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Just finished this. Not sure if it was worth the read. I give it a 3.5/5 for the time being


>inb4 Judenstein

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All vitriol toward the author aside, you're the one who just finished the book, OP. What are YOUR thoughts?

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It is a very unique work, just incredibly dense and repetitive. There are some really good portions of it but there are also lengthy slogs... It presents an interesting interpretive schema to view stories/religion/myth through that gets very personal with the author and draws on a very wide variety of works from great authors/thinkers to support his beliefs. I don't think it's a must-read or even a should-read for 95% of people, but I'm glad that I read it.

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>somebody on /lit/ actually knuckled down and read Maps of Meaning

Well, fuck, I'm pretty impressed, OP.

I have to ask: now that you've actually read a genuine, scholarly work of his (unlike the cashgrab that is 12 Rules For Life), what do you think of Peterson generally, and the strange following he's amassed?

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it's a classroom textbook, OP I hope you didn't buy it...

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>I'm pretty impressed
Even Cliff has read it!

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Care to say more OP? The whole board is watching...

This is basically a work that claims archetypes and ones inner voice of reason are the guiding poles of human life? And that there is something transcendent about that inner voice?

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I like him a lot. He sometimes says things that make you go, 'wat,' but he's a good person doing a pretty great thing for society. He helped my junkie friend get his shit together, and he's helped me make some positive changes in my life.

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I wouldn't say that's exactly what he's saying. He's just saying that archetypes communicate to us things that predate recorded history, and hold the most precious information of our ancestors, etc. There wasn't really anything about an 'inner voice,' unless you mean instinct (which he seems to make a claim is sociocultural).

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Which is essentially because folklore and especially religion were just an early form of science. They attempted to explain the world around them and those ideas stuck around because they worked pretty well. It's really no surprise that now that we do understand the world better a lot of the lessons from stories turn out to be true, even if their methods of reaching those truths are completely fantastical.

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It's not a philosophy book

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I honestly think yourenkne of the few people here who's actually read it. I like Peterson enough that I thought about doing so myself but kudos to you for actually going through with it.

My question to you is kind of a two parter.
Have you followed petersons going-ins recently, and if so, how do his ideas stack up to what he said in maps of meaning? Do you think that hes remained true to what he said in the book or do you think hes changed some of his ideas to make it more appealing to a commercial audience? Or if his ideas have changed, do you think they were in a way that might be interpreted as him trying to cash in on current political polarization?

Just your thoughts would be nice.

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Garbage cover design desu.

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he made it himself! And you can have it on a rug for the low price of only $5k too

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1. He's condensed the ideas from the book but largely stayed true to the principles. There's no inherent contradictions, if that's what you mean. What he talks about in interviews and the new book is largely more accessible for the public, but the ideas are the same.

2. Money is not why Peterson is doing this. His content is free, he was already making plenty of money, his kids are grown and receive their own income, he's put hundreds of hours of high cost lectures on YT, etc.

JP is probably the least money-grabbing of the new-age public intellectuals, and he rivals Sam Harris in sincerity. Whether his message is really pertinent to everyone is up for discussion, but I admire him a lot.

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dont forget to pay him your beta bucks you cucks.

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I very much respect Peterson, but I can assure you that his meteoric rise was either catalyzed by a third party or sheer chance. Why? He has little to no grasp of how marketing and design drive consumer trends (Examples: his book design, his misunderstanding what drives YouTube viewership, his sub-par website design, his marginalized view of self-promotion). I believe in his message; but he's approaching it so inefficiently it makes me question his self-awareness.

t. branding and creative strategy innovation professional

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You ought to know that it's poor form to inb4 as OP.

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There's a reason /pol/ doesn't like him anymore.

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