank you.
I'll give it a chance.

>> No.12149877

What do you mean?

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Le Guin's Earthsea main trilogy

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I'm using anime in a derogatory catch-all sense here, I'm not try to discredit the entire medium but rather the contemporary saisonal anime trends of trite, sexualized and uninspiring power fantasies which is way to common for my taste.

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Real men read historical fiction.

>> No.12149922

I didn't read or watch Harry Potter growing up so I have no nostalgia. Should I check out the books?

>> No.12149924

What would you recommend my man

>> No.12149927

Masters of Rome

>> No.12149931

Why not just pick up an actual history book?
You might just learn something.

>> No.12149937

>relying on others to tell you history
Why aren't you out there making it?

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Doing both makes HF more enjoyable.

>> No.12149948

Ah yes, because all non-fiction pushes some kind of conspiratorial agenda to rewrite history.

>> No.12149951

It's not bad if you consider it's for kids

>> No.12149953

Not because they're good, but because they're "historically important" in that they are prominent in shaping the western popculture of the 21st century.
Read them as an insight into the brain of the pleb, not as good fantasy -because they're not.

>> No.12149964

it's difficult to appreciate them if you are above the age of 18 and read better stuff

>> No.12149987

Good fairytale-ish books?

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Were you bullied about your reading habits by outer /lit/ or why are you here trying to start shit?

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Guys, I need help.
I've been on a warhammer binge for the last two years. I've read in excess of 70 warhammer-related novels with almost nothing in between but some shitty YA books I scrounged. Please help

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>I've read in excess of 70 warhammer-related novels with almost nothing in between

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I just counted, it's far more than that. Far, far more.
Oh god I've just downloaded three more books

>> No.12150033

The Palm-Wine Drinkard

>> No.12150036

How many Warhammer novels can there possibly be?

>> No.12150085

The Horus heresy had 56 books through 12 years of publishing, not counting the novellas and short stories. And by my count there are at least a dozen ''big'' trilogies/tetralogies by themselves, several sagas of 10 or more novels and collaborative works by authors.
They have been making them since '92 sp that is a fuckton by my count

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>implying I had reading habits in school

>> No.12150114

Obviously not as you spectacularly failed to interpret my post.

>> No.12150164

You're not enough of a character that I would take notice of you sober.

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File: 1.13 MB, 5184x3456, 7613985036_26ae913ddb_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh you're that Horusian fag.
At least puck up the only good thing about that whole mess - Gaunt's Ghosts by Dan Abnett.

>> No.12150321

A whole fucking lot. Reading the new Cain novel right now.

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Is the redwall series worth delving into?
I read a couple of them when I was in middle-school but have almost forgotten them.

>> No.12150478

I’m going to go torrent all those books just to spite games workshop

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Is the Expanse series worth reading or show I just opt for the show?

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File: 833 KB, 1518x2325, 912qCqO6oeL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are very enjoyable, much better written books than your average children's fantasy with more drama and violence with grit. The first three books (if you read them in chronological order) are excellent, Martin the Warrior is probably his best book.


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File: 44 KB, 766x660, 1490252840020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're alright. Book 1 is very faithfully recreated in the show, books 2 and 3 are different enough to catch you by surprise at times. Of all of them, book 5 is my favorite. If you like the setting and you like the characters, they're definitely worth a read, but they're nothing amazing and would probably be forgettable if they didn't have the show attached to them. No regrets spending time on them though.

>> No.12150581

My favorite racist series for children.

>> No.12150591

Any fantasy with a really healthy, gooey heterosexual romance with lots of feelings and lovey dovey shit? Asking for myself

>> No.12150607

sorry I meant *homosexual

>> No.12150634

Not cool, man

Please be nice to me, thanks

>> No.12150652

What the fuck is going on here? I'm really confused.

>> No.12150660

Anon made a sodomy funny.
OP didn't laugh.

>> No.12150661

The Interdependency has a bit of both. The gooey part yes. The lovely dovey not so much. It's a lot of quick passions but the lovers get very protective of their less competant partners

>> No.12150710

While not OP I laughed.

>> No.12150715

fallout 4 sexlab mod

>> No.12150717

Why is Vance obsessed with the word 'manse'

>> No.12150737

Why would you go back to writing house when you can write manse?

