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When does it get good?

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I bet you read for the plot

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Just about the second half of the novel.

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>not reading for plot

might as well just piece together scrabble tiles until you reproduce the works of Shakespeare

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>reading Shakespeare for the plot

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The plot isn't the only thing that matters but to act like the plot isn't important is stupid. That being said, Crime and Punishment has a good plot.

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The last 50 pages or so. But if you aren't attached to the main character at this point, the ending probably won't mean anything to you.

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Fuck you all I liked C&P's plot.

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You too.

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I liked it since the beginning. It felt cozy, being a poor student certainly help.

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I claim that the instantiation of a plot within a linguistic framework is inherently traumatic - to interpose a human component upon an arrangement of words results in anxiety. We are seeing this in a great many works of 21st century which contain style without events, without interaction of characters, and so on and so on. This Lacan called "symbolic desertification" - the plot element passes from the real space to the symbolic space, to the absence of space. We are not in space. I claim it is the same with fist-fucking.

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if you did not see the brilliance of the novel within the first 2 passages, you are hopeless. Stop reading it.
Try Moby Dick or Harry Potter

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Don't mock the sniff man.

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Dostoevsky is popular with Anglos precisely because of padding, "the proooooose", shitty empty irony, milky amor fati, etc.

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shit gets lit near the end bro

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Man this book was so mentally taxing and hard to read; I couldn't stand the negativity and bleakness

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Men who can't relate to the character's lack of sexual impulses will have a hard time with this book.

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Stop reading it man. I loved every moment of that book. you need to read something else.

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No. it's his understanding of the human condition.

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If you're less than halfway in, give it 20 more pages and decide. If you're over halfway, consider reading Dan Brown.

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For me it became good from page 1 onwards

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Why did you love it? I appreciated it but can't love it. I'm this guy>>11998811

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Idk but I read the first 5 pages of Notes and thought the guy sounded like a fucking faggot.
Fucking nerds haha, I'm just going to go read the thief of always or something.

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Which is the best translation?

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it was the most real thing I have read.

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I'm reading it too right now and all I,m thinking is why the fuck are people borrowing money every 2 pages in every Russian novels I ever read.

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Can someone help me with this?

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People generally recommend McDuff. I've read the new Oliver ready and it's also good

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Thanks man. If you had to choose between Garnett and McDuff, which one would you suggest?

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When he goes into the bar and talks to Marmeladov

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Also, would you suggest McDuff for every Dostoyevsky in general?

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McDuff. Garnett is too old and takes too many liberties
Yeah that's the consensus.

You should search this up on some archive that's where I got it from

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Thank you.

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P&V is superior

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the second epilogue

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Just finished the second part.

All it does so far is make me wonder if I am a total brainlet because I am now blown away by the genius of the ideas put forward by the author, because that's how it was sold to me. Either I am retarded and do not "get" it, or there aren't anything crazy yet, either way it remains enjoyable. Maybe I'm just a psychopath.

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Such as?

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>If a monkey types on a typewriter for eternity, eventually it will reproduce the works of Shakespeare...

Read "Arcadia" by Tom Stoppard

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If you weren’t moved by the horse killing scene then you’re not ready for Dostoevsky, come back when you are older

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The thing I liked most about this book is it made me feel like i was really there and that rascallz going nuts and constantly passing out was amusing. Page by page it was very well written.

I the whole haymarket whore thing is kind of lost on me, I don't see it as a big epiphany, but i read it by myself on my own time so i didn't have some teacher tell me what it means

The professor at my college I respected the most always talked about the brother's karmazov and I need to read that but it's fucking long

People always talk about his books being some eye opening philocphical relevation but I just don't see that when I read it.

Anyway to answer your question OP I have been watching game of thrones and episode to episode it's some of the best if not the best TV i have ever seen. I know they can never wrap up all the storylines in what is left to be released but I will still watch it all again someday

C&P is like that

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>But if you aren't attached to the main character at this point, the ending probably won't mean anything to you.
I am this guy: >>12002629

I think that is what happened to me, he's a HUGE faggot. I mean huge. The balls to kill 2 people an rob them but does nothing but bitch and moan and blackout from it.

To me it was just a longer more intricate and better written for an older reader version of "Catcher in the Rye"

Holden was the biggest faggot in all of literature

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>All it does so far is make me wonder if I am a total brainlet because I am now blown away by the genius of the ideas put forward by the author, because that's how it was sold to me. Either I am retarded and do not "get" it

I feel the same about Shakespeare

>two rich emo teenages an hero because of daddy drama


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Name a popular book better than this one written in the last 15 years

Protip: you can't

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