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Im edging on nihilism and want to revert fast, possibly find deeper meaning in ”things”

Where to begin?

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Hotel Concierge

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Just because you're a nihilist doesn't mean you couldn't find a meaning in things. The meaning just has to come from within: the world isn't going to offer you any.

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Your local whorehouse. After that, visit a few restaurants and indulge yourself. Hedonism is the way to go.

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I find that photo genuinely adorably. All the more so because the groom is hapa and not the bride.

I see all the problems with conflict between racial groups in the U. S.

Is intermarriage not part of the solution?

I'm not talking about getting rid of white people. I'm talking about blending of all kinds. I suppose that may reduce the number of "pure" white people, but the number of white-looking people, and even culturally white or white-ish (for lack of a better term) need not be diminished in this blending.

Plus, there might be more heterozygous genomes that way, which are sometimes advantageous.

Does this make me an SJW?

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cute image

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>inb4 The Bible

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>Just because you're a nihilist doesn't mean you couldn't find a meaning in things
only if you ignore the definition of nihilism

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>jewing this hard

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Somewhere around the third line my mind started to involuntarily read this in Woody Allen's voice

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That's existentialism.

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How's high school?

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Give it up, Goldstein.

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But that's wrong.

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good post

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lol who cares about what’s wrong or not

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But I'm not a nihilist.

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I'll cut off your Johnson, dude. I care about nothing.

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Well, what’s the meaning of life then, faggot?

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Wait a minute this doesn't make sense.
>Black conquers white
>White conquers Asian
Here we see that by the transitive property, Black>White>Asian, yet...
>Happa conquers Mulatto
How can one that is halfway between White and Asian conquer on that is halfway between Black and White? Jog the ole noggin

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To live?

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"Pure" white people already only exist in scandinavian villages.

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Maybe race autism was just autism all this time

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this almost made me a theist, and I've always been an atheist, have zero religious upbringing
I'm leaning on deism/mysticism or pandeism/neoplatonism/soul of the world/Cosmic Consciousness

if you're too retarded for a 50min video skip to 42 minutes

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Sounds bretty nihilistic desu.

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Wow, whoda thunk it...

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Maybe the real conquerors are the mutts we made along the way

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Am I racist if I think that interracial relationships are fine except when it comes to blacks?

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Hating, fearing struggle, makes you a leftist.
Nothing wrong with race war.

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>tfw i've been an atheist since I was 14 but cried looking at an icon of the virgin mary last week
what does this mean?

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Why do you think its not fine for them?

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aestheticism for the highest values

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I wonder who could be behind this post?

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Not if you have a career that you believe in, a family whose love you believe in, and hobbies that you practice with passion until you believe in your abilities. The only point to life in general is to live, survive, and hopefully thrive. It's as simple as that and anything more complicated is falling into mental illness. It's about the immediate goals that the individual can grasp within his reach that must be believed based entirely on each goals own individuality contrasted with your own. Philosophy has no answers to life, only confusion to add to its beautiful simplicity, writing by angry little autistic nerds who never got a text back from Veronica so they had to take it out on the rest of humanity by writing endless volumes on how there's no meaning to life and that Chad is a dick and Veronica is a bitch because I got shorted on the genetic lottery. Just go clean your goddamn room already, bucko.

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I have a base and sort of shameful disgust for some of the them. I don't like the way they look, talk, or think. I have nothing against any other group of people, just them. I wouldn't have an issue marrying a woman of any other race.

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Sounds like you’re just autistic

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No, it must have something to do with the dynamics of the mixing process. Happas are essentially Turks whereas Mulattoes are more similar to Arabs, and we all know that Turks conquer Arabs.

But this picture illustrates that mutts can only mate with other mutts, while normal people mate with other normal people. I don't think you're much of a conqueror if you can only conquer mutts.

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Still you said some of them.

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Nihilism is a symptom of our culture's need to separate everything into what is objectively true - and thus meaningful - and what isn't. But we have no access to objective truth, nor any reason to think it exists. The past is a series of literally imagined events - since you experience the world through mental sense experiences - that give your present perceptions context and thus meaning. It's a myth. The future is similar; you assume things will unfold logically so that your present events have context - the closer the imagined future, the more certain you think it, but it is just another myth. And if the past and the future are myths, and the present is infinitely fleeting, given that the past has always just passed and the future is always just about the arrive, the vast majority of our experience of the world is a myth we tell ourselves to give our lives context and meaning. So why not allow brilliant fiction, religious myths, sacrifice and love to give your life meaning?
You might say that our mythical experience of the world is more truthful than a religious myth because our experiences correspond to those of others - there's a consensus reality which implies an objective, true, world independent of myth. But that is just a theory, for which there's no evidence - another myth we can choose to live by or not.
The rejection of the objective world may close the door to objective truth, but it opens the door to meaning.

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There was something transcendentally true about the icon. It was meaningful in a way that can't be linguistically formulated.

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Still sounds like nihilism, maybe with some spicy spooks this time.

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So we should choose selfdeceit over lack of meaning? That sounds weak

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>The rejection of the objective world may close the door to objective truth, but it opens the door to schizophrenia
FTFY. Holy shit, you are fucked up, kid. Postmodernism at its worst.

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>I'm leaning on deism/mysticism or pandeism/neoplatonism/soul of the world/Cosmic Consciousness

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kek'd out loud. Thanks.

