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what are the all time best /lit/ memes?

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when he wakes up he has a surprise lol

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KABOOM! Mama made cinnamon buns!

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My car hit a pole and shattered my fender, also killing my wife.

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there are really no bad ones

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Pharaoh (1999)

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Crash! John Green wrote a new novel.

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get out of my way newfriends

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How long have you been posting this Jets pizza guy

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top ten list

1) Start with the Greeks
2) Meme trilogy
3) Katie fiasco
4) the 3 novels /lit/ wrote
5) my diary t.b.h.
6) various iterations of library penis inspection day, failing the library test etc
6) threads where authors are mocked with their entire idea(s) being greentexted as DUDE (idea) LMAO
7) threads where we mock the author for including the title of book in a sentence
8) pic of girl in bookshop reading or standing in the isle with *blocks your path* or *see this wut do*
9) God I wish that were me
10) the guide to American literature that someone made

honorable mention: Jet's Pizza, that guy who kept trying to include Culture of Critique in the meme trilogy

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What about bugs? It's the only /lit/ meme that gained notoriety across the site.

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>no pessoachan memes
>no jets pizza hilarity
>no oxford posting
>no bugs
>no max stirner

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my bad you did mention some of those

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hamilton groupons

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hmm I wasn't aware it had spread

I don't really consider specific authors like Stirner to be memes unless someone shills them in an unusual and amusing way like that guy did for months with culture of critique. The depressed London poster is more meme worthy than that oxford faggot IMO.

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that was one guy with CoC?

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>wasn't aware it had spread
Yeah, i've even seen it posted outside of 4chan. Even disregarding that it was legendary and still gets shitposted here. I'd put it top 3.

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someone needs to do a pessoachan: collected posts

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easily my favorite

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Does somebody have the Guide to American Literature one?

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It may not be the best but "I'm a huge Orson Wells" is an og /lit/ meme

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This quote is as stupid as the hsecond pocket on DFW’s shirt. There are literally thousands of books on barracudas, all honest scientific studies.

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i think pharoah was pessoachan

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what's the jet's pizza meme? i missed out on that one

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>no norwegian cabin guy
>no dwf reaction faces
>no bugs

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How’s that novel you’re working on...?

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