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Right, what’s on your mind?

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What THE FUCK is going on with /lit/ today? Literally half the threads are reddit-tier offtopic garbage.

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you can sense what threads will take off, I swear the internet is successful only because people are able to handpick the stuff they argue against, I've seen an anon shut down a whole thread only by posting something that made everyone who previously spouted their resentful opinion uncomfortable, it was about a topic that usually gets to 300+ posts, but it ended at 110

I've thought about leaving the internet for good. Except for professional use, if I stopped visiting three or four sites I could be free.

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>I've seen an anon shut down a whole thread only by posting something that made everyone who previously spouted their resentful opinion uncomfortable
Warosu link pls

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My internet usage is pretty much down to:
>wikipedia and other reference sites
>the national weather service
>the odd bit of online shopping
That's it. I don't even read online news anymore.
Where did it all go so wrong?

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Write, what's on your mined?

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All the racebaiting is just tiresome

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Fuck page 10

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Mr. Cleaves the gym teacher approaches me. I see the defined crevices in his big, dumb face as he stands before me, wearing a dark Reeboks sweater jacket nose pudging out like the entire cake he undoubtedly consumes every dinner, as told in the fatty folds of his -

Oh I'm sorry what were you saying?

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I need my ass eaten so bad

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Go /trash/ or /soc/ you'll find someone who is into consuming ass

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pls be female

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Weekend. All the wagies and social outcast children are here to disturb our peaceful NEET-dom.

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>when someone makes a new WWOYM thread even though yours is still up and you just wanted to make a thread with more than 10 replies for once so you wouldn’t feel so useless

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This, and you'll get told to go to Reddit because you don't have an unlimited patience for
>nonwhites cant be creative
>we gonna get you, whitey
>this board for redpills and the jq
>this book is the jews
>kek at these whitebois
Not a comfy place to be found.

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Requesting assistance /lit/.

In deciding the future of my career at a prestigious research facility I have to choose one of two paths for: 3 reasons/premises per each of a given choice of subjects, with one higher categorical tier, and approximately 8 lateral/same-level tiers; like so:
Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8
a a a a a a a a
b b b b b b b b
c c c c c c c c

My choices are the following two paths:
Path 1, if
a = subject at hand, Y(n)
b = connection to reasons/premises a & c
c = link to separate subject Y(n +/- <1-8>)


Path 2, if
a = subject at hand, Y(n)
b = link to separate subject Y(n +/- <1-8>)
c = link to X

I've read the Greeks and a good deal else, but I can't figure this out.
>Yeah, I'd turn to 4chin for a life-altering decision. Fuck it. There could be some legitimately intelligent people in the crowd here.
>I am aware of the distinct possibility this is a test of character.

Only 5 rules I know of...
1. I have until midnight tonight to come up with an answer and a reason or purpose for my answer.
2. I am allowed to ask for help from any person or persons -- keeping in mind the legal definition of a person allows for organizations, corporations, or otherwise organized bodied of individuals.
3. I am not permitted to discuss my personal information, the nature of the research, position, paths, or the organization giving this test.
4. I am permitted to post this online only if I know it will not go viral. (It's 4chin, and a boring af logic puzzle on /lit/ of all places lol this board's mostly dead around now.)
5. a, b, and c can be in any order within the Path chosen. I've checked and this isn't a trick question; coming up with anything other than Path 1 or Path 2 is equivalent to quitting.

>Pic not related, I'm on mobile

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Far as I see, the only real difference is
>Path 1, b &
>Path 2, c
Otherwise they're identical, since a, b, and c can be in any order.

This is what's got me in a bind though. Either the problem is deliberately made simple, to make everyone taking this test overanalyze OR there is a measure of character somewhere in the selection; or more likely in our reasoning/purpose for our final choice.

I believe it comes down to the decision to tighten one's research by reiterating or solidifying the connection between the three premises, Path 1, and thus making the research more persuasive in terms of marketing and peer reviews, v. restating the link to the higher categorical problem which started the research, Path 2, akin to a first principles perspective.
>If that IS the case, it's not a test of functional intellect or capabilities on any level, it's a personality test meant to quiz candidates to determine whether we'd focus more on marketing, appearances, and social impact v. the research, the results, and the scientific or technological impact. Like a Type A/Type B personality test.

This is how I feel.

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I constantly fear I'm not doing enough to ensure I have a secure life by 25. I lock myself inside this house, within the confines of this room, shackled without bond on this bed.

I'm 21 and I'm killing myself slowly by the day, consisting of hours, formed together by minutes on a foundation of precious seconds.

What if it was all a lie? What if all this effort trying to assure myself that its never too late is merely a metaphor for a hard brick wall waiting for me to run into it,something that you could see from miles away but still draws you in with its promises of salvation. What am I doing with my life? Why am I even here?

I was broken out of my trance by a sharp pain on my face, I was confronted with something grey, solid like a wall on a castle, blocking my way as if to say its the end of the line, there's no going further from here.

I almost resigned myself to my fate when something caught my eye, a glimmer blinding me somewhat. It begs for my attention, my focus, my curiosity.

I reach out, stopping inches away from it, apprehensive as to what will happen. Its there again, he there again. I can hear him telling me, warning me that there's no way back, I'll never return.

While the glare of that object was enough to get me to shield my eyes, what came next brought me to near, absolute blindness. It was in my face then it wasn't. I saw shades of blue which then blended with green only to abruptly transform to grey.

While my other half of my conscious was bargaining with him, the other half ignored him, rebelled against him, no more they said.

And did I.