>> No.12150744

'cause it rhymes with vance

>> No.12150755

wizard knight

>> No.12150782

Cause he wasn't a pleb.

>> No.12150834

Are you talking about the characters in the book or the author?

>> No.12150844


It's terrible crap. If you want 35728594239 books of libertarian genre fic just read Honor Harrington which is at least amusing and not half as creepy

>> No.12150859


Worm Ouroboros/Zimiamvia trilogy
Gormenghast trilogy
The Opposing Shore
The Nonexistent Knight
The Third Policeman

>> No.12150869

Soon you will be too

>> No.12150909

Consuming earths devouring skies

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Anyone read City at the End of Time? Anyone read City at the End of Time who has also read The Night Land? I really enjoyed the first half, he nailed the atmosphere. but it really couldn't hold together after that. Made me want to write my own Night Land fanfic someday though.

>> No.12151001
File: 689 KB, 800x800, cute feet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just reached chapter XII of The Night Land, I've really been enjoying it so far. The setting and the monsters are neat and I like the interactions between the narrator and his waifu, pic related. I feel really sorry for the people in the Lesser Refuge, what awful fates.
Please no spoilers, I'd love to talk more about this book but finals for fall term are next week.

>> No.12151030

Sure thing, make sure you read John C. Wright's Night Land anthology at some point too.

>> No.12151054

I'm writing a space opera that focuses on the geopolitical struggle of two empires while malevolent forces in different dimensions are using humanity as a means to bring about their will. My main character is going follow a fatalistic principle as even though how hard he struggles his fate had been long decided but even with knowing that he continues to make sure others do not suffer the same fate as him.

>> No.12151073

Anything by Lord Dunsany

>> No.12151095

nigga finna get PURPLED

>> No.12151152

Are the Belgariad and Mallorean worth reading? I know they're considered very cookie cutter fantasy but at this point where everyone is trying too hard to be different in fantasy I don't mind reading basic stuff.

>> No.12151168

To be honest not really. Most romance that I know of in fantasy are pretty retarded. There's Codex Alera I suppose, not particularly "lovey dovey" but the protagonist and his barbarian waifu's romance is very straightforward with no drama or love triangles and has a happy ending.

>> No.12151424

damn i fucking love this. honestly sounds like my ideal mix of story elements. good luck, i really want to read it when you finish.

>> No.12151450

/sffg/ I'm trying to write a sci fi story with a bleak setting and general atmosphere of despair, but I want the story to veer into silly grimdark territory. Where do you draw the line?

>> No.12151661

I still like the Belgariad. It's totally basic but it's the best of basic and super comfy. The Mallorean is the worst kind of sequel.

>> No.12151671

>The Mallorean is the worst kind of sequel.
In what way?

>> No.12151716

It's a total retread of the events in Belgariad with the excuse that time is circular. All the same shit happens again. Its so lazy.

>> No.12151862

What books are you looking forward too in December /lit/?
Whats coming out that you want to read?

>> No.12151921

My friends and I are doing a LotR book club. I've read the series before, but I look forward to reading it with friends.

>> No.12151977

That's cool. The first has a special place in my heart.

>> No.12152021

I've been slowly rereading, dropping it for months and going back. I just finished the second quarter of Two Towers, everything with the Rohirrim is in such beautiful language, and the awakening of Theoden is so touching even when you hardly know who he is.

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>on the second book in the Gap series now
Jesus christ he didn't shy away from the fucking rape did he?

>> No.12152191

Loved Dune, Lord of Light, Hyperion, Solaris, Canticle for Leibowitz. Looking for something along those lines.

Can't stand Heinlein, or at least Stranger in a Strange Land.

>> No.12152197

Lads, I got halfway through the Great Book of Amber last night, and it was basically a perfect ending, should I keep going? I think I saw someone here saying the second half takes a nosedive.

>> No.12152198

I remember hearing about a novel with a prophet who starts a religion and becomes emperor maybe? It seemed interesting if anyone can think of something along those lines.

>> No.12152215

I'm dedicating December and probably the next few months to trying out some space/sci-fi horror. Currently on my list
>Ship of Fools - Richard Paul Russo
>Hinterlands - William Gibson
>Revelation Space - Alistair Reynolds
>Blindsight - Peter Watts
>Hull Zero Three - Greg Bear
I'm a newbie to the genre and have not tried any of these authors so I'm pretty excited.

