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Is politics the stupid person's smart subject?

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Rick and Morty theories is the stupid person's smart subject.

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You're stupid if can't see what the real answer is

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Smart people are a spook

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>guzzling down news "stories" like a fucking child
normie dumb dumb
>reading psychological/sociological journals to establish a working theory in human interaction
above average
>employing aforementioned knowledge to leverage yourself into power socially and politically
god's chosen people smartness levels

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Political conversation that boils down to questions of what is good and evil is the stupid person's smart subject.

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also this

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Literally every political conversation boils down to this.

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Contemporary politics is

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fuuuuuuuuk you

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It's all a scam. A time waster of the ultimate degree. It can be endlessly argued, with no clear winner. Indeed, it is possible for all parties involved to walk away with a smug, self-righteousness, that they won the argument, when, in all actuality, nobody won, nothing was settled, no solutions generated. With all the propaganda generated in recent times, even the most simple minded can be pumped full of talking points, memes, slogans, and platitudes.

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This guy gets it.

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The low-midwit trifecta: politics, talking about video games as if they were art, and arguments about theism.

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No, husbandry is.

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No, husbandry is.

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Your point?

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you left out sports. sports media was developed to give the marginally educated plebs something that they can feel expert about, without actually having any effect on anything.

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