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what are some books that would appeal to gamers? particularly female gamers? I'm looking to get a holiday present for my prospective gf!

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Sartor Resartus by thomas carlyle

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>my prospective gf

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unironically lolita

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God i hate women.

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Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy

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God I hate /lit/ :}

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>prospective gf

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Hey man just so you know, there's no such thing as a "prospective gf", that's just a person you've seen.

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Vatican II Documents

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what are some games that would appeal to readers? particularly female readers?

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The Game - Neil Strauss

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If the girl on the right was attractive enough to act like the girl on the left then she would. She just can't compete and so settles for the niche "I'm totally not like the other girls. I mean, I like almost always wear hoodies and don't try to show off my body at all XDD" type that betaboys like op will lap up.

God I wish I wasn't a virgin.

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>prospective gf
>holiday present
>a book
So many red flags on this one.

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Just buy her some pots and pans.

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>prospective gf

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Why do women seem to love Lolita so much?
Serious question.

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it's a good book? also, women tend to love macabre shit like crime fiction, so the pedo stuff isn't necessarily a deal breaker

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disguised pornographic books are the best selling books ever, and women buy most of them

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t. virgin

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How come I never seen this one before

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Daddy issues.

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Same reason the say: "Daddy." when fucked.

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fuck niggers

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It's just erotica to them. And every girl seems to be into older men so it works out well.

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go away veronica

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Quality posts

Fuckn' saved

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The girl on the right has her sole so readily available... bueno...
I want to lick her feet.

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They have valid points.

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