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was there any philosopher/writer who spoke against the ridiculous society morals and wrote in favour of incestual relations?
by that, i only mean sex and not baby making.

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This sounds great!

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Degenerate Foucault and his goons started a campaign to have sex with children. Is that close enough?

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i mean, if you can give your sister a peck on cheeks and lips, maybe you can slip bit of tongue in too.
whats the argument against it without going
>hurr durr, its immoral

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Sigmund Freud invented incest

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not being a subhuman

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who are you to define what is a subhuman?
not an argument m8
also, imagine ur sister looked like pic related

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in the dustbin it goes

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who are you to define what isn't? your disgusting fetishes aren't axiomatic you pseud fuck

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i am just saying these are not arguments
>its immoral
>its subhuman behaviour

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>i mean, if you can give your sister a peck on cheeks and lips, maybe you can slip bit of tongue in too.

lol and you think this is?

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how are the imaginary boundaries decided and the logic behind it?
thats the question and needs to be dissected

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intrinsic identifiability. once again, not being a subhuman. like trying to explain color to a blind man. you worship femininity and fantasize about incest porn scenarios because you're a slave to your cock. and are sitting here on a literature board trying to philosophically justify good feelies in your willie. get a grip. it's always the fatties who question the legitimacy of healthy eating and exercise. stop.

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i am just saying these are not arguments
>its whatever, bro
>its relative, yo

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Based and redpilled

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There are biological inhibitions, one being able to recognise one's siblings by scent and innately not being sexually attracted to them. Sex and baby-making are the same thing outside of subversive social modification.

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>was there any philosopher/writer who spoke against the ridiculous society morals and wrote in favour of incestual relations?
>by that, i only mean sex and not baby making.
Ask a jew. They tolerate incest until the boy has reached a certain age.

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sexual intercourse is immoral and beauty is a chimera; man is a thing to be overcome

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again, you are addressing my degeneracy and trying to deflect the real issue.
suppose a brother and her sister, both adults, want to exchange salivas? why is it supposed to be immoral?

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you're hopeless. fetishposters should be gassed

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Incest is evil because it subverts the normal functioning of the family and places all family relationships into a potential sexual sphere. Consider all the abuse and harm (physical and psychological) this would engender, especially to children.

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are you trying to imply that the creature in your pic is attractive?

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>an adult boy and an adult girl cannot get sensual and lewd with each other, just because they happen to pop out of same vaginas
talk about absurd

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>she is not attractive
trying hard to be contrarian

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The repulsion of X was necessary to ancient man, and it still is necessary as certainty of something to have no contamination is impossible, even in Utopia: An Ethos is to never do something that could cause harm to both you and others, even if the likelihood of harm the first time is practically impossible; do something once and you will do it again, two times become three and for every additional time the chance of harm increases exponentially—pleasurable harmlessness causes habit, habit breeds leniency, and leniency deteriorates the rules that made the act harmless (the purpose of ethics). We make a habit out of everything, to always account for everything is impossible.

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>an adult man and a young boy cannot get sensual and lewd with each other, just because there's an age difference

>dude trivializing statements lmao


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The way you're phrasing this, simply as two adults in an isolated case, is dishonest and not representative of what would actually be occurring if incest were normalized.

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poor symmetry
poor balance of features
they don't match with each-other

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again, its like the euthanasia debate. we are talking ideal scenario where person's will be executed and his family members wont hurry up his death.
same here, its a philosophical and moral question. why a brother and a sister smooching rustles the feathers?

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retarded babies

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>by that, i only mean sex and not baby making.
i already said it in OP.
there are ways to avoid pregnancy.

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You have good taste in women and fetishes OP, keep it up

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i have literally never seen anyone making decent case against incest
they just keep recycling these:
>its immoral, subhuman
>retarded babies
in 2018, you can change your sex, you can cheat on ur spouse, men can fuck men, you can execute fantasies like cuckshit and stuff.
but hell, if you want to spoon your sister.

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abusing procreation for base pleasure is despicable. only a person convinced of his own worthlessness, who sees his own mind and body as garbage to be consumed by fire would consider such reckless hedonism as a sensible mode of life.

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It is evil because it is evil. There are rules of nature that are axioms of our world and can simply not be debated or subverted. Why is murder bad, why is rape and necrophilia bad? Some things are wrong by nature and that can't be changed if you think really hard about them anon. You know it's true even if you try to type some sophisticated argument against it. You can't debate the laws of our world.
[also pretty good taste in girls desu]

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read the other post

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>muh rape and murder
they are bad because you are infringing on someone's honour, rights and dignity.
In consensual incest relationship, two willing adults who want to express their love cant be stopped by some mere tags of brother and sister.

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>Abusing procreation for base pleasure
sure, everyone is using sex for baby making

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Bataille - My Mother is kinda close

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The creation of a child is a natural process which takes place when a man is unable to contain himself and overcome his own nature. The child is then born, inheriting his father's predicament, and if he too, fails and succumbs to the woman, then the cycle continues.
Using contraception is not only to favor lust over consciousness, but to sabotage the natural process of procreation; it is the suicide not only of oneself in the act of coitus, which also includes the degradation of the woman, but an attack on life itself (hence "contra-ception"); it is not only an abject failure but an assertion of pure evil. To fornicate with one's sister is to degrade something very close to oneself, it is almost like having sex with oneself in female form, and this is no more than a falling into internal hellfire.

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society wants you to follow a certain, predictable path.
incest is not allowed because it might allow certain enlightened people to explore and dive into powerfull passion and emotions, which the society wont be able to control.
Society wants to control the individual, confuse him and throw him in mental disarray.

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>to fornicate with one's sister is to degrade something very close to oneself
a brother and his sister engaging in consensual sexual relationship will be the ultimate bonding m8. nothing degrading about it.

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also, i will be off soon. wanted to say this before going:
real issue is people have already assumed that consensual incest is wrong and they then make arguments around it.
people need to change their reference and see the issue without bias.

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unironically stirner

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I thought Freud was all about that weird Hegelian self-consciousness learning about itself through other self-consciousness (father,mother)

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Who is stopping you?

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the fact that i dont have a sister

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Can't believe she's still this hot soon to be 40.

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>tfw havent even mentioned the supreme mom-son love yet

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>i only mean sex and not baby making
Sure US of A has a lacking sex ed, specially the places you are from, but you do realise that one can lead to the other despite all protection; and that most philosophers lived in a time where it was much, much, much more likely, yeah?

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if condoms fail, then there are pills.
if pills fail, there is abortion.
its a problem with any couple engaging in sex. not big of a reason to prevent the incest couples.

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