Please rate my rambling

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i've never lost a debate or been forced to concede a point in a discussion or conversation in my adult life.
i'm exceptionally gifted at explaining my conclusions and supporting them with unbiased arguments based on facts. i'm extremely neutral in all cases and sometimes feel like the ultimate gray, considering both the logical and emotional of every conversation.
thanks for reading my blog. i'd like to be a supreme court justice, but the career path required for that is probably the closest approximation to a biblical hell we can recreate, so i'm going to become a farmer instead.

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I hate myself

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do you live with your mom

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I have no idea where the boundary lines are for platonic love with a grill
I adore her, and she does me, but our relationship is entirely non-sexual/non-romantic. She has a steady boyfriend and I'll probably be a groomsman at their wedding. I'm single at the moment, but I want to build my patterns of life now as if I were seeing someone so that I won't have to change too much should I meet the right person.
With all that in mind, what is and isn't appropriate between us? How long/tight/sincere of a hug is okay? If we stay up late texting each other multiple times a week, should I start to be wary? I like the bf as well and don't want to cause strife between them. I don't know him as well but we're cool but that could change if I get too close to her. A part of me wants to snuggle down on the couch watching a movie and hold her and gay shit like that but I know that's stupid and wouldn't fly, and probably not wise even if she were single unless I was actually planning on dating her which I'm not really interested in for other reasons.
My rule of thumb thus far has been don't do anything that I wouldn't do with bf right there, but I'm not sure that's enough. Ultimately a man and a woman become one flesh, and they should be closer to each other than anyone else in the world. I really don't want to cause any complication in that, and I would rather drop our close friendship than cause any instability in their relationship.
This is all autistic and dumb, almost as dumb as using an imageboard for a therapy session but that's what these threads are. I wonder why the mods allow them here on /lit/ of all places.

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I am in the worst state of depression that I have experienced up to this point. Nothing interests me, I have not the drive to cultivate any talent, I have no job, I have dropped out of school, I have no idea how I am going to continue to exist without the source of income that I will never have for the above mentioned reasons. I am completely lost.

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Oh anon, this gives me great pain.

I know someone who's fallen in the same hole

I will tell you that the internet will not help you, and that if you truly want to get better you're going to have to change your lifestyle.

My best advice I think is to practice self forgiveness and not catastrophize your emotions. You aren't "a failure," you're struggling emotionally. You don't "just want to die already," you're depressed. You won't "never succeed," you just don't really know what to do right now.

I can't give you the path forward, but I can tell you that you have to fight anxiety and depression, and you have to fight it until you can at least hold down a simple job, something that gives you a bit of structure and gets you out of your head and into the real world.

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I've studied math, literature, and philosophy. I have published work in Economics. I have many ideas about the world and want to talk about them and study more. I want to be a man of renown, not a famous thinker or anything really, but a good and true man..

But the universities are a racket. My country is being torn apart ideologically. I feel lost in what I can control and my ability to exert any change on my situation. Nothing feels worthwhile, nothing feels genuine, nothing feels tangible. I feel lost and disheartened. I feel scared.

I think about my childhood and how simple every belief was. How you were told that "this is the way the world is" and you believed it. I know that is never how things ever truly were but boy would it be nice to have some guidance right now.

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I have been pursuing pharmaceutical and therapeutic treatment so far. I have a CBT assessment booked soon. I am taking steps to get better. I just lapse into very dark moods, a lot of the time in the evening or at night. I have a poor sleep schedule which I know contributes to my poor mood, but that is very hard to change too.

I appreciate your advice. I am trying. It is just all very difficult and I feel like I suffer setbacks daily.

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I want to have a long talk with a SWERF. I've been thinking about it recently and I think they've got some solid points.

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I've seen it happen to others before, and they're all at least semi-functional now, so I have faith in you. Try not to lose hope, even when it's hard.

I'm tearing up a little right now because I'm a sentimental fool, but I seriously wish you luck. I hope you find something that works for you.

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It really hit me when I stopped trusting intellectuals themselves. They were the last "barrier" and finally I was left out in the cold.

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I am trying. Thank you.

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Just commiserating with the anons complaining about the concentration of off-topic threads in here lately. If the faggots who post that politically-charged race-baiting shit here want to argue about politics or call everyone niggers they should go back to /pol/.

After learning Russian and living in the Russian-speaking world for a while and coming back to my (western) country I feel like my worldview has been warped in a way that prevents me from relating to people in a way I may have been able to a few years ago, even certain friends/former friends. I finished University and am looking at starting a career (living the NEET life for now) but it's hard for me to find meaning in a lot of the stuff I used to and life seems so generally banal and farcical. Maybe once I start a career I'll find some kind of meaningful direction.

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Dedicate your life to overthrowing the Western hegemon and liberating your friends and family from the evils of the money god.

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I took the best fucking shit of my life today. I woke up at about 12, so I decided to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch, except I wasn't that hungry so I got some roasted salted peanuts to snack on. I don't know how, but I ended up eating 500g of peanuts in one sitting (I'm bulking though so it's not too bad, good macro balance).

I felt bloated straight after so I lied down on the sofa and watched some powerlifting comp videos. Got bored and took my dog on a walk. We were walking for about fifteen minutes and my stomach started to fucking shake. I literally ran home dragging my poor pooch behind me on the leash, when I sat on the toilet my sphincter made that sputtering sound like a deflating balloon. I was on the toilet for about ten minutes because every time I got up to wipe my ass I felt the urge to sit down again and, lo, behold, more shit came out, and it was that soft, easygoing shit like mashed potato with tapered ends on each end of the log. The smell in the bathroom was fucking terrible, but my brain associated it with intense relief, so I didn't open any windows or anything, just sat in my own filth like I was coming down from an orgasm after two weeks of NoFap. I used half a roll of toilet paper to wipe my ass and I had to stop myself so many times from the urge to pick up my turd and fondle it out of disgusting curiosity.