>> No.12152225

i expect reviews for each of these by the end of the month.

>> No.12152231

prince of nothing?

>> No.12152234

the 2nd series isn't even close and i say this as a zelazny fan. i still kinda like it but i never recommend it

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File: 32 KB, 282x419, Darkness_That_Comes_Before.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just finished this. Gonna start book 2 tomorrow.

Things I'm confused by:
>What is the Tusk? Like an elephant Tusk?
>What is the Nail of Heaven? Is it their word for moon?
>What is the No God? Was he like a Sauron?

>> No.12152251

Hull Zero Three is good but honestly Blood Music is a better Greg Bear horror read

>> No.12152267

No, jump to Lord of Light if you haven't already, but leave Amber 2 for light entertainment while you let yourself think about what you just read.

>> No.12152271

Challenge accepted. I'll be starting with Hull Zero Three.

>> No.12152272

Don´t worry,it gets worse
also Morn is best Mom

>> No.12152275

How so? I've read H03 but not Blood Music, but the atmosphere was pitch-perfect, extremely System Shock 2 but more so.

>> No.12152288

Noted, thanks for the rec. I'll still read Hull Zero Three (I like the premise) but put Blood Music on the list too.

>> No.12152316


>> No.12152317

Book of the New Sun

>> No.12152321

I mean you're right about that
Blood Music was just a really good read, I can't say too much about it without spoiling it, but there was some seriously unsettling shit there

>> No.12152462

Do I need to be a furfag to enjoy this?
Would it help?

>> No.12152517
File: 15 KB, 600x192, 15433238637600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off. Joe is our guy.

>> No.12152522

I found Belgariad very childish, and not in the good, fairytale way.

>> No.12152525

Brand did nothing wrong.

>> No.12152526


>> No.12152533

I am curious about the Amber series but I'm also very wary about all the times it gets recommended because I know /sffg/ likes their memes.

>> No.12152537

redpill me on Bernard Cornwell lads

>> No.12152538

It's legit good, fast-paced but not disorienting, MC is simultaneously flawed and an excellent power fantasy self-insert, Zelazny's prose is jive-mythic.

>> No.12152541

His first wife left him after she caught him in bed with 2 dudes.

>> No.12152545

He writes some kino historical fiction, but sometimes he doesn't know when to end a series. My personal favorite is the Warlord Chronicles. It's his take on the King Arthur story told as if it historically did take place.

>> No.12152554


He's great, I loved the Grail Quest series.

>> No.12152557


The books are ~100 pages each, just read the first one and see if you like it. I'd recommend sticking right to the end too because for a while you might feel like the MC is a bit of a gary stu but hes not.

>> No.12152560

nice, I am not sure which series of his I should I read

>> No.12152567

Start with Warlord Chronicles. It's the closest to fantasy. The "magic" in the books is left up to the reader to decide if it's real or not.

>> No.12152572

okay thanks

>> No.12152590

A Song of Ice and Fire is my favorite fantasy series, I started reading it in 2003.

Imagine how much I have suffered since 2005.

>> No.12152603

Imagine how much you deserved it.

>> No.12152606
File: 48 KB, 600x600, sandicon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Woman in the Dunes- by Kobo Abe

So far this book is sand, everything is fucking sand. I've never seen the word sand so much in my entire life- and I've never seen everything in an entire book always compared to sand. God damnit, I understand why Anakin hates sand so much now.

>> No.12152619

They were the first adult books I ever read man

I will never relive being a horny 12 year old boy masturbating over Sansa's developing breasts, my cum splooging all over the page and making the ink smudge

moments forever lost in time

>> No.12152634


Same but I started reading when the show started.

>> No.12152870

Got to the part where Mat gets raped. How many nuts did Jordan bust writing this shit?

>> No.12152900
File: 22 KB, 480x360, simpsons-lenny-carl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12152917
File: 26 KB, 500x514, femfu-085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont shitpost my general

>> No.12152993
File: 1.61 MB, 350x242, 1478941721613.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood Music has some nice moments so far but it feels more like a thriller, and Bear doesn't seem to have figured out brevity at this point. I assume this was before he was integrated into Poul Anderson's Viking clan.

