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>But truly to escape Hegel involves an exact appreciation of the price we have to pay to detach ourselves from him. It assumes that we are aware of the extent to which Hegel, insidiously perhaps, is close to us; it implies a knowledge, in that which permits us to think against Hegel, of that which remains Hegelian. We have to determine the extent to which our anti-Hegelianism is possibly one of his tricks directed against us, at the end of which he stands, motionless, waiting for us.

In what context does he say this? How can anti-Hegelianism be just one of Hegel's tricks