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>But we have no access to objective truth, nor any reason to think it exists.
It is an objective truth that if you jump out of a high building, you will most likely fall to your death. Feel free to refute this truth whenever you feel like making a post.

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You can call it whatever you like, anon, but the less you call it and the more you do it, the more happiness will come your way. There is no one philosophy to rule them all. That's just mental masturbation and arbitrary battles of ego. The only meanings of substance to be found in this world are those that hold meaning to you on a personal basis. Nihilism is just a word. Words are playthings with little individual substance on their own. The more words you use, the more meaning you'll create for yourself, but if that's not your bag, then godspeed

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>Eternal reccurence of the brainlet

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t. shlomo
>no one is white anymore goy! inter marry all you want, we're all mixed anyway

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Just jump my dude, the future is only in your head anyway :^)

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Poor interpretations.

Why would I refute that?

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Physics is just a spook, bro. How can anything be real with nothing has any meaning? My belief in meaninglessness has negated reality. Not even these delicious hotpockets I'm munching on and this dank weed I'm toking up are real, man. They're just a projection of my hologramic disbelief in objectivity, because I chose hedonism, hedonism didn't choose me, or maybe it was hedonism that projected me out of its own nonexistence, or maybe it's the hotpocket that is projecting me. Life as a spook, man. So much meaninglessness, so little existence of the nonexistent "space-time contiuum" *hits the bong*

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Kek, this fucking guy. Anyone who believes in reality is a brainlet

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Fistful of Benadryl

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This, but unironically.

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Who hurt you, anon?

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me no like some black that why when they in interracial relationship it bad

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The fundamental structures of our reality are time and space. Think of these as the walls, stage, ceiling, curtains, rafters, etc of a theatre that all of humanity is sitting in. Now, for all of human history, we have tried to think our way outside of this structure to see what's outside of the theatre in the real world. Where were we before we were born? Where do we go when we die? Who created the universe? Why did they create it? Do we have souls? And so on. Priests, philosophers, and thinkers have tried to answer these questions forever, they've tried to show us the way out of the theatre into the real world that lies outside of the structures we reside within. But time and time again, we come to realize that the priest who led us outside of the theatre didn't actually lead us anywhere, all he did was put on a play in front of us, the audience, about what he thinks the outside is like. And so we shake our heads and decide to follow another man who claims to know how to get outside the theatre, but the same thing happens.

And this continues on, until we get to the Enlightenment. Here, we looked back on the history of all of the plays we've ever put on, all of the plays we falsely thought (at the time) were leading us outside the theatre, and we (read: Kant) came to a conclusion: every time someone tries to lead us outside the theatre to see what's beyond our governing structures, it turns out to have just been a play the entire time, and in fact we were just sitting in our seats having never left. So where does this leave us? Philosophy (read: Nietzsche) came to two final options:

1) We can stop trying to leave the theatre altogether (since it always just turns out to be a play) and sit here in the theatre watching paint dry since the plays were all lies


2) We can us this knowledge to spend our time in this theatre putting on the most terrifyingly grand plays ever put on


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Either way we're trapped in the theatre, so why not put on plays? The only thing worse than being trapped in a theatre watching plays while wondering whats outside for your entire life is being trapped in a theatre doing nothing while wondering whats outside for your entire life. And hey, maybe if you're up to it you don't just have to watch the plays, maybe you can take part in one yourself, maybe you can even create one yourself. Now, if you're familiar at all with Nietzsche, you'll realize that 1 is the path of the Last Men, while 2 is the path of the Overman. The Last Man is faced with the fact that the plays were all lies and he decides that we should never put another one on again. The Overman is faced with this fact and he realizes that even despite the fact that it was all just a play, for the audience at the time it was much more than that. The audience in the middle of a play honestly thought they had been led outside, and they lived their entire lives as if they had. But why make a play about leading people outside? Once your recognize the power plays have and realize that they are, in fact just plays, you no longer have to make them about leading people outside. You can make the most fantastical, creative, amazing plays ever created because you're free of trying to constantly get outside the theatre. You can make plays that are even better and more entertaining than whatever is actually outside the theatre. After all, why would you come to a theatre in the first place if not to be entertained?

I hope that clears things up.


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>The fundamental structures of our reality are time and space.

False. Not a strong start.

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Descriptive ethics shows that our moral beliefs are mostly a matter of taste

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Unironically great posts

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aren't me.
I don't know what the meaning of life is, but I'm not a nihilist. Nihilism always seemed like a mental illness to me.

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Anon, I love these posts you’ve written. I am not OP but I’d like to ask you for sauce. Where did you read the metaphor of religions being plays and reality a theatre? Really grateful for your thoughts. You are chemo

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Nick Land uses it briefly to describe Kant in an interview and I extended it to describe Nietzsche.

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Fucking hell lads, this is literally me.
Should I get my doctor to check it out?

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nah just walk it off

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>Nick Land uses it briefly to describe Kant in an interview and I extended it to describe Nietzsche

Which interview my lad? Got a sausage link

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kill yourself, chantard

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Shalom rabbi

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Philosophy might be the most retarded of all of man's inventions, and nihilism the most retarded of all the philosophies. Thank god for science and the arts.
These posts are a perfect example of why philosophy is utter trash. He's just rambling about how life is about living or not living in the most convoluted, miserable way possible. Philosophy is mental illness.

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