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Tell the truth, no one surprased these guys in terms of using the mind to put established reality in a corner

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freud was an idiot lol

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Ixnay Freud, add Plato, Aristotle, Hume, Newton/Leibniz, Euler, Cantor, Darwin, Pasteur, Einstein, and Heisenberg.

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>the state of /lit/

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Freud more like pseud lmao

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that patrick rothfuss on the right?? i love name of the wind

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why all the hate for freud tho?

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They essentially paved the path to post-modernity.

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Cos i want to fuck him obviously ahaa

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>using the mind to put established reality in a corner
Marx' whole point was that reality shapes the mind.

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unsolved father conflicts

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read mcluhan desu

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>my bait is so funny
>haha they sure took my bait time to post my funny picture

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>me posting green
>me so clever

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No, you idiot. That's Orson Wells.

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Hume, Kant, Einstein... lots of people challenged conventional knowledge more effectively, but their content wasn't as easy to digest and be apropriated by pseuds like the products of those three in your pic.

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people shit on me for liking him, what does /lit/ think of him?

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I would like to include pic related in the same category

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They're 15yo summerfags

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only people I have seen hate Freud in real life have been blue-haired faggots who smugly talk about how he was "unscientific" and can't name any of his core concepts. Try explaining death drive and watch heads spin.

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>to put established reality in a corner
What the fuck are you talking about? Nietzsche is the opposite of that and spent his life showing how everyone ELSE was doing that.

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>spent his life showing how everyone ELSE was doing that

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In Nietzsche's case, that image is 100% the case.

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You're projecting your delusions of grandeur onto an overrated rhetorician. Name one thing he was right about. Pro tip: you can't.

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because no one actually read him

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>You're projecting your delusions of grandeur onto an overrated rhetorician.
If you say so, kid.

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See? You've got nothing.

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you get nothing! YOU LOSE! good day sir

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