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What is some good Libertarian literature?

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the conquest of bread

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Riding the Tiger

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Gorilla Mindset

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Capitalism Ho! Fucking BASED man BASED. Commies absolutely BTFO , their rooms aren't CLEAN.

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>Get btfo out using facts, reason, and logic
>M-muh s-sarcasm! T-that'll s-save me!

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This but unironically

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eternal glory to the jewish bourgeois by shlomo shekelstein, phd

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Atlas Shrugged

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>ayn rand is a libertarian

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Hans Herman "Hippity Hoppity Property" Hoppe

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dumb kike worshippers

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This book cleared up a lot of things for me and helped me understand certain ideas better.
Also, anything by Mencken is always worth a read.

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Albert Jay Nock the OG libertarian

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Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom
The Revolution: A Manifesto
End The Fed

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The libertarian equivalent of the bible is By The People by Charles Murray, which is an objectively amazing book, and should be read by everybody.
Saying Yes by Jacob Sullum is the best one-volume treatment of American drug use. He also wrote an excellent critique of the movement to ban smoking, For Your Own Good.
Also check out Hazlitt's Economics In One Leson, and everything Thomas Sowell and Murray Rothbard ever wrote.

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The Road to Serfdom and The Federalist Papers

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The Talmud

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The Machinery of Freedom is likely the most sensible non-meme argument for an An-Cap style society out there. When I read the book for the first time I was struck with a sense of how far the concept has fallen to be associated nearly entirely with BDSM MLP furries.

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