>> No.12153050

according to wikipedia
>The central text of Inrithism is the Tusk, an enormous carved tusk covered in the writings of the early prophets before the five tribes of men entered into Earwa. Inri Sejenus provided a reinterpretation of the tusk, fusing the individual gods of the Cults into Aspects of one God.
so it's a massive animal tusk with writing on it
the nail of heaven is a star or at least appears to be one
the no-god is a huge evil sentient tornado of doom

>> No.12153064
File: 240 KB, 1171x531, 1486771729502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12153088

Is there a book series, or just a single book, that mixes Fantasy with Sci-Fi? I would say the mixes of High Fantasy with Grimdark would really make sense of what I'm looking for more or less like Star Wars or the game series Destiny.

Just looking for good books with big universes to explore.

>> No.12153097

scads of them, but you're looking for Book of the New Sun

>> No.12153108

yeah loads

>> No.12153110

>Book of the New Sun
Thanks, will check but it seems to go more for the Fantasy than to the Sci-Fi, right? Would say I'm more into the inverse order a Sci-Fi setting with some details from Fantasy.

Mistborn Saga for example for me it's almost a steampunk with fantasy in it.

>> No.12153114

>Thanks, will check but it seems to go more for the Fantasy than to the Sci-Fi, right?
Read the book.

>> No.12153159

A cis staple machine?

>> No.12153168

Are you hyped?

>> No.12153334

I read Shadow of the Torturer and remember absolutely nothing that pointed to it being a Sci-Fi novel. Then again, I skimmed through the last few hundred pages because it was so boring.

>> No.12153364

Botns is only fantasy if you have the reading comprehension of a child

>> No.12153424

BotNS is the obvious answer. Some others that come to mind are Hard to Be a God, Left Hand of Darkness, Lord of Light, Dune and Dying Earth.

>> No.12153437

Shadow of the Torturer is just over 200 pages in the first place, you mong.

>> No.12153445

> Botns is only fantasy if you have the reading comprehension of a child

Yet the guy said nothing about "only fantasy", so in the end who has the reading comprehension of a child?

>> No.12153481

The Last Kingdom was great. I read it because the tv show was so good.

>> No.12153507

it's at the opposite end of the scale from BotNS in terms of how intelligent a read it is, but the warhammer 40K books might fit your need

>> No.12153564
File: 42 KB, 800x587, Really Tempted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12153677

Any series where the main character gradually goes from hero to villain? I'm a sucker for this type of stuff, but it's usually a side character or the backstory to an antagonist.

>> No.12153714

It's good but there is some fucking cringy female power trash which you can simply skip if you wanna :3

>> No.12153758

lmao you missed the point.

>> No.12153859

I thought you liked female power trash catfag?

>> No.12153883

>there is some fucking cringy female power trash
fugg. I will not like this

>> No.12153917
File: 2.77 MB, 2092x3560, Offworld.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends, I haven't read that book though.
I do get scurred whenever they write a male MC that is all or part Native American.
Dark times ahead.

>> No.12154339

What popular books do you actually like? For the most part popular books only seem to get mocked here so share the ones that you liked anons.
I'll start: I really enjoyed Lies of Locke Lamora, Red Rising, Powder Mage and parts of Dresden Files.

>> No.12154375

I hated all the books you listed.

>> No.12154389

Do the characters have to be Asian in these novels?

>> No.12154390

I hear Eisenhorn does that

>> No.12154498

I started reading "The Reality Dysfunction" by Peter F. Hamilton a few days ago but had to stop after about 3/4 through when a great hard SF book turned to shit by suddenly started crawling with "trapped souls" and "possessed people" and quasi-exorcisms similar esoteric shit that I would expect from the cheapest kind of fantasy/horror novel. Super disappointed right now. "Pandora's Star" and "Judas Unchained" by Hamilton were pretty good and made me want to try out his other books.

>> No.12154608


>> No.12154634

Don't be so glum anon.
What books make you happy?

>> No.12154679
File: 12 KB, 170x232, William_de_la_Pole,_Chief_Baron_of_the_Exchequer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw want to write fantasy but cannot worldbuild anything that isn't a generic budget Tolkien clone

Why couldn't I be an Oxford professor linguist worldbuilder?

>> No.12154752

Lol sorry I just couldn't help myself. I like the gormenghast books.

