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God I feel so empty. Go to class, read, go to cafe, read, nap, then read more. Some days replace read with write. If I were a monk in an isolated monastery this would be great, but in class and cafes there are always qts distracting me and demoralizing my mood. My room is a sort of refuge, but I feel lonely and isolated after a while and lose motivation to read. Thats when I usually drink a couple of whiskeys but then I can't concentrate as well.

Currently its Sunday and I'm drinking coffee at my favorite cafe. I'm reading Harold Bloom's book on the Western Canon. I always thought that Princeton was the most literary University in America because of Fitzgerald. But honestly, I should have went to Yale instead. If I went there I could take classes and learn from Harold Bloom himself. Instead I am here trying to ignore qts by reading his book.

Once I finish this cup of coffee, I think I'll go hope and have my regular afternoon nap.

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>If I were a monk in an isolated monastery this would be great
My eyes are watering because I desire this so much right now.

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Fuck outta here privileged whiteboi, this is our board now.

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the absolute state of privileged white people

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Good news, monasteries have visiting workers programs because most of them can’t do physical labor or just dying. The average age of monks is like 50+

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Education isn't worth being this miserable the world is probably not going to last much longer due to natural disasters.

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the rest of the world is privileged that we exist m8. you are welcome for modernity you ungrateful fucks

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Aww look guys, it's trying to communicate with us.

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try to live without things invented by white men, good luck.

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You are not welcome here.

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Ive undoubtedly posted on this board longer than you have. If racism and sexism scare you there is an entire coddled internet out there for you. Basically everywhere you go you can have your hugbox of goodthink, just fuck off.

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You fell for the USNWR rankings, retard. Yale is as has always been the tippy top tier for literature. I think you should an hero

(Good taste on your book, hope you finish it and are able to resist temptation from thots)

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don't feed the troll retart

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all non-whites can do is complain about white people. truth is white people, white men in particular, because white women are self-destructing subhuman trash, are the most masculine demographic on the planet. white people have monopolized war, and will continue to do so until the men from lesser races stop being so fucking effeminate.

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Kill yourself you NPC piece of shit, you’re merely a guest in my country. Know your place.

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Thought I should post here. I’m looking to transfer from my uni to either UF or FSU to study philosophy. Going through the departments it seems FSU has better professors and a more rigorous program, but as a university UF is more highly regarded.

Inb4 >state school. I’m not trying to fuck myself by getting in more than $15k in debt.

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What are you planning on using the philosophy major on? Law school? PhD? I’m reading philosophy on my own, now that I have a cushy 6 figure job at age 27. Majoring in Phil would have been a mistake for me, little gain

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You should try and enhance your prose, OP. If I may ask, how often are you reading?

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Join a monestary. Nothing is stopping you.

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Afterwards I’ll join the military to get the GI Bill for my masters. After I’ll see if I want a PhD or a JD and will get either by going to a yellow ribbon school that lets veterans attend for free.

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You sound like a gigantic faggot, OP. Gayer than gay. I hope that you now exist with the knowledge of how queer you truly are always at the forefront of your mind, you colossal homo.