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>Teenagehood is thinking the crime in pic related is a man killing an old lady.
>Adulthood is realising the real crime is a man lusting after his sister using a prostitute as a proxy

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joke's on you I never read it as a teen or an adult

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I don't remember Raskolnikov lusting after his sister wtf

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Oh okay I can see where you're coming from. Him being opposed to the marriage of his sister?

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It's just OP projecting his own fantasies onto the book. Pay no mind

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The real crime was submitting to religion

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I hadn’t thought of it this way. How very Freudian. Although, to be fair, what’s his face wasn’t exactly a great guy, I could understand anyone being opposed to such a marriage without some sort of Freudian dynamic taking place. Interesting theory but I’m not convinced

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yeah me neither. Didn't even cross my mind until this thread. For me it was always about pride and not wanting his sister to sacrifice herself for him

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> unironically being an atheist in 2018

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There is no crime, all are based expressions of the will to power.

Reminder to fuck your sister and kill your grandmother.

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Why do you think he takes issue with Sonya marrying Lujin? Why do you think he immediately assumes she is only marrying the guy because of HIM? To help HIM? That she is sacrificing her beauty, youth and naiveté for Raskolnikov, the lovely brother?

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He opposed the marriage just after reading his mom's letter, long before he actually met Luzhin and confirmed he was a terrible person. We can also draw parallels between Sonya and Dounia.

In the beginning of the novel we learn Sonya had been defamed by her boss's wife, Marfa Petrovna. Later in the book, Luzhin says Raskolnikov was seen with a lady of "notorious behavior", referring to Sonya's prostitution. Raskolnikov immediately defends Mermaladov's daughter and sees that she only became a prostitute to help her family, the same way Dounia is "selling herself" to Luzhin in order to get some money for her own family. Both ladies are poor and are getting involved with awful men for selfless reasons. As a matter of fact, it is reasonable to think Raskolnikov used Sonya as a proxy because she was actually ashamed of her whore behavior (that is, she was aware that she was doing something immoral; this is in contrast to Raskolnikov's justification of killing the old lady and Dounia's justification for marrying Luzhin).

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>uncritically accepting the magic story your parents taught you as a child
why haven't you accepted the true religion, Hinduism, and accepted Shiva and Vishnu into your life?

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Fuck, OP. I feel like you are trolling but at the same time this interpretation doesn't seem to be too far fetched.

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He was just a garden-variety narcissist. That's why he had no compunction about killing that lady initially

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Very retarded, nice.

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Why retarded?

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you are so enlightened anon

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just pursuing Moksha, friend

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>being atheist
>the year of our lord and savior jesus christ of 2018


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>you're an atheist if you don't believe in a religion

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>believing the possibility of the Divine outside religion and communion
>he thinks there can be a private belief in the Divine

A-anon, I'm so sorry...

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Because the guys a creep with some money and his sister is doing it to pay for his uni fees so he can get an actual job. Is this complicated?

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In your opinion, was Svidrigailov a bad person?

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He fucking raped a child

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