>> No.12154776

Lies of Locke Lamora
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
American Gods
Warbreaker (I'm assuming everything Sanderson count as popular)
Brave New World

>> No.12154779

The ULTIMATE question:

Low fantasy vs High fantasy

Which do you prefer?

>> No.12154784

Science fiction

>> No.12154792

Mythic fiction.

>> No.12154795

Grimdark fantasy

>> No.12154797

Low fantasy is generally better than high fantasy because the authors are not as prone to get stuck in world building, magic systems, endless fantasy races and shit like that.

>> No.12154799

Wot that?

>> No.12154802

Fairytales and folk myths

>> No.12154804

can't win against the cock

>> No.12154816

Never heard of this genre before

>> No.12154820

The cock may crow
or preen and strut
but the pussy stalks
her claws they cut

>> No.12154821

Historical fiction.

>> No.12154867

My nigga! I love historical fiction too. Here is my zipfile of all my favourites that I uploaded on novanon.net:

tinyurl com/y85hey2c

>> No.12155022


>> No.12155028

>hard SF
More cringe.

>> No.12155044

This is, unfortunately, true. Which is why Sword & Sorcery is superior. It's fantasy elements tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum which allows the writer to actually focus on the story.

>> No.12155058

Low fantasy is just on the other end of the spectrum where it focuses too much on boring human politics and history.

>> No.12155069


>> No.12155099

Historical furry erotica

>> No.12155141

Which is why I specified Sword & Sorcery and not Low Fantasy in general. S&S, at its best, puts the focus on the action and story whereas High Fantasy (aka Epic Fantasy) more often than not gets too caught up in world-building and unnecessary bloat.

>> No.12155161

Conan (especially King Conan) stories might have some politics, enough for a couple observations by Howard on why barbarism rules and civilization drools, but they're thematically appropriate and don't last long. Meanwhile Conan always kills something and there's always black magic. Usually it's a snake.

>> No.12155170

>&S, at its best, puts the focus on the action and story
Eh, that has its problems too. The point of setup and all that is for the eventual action/climax to be more satisfying. If it's just action from page 1 all the way it stops being special and loses its appeal. I think the best books have a healthy dose of it all.

>> No.12155176

>but they're thematically appropriate and don't last long
This. He'll have Conan go on tirades about the shittiness of civilization, but it doesn't last dozens of pages.

>> No.12155178

That's why he said "at its best." How much S&S have you read? They're usually not action from page 1 - maybe the aftermath of action, the end of a battle, or a tense situation that will lead swiftly to action, but there's always some sort of setup.

>> No.12155187

What I meant by "action" I meant the actions that move the story forward, not necessarily action scenes (but those are included as well).

>> No.12155270

They're good books, but also glum.

>> No.12155277

How best to get into this genre?

>> No.12155309
File: 1.95 MB, 966x4485, harry potter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any patrician recommendations for patricians like myself who have only read Harry Potter?

>> No.12155313

Furry Momcest

>> No.12155319

I'm beginning to doubt these are actual literary works.

>> No.12155320

Do you still want YA? If so, Artemis Fowl (up to book 4) and The Bartimaeus Sequence are good.

Post it if you got it.

>> No.12155331

By losing all dignity and self respect.

ehhh...on the Artemisi Fowl rec but I'm with you on Bartimaeus. It's probably the best YA fantasy ever written.

>> No.12155345

>By losing all dignity and self respect.
Now list me some so I can start my journey.

>> No.12155370

>Artemis Fowl
>The Bartimaeus Sequence

>> No.12155378

The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper

>> No.12155417


fuck anyone who has harry potter books that aren't the original bloomsbury covers

>> No.12155429

Someone better call rowling, there's a problem with those covers.
Hermione's white everytime she appears.

>> No.12155433
File: 63 KB, 960x122, german harry potter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever do you mean?

>> No.12155458


those danish covers are fucking fantastic.

>> No.12155481

The first Bartimaeus is good but it gets all woke by the second volume. Couldn't even finish.

>> No.12155482
File: 475 KB, 429x652, Way of Kings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This book seems to alternate between kinda bad and kinda good. overall I'm having fun with it

>> No.12155490
File: 12 KB, 599x605, i wanna fuck that X.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12155497

t-that's dare I say problematic!

>> No.12155515

Discworld, get to know what actual Magic is all about.

