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>Tfw you watch The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence and realize that Dostoyevsky was completely wrong

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Except he was talking about russian christian society not SEA society.

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lol no

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Psychologically speaking, pre-meditated murder of an individual for personal gain does not equal state sanctioned and/or political killings. Dostoevsky himself called for what amounted to a genocide of the turks and said Russians should feel no pity in killing them.

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>Dostoevsky himself called for what amounted to a genocide of the turks and said Russians should feel no pity in killing them.

FUCCING.... based?

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C&P really isn't reflective of the real world. It's imaginary make believe of dumbasses who think violence and people is more logical than it actually is. The ending is fucking ridiculous, easily Dostos weakest book.

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What do you think Dostoevsky believes? In The House of the Dead, he talks about how no criminals react to their crime in the same way. Some feel immense guilt, others delight in their actions or treat them with complete indifference. A number of Dostoevsky's books feature stone sociopaths of the latter camp (e.g., Pyotr Verkhovensky, Prince Valkovsky). He was not presenting Raskolnikov as a representative of all of humanity.

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This. Murder refers to in-group killing for personal gain, Universalist brainlets.

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this. op retarded. read house of the dead. some fascinating character portraits and astute psychology.

anyway, semi-related:
>During the dying days of the Soviet Union Vyacheslav was a 29-year-old prosecutor in the Smolensk region of Russia and, by his own admission, had almost God-like powers over the locals.
>One day, overcome with boredom, he stabbed to death two women he barely knew because he wanted to know how it felt to kill.
>"I took a knife, killed a book-keeper and a cashier and stole their money. I didn't need the money, but I needed to feel again. I was bored with my life. You've read Dostoyevsky? Maybe you understand," said Vyacheslav, now a 46-year-old balding man with a squint and wire-rimmed glasses.
>Vyacheslav was sentenced to death. The day he was to be shot by firing squad a prison official came to the execution cell and told him his life would be spared. Russia had decided to instate a moratorium on all executions.
>He said: "I expected the executioner and instead Jesus Christ came. Since then I have prayed to God every day. I thank Him for the sun, the sky, life and our bread."

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russians are subhuman vermin, what else is new

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I met Joshua Oppenheimer when he did a masterclass at a local film festival in my area. Got his autograph because I'm an aspie nerd. He seems like a humble guy but it's still intimidating to meet a double Oscar nominee.

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Did he actually advocate for that ?

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You seem to be as smart as Kropotkin, as he also praised Dostoevsky's talent in *portraying the origins of the crime*. kek

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