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What are some interesting writings by prisoners who've been in for a long?

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Jean Genet
Marquis de Sade
Antonio Gramsci
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Oscar Wilde

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The Book of Revelations

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also Primo Levi and all the holocausted people

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You Can’t Win

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Mein Kampf

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lol imagine ejaculating on her tongue haha

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Prison Poems by Etheridge Knight. Not many black poets get posted on here but I highly recommend this man. Here's one of his on the experience called "Cell Song"

Night Music Slanted
Light strike the cave
of sleep. I alone
tread the red circle
and twist the space
with speech.

Come now, etherdige, don't
be a savior; take
your words and scrape
the sky, shake rain

on the desert, sprinkle
salt on the tail
of a girl,

can there anything
good come out of

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The House of the Dead
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

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Writings from Prison by Bobby Sands

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many Pauline Epistles

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Soul on Ice
In the Belly of the Beast
The Autobiography of Malcolm X

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Borstal Boy
Drugstore Cowboy

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The prison notes by Codreanu

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Jimmy Boyle

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This desu. This shit made me shed a tear when he is talking about how he just wants to go home to his wife and daughter. He is the greatest man of the 20th century no contest

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It’s Revelation, singular, you dumb tripfag

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Bakunin wrote a letter to the tsar explaining why he became a revolutionary: “the confession of mikhail bakunin.” I would also suggest John Kirikakou’s prison memoir, “doing time like a spy.” It is pretty graphic so be forewarned.

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Don't forget me, /lit/

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Jim Goad wrote some pretty gnarly stuff. Don't remember which book of his it is, but he's worth checking out if you want a book about someone's experience in prison

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What everyone in this thread is missing is that many of the "prison authors" in fact only spent a short stint there, less than a nickel (Hitler, Russell, and I'm sure others though I can't be fucked). Sade holds up in the sense that he actually did spend much of his life in prison, not so some of these others.

Also Ted K wrote all of his important stuff before apprehension so he also doesn't count toward the OP's question (which is admittedly grammatically incorrect and so slightly confusing but the meaning seems clear).

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Again, how long was he in? What'd he do? I'm not asking Google, I'm asking you by way of conversation.

I knew he was a hard-boiled egg but I didn't realize he'd done time.

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Memearrow Responding 2b8

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I forgot he went to prison. I remember reading his prior book .

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Gulag Archipelago

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Blacks sprinkle salt aka crack on women's tails aka asses. Degenerates.

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Based. Mods take notice.

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Agreed. Take them down.

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This is pretty good.

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Edward Bunker's Education of a Felon was interesting.

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Stop posting Jezebel Semen Demons

Mein Kampf

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