>> No.12155530

>if you don't like yiff
>jump off a cliff

>> No.12155565

>authored by a woman
>covers depict a pssh nothin personnel woman in various coldsteel stances

Ho ho ho, nice try /lit/.

>> No.12155589

>What is the No God? Was he like a Sauron?
Read on and you'll find out more. The No God is like an anti-god, invisible and unimaginable in every way to the regular gods.

>> No.12155601

What is the name of that shitty book with all the waifus that gets shilled here?

>> No.12155607

Enjoy it because it's the peak of the series so far. Also if you think Shallan is even slightly annoying now just you wait.

>> No.12155612

Wheel of Time?
Chronicles of Amber?
Those harem litrpg things?

>> No.12155625

The absolute madman, writing a somewhat positive comment about sanderson in /sffg/

>> No.12155634

super sales?

>> No.12155636

sandersons books?
im not really sure "waifus" is the correct term for those.

>> No.12155647
File: 150 KB, 1024x1454, Soulcatcher_by_Mikey_Patch_(Irontree).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shitty book
Must be Wheel of Time.

>> No.12155707

Going to have to be more specific. You mean a literal shitty book with waifus or are you referring to shitposting posts like the Soulcatcher anon? If it's the former then I'm assuming you're referring to Super Sales or Wild Wastes?

>> No.12155723
File: 25 KB, 564x782, 1512071927250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know any fantasy books where the magic is treated way more like some serious mystical shit than just "fireball! fireball! Okay, my tea is hot enough now." Something where the magic is extremely rare and a really big deal when it does show up.

>> No.12155730

If Sanderson can create these complex magic systems and world lore, why doesn't he use at least 1/3rd of that effort creating a workout routine?

>> No.12155765

>If Sanderson can create these complex magic systems and world lore, why doesn't he use at least 1/3rd of that effort to learn how to write dialogue

>> No.12155766

does anyone here care for fire and blood by the american tolkien? worth reading?

>> No.12155815

catcher a shit

>> No.12155828

Unironically, dialogue is not the issue with sanderson -at least compared to the average fantasy author.
No, the fucking issue is that he thinks "witty" means "relying on a single gimmick to define a character's speaking persona for more than 3 thousand pages"

>> No.12155834
File: 2.79 MB, 300x252, 1520405525404.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the american tolkien

>> No.12155835
File: 817 KB, 620x1000, 123432142134231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished pic related, it was okay if you're into war stuff.

>Tell us why it's shit
Doctor fucking Lam, holy shit what a shit character, most the book did have a "war is bad" message that at times got a little too hamfisted but not enough to take you out of it, except this mother fucker. Whole characters entire existence revolves around "I'm sad, war is bad and makes me sad, I'm sad if I have to commit a genocide, my eyes look so sad."

>> No.12155846
File: 42 KB, 310x475, 123432143124123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, wrong pic

>> No.12155847

Is Robert Jordan the American Rowling?

>> No.12155872

Something tells me that doesn't leave up to its author's name.

>> No.12155878

Depends, did he try to retroactively hamfist identity politics in his books?

>> No.12155914

In Keys to the Kingdom the hero starts to go slightly power mad and has moments where he has thoughts like "why don't I kill these inferior creatures holding me back" about his allies, but he never quite goes full villain.

>> No.12155917

Hard fantasy

>> No.12155932

How hard we talking?

>> No.12155935

Sexual fantasy

>> No.12155941

Incest fantasy.

>> No.12156026

This exists?

>> No.12156048


First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.

>> No.12156063

Mists of Avalon

>> No.12156076

>what is rule 34

>> No.12156089

I thought the inplicationwas there was a book. Like someone managed to type out a novel length furry fuckfest with the intent of releasing that for public consumption

>> No.12156098


you say it like it would be rare for such a thing to occur

>> No.12156101


>> No.12156460

Chapterhouse Dune - last of the series by Frank Herbert - at this point I just want to get through it to finish the series off, last one was a bit boring, the story is getting old.

>> No.12156558

The Tusk is the holy writings of the profits.

The nail of heaven is like the North Star, except it’s a wormhole

The no god is anti-god, as in his existence shuts off the passage of souls and the ability of the gods to influence the world. Ie. Why all the newborn children on the planet were stillborn while the No God was alive, because they had no souls.

>> No.12156647

Any interesting new fantasy released this year? From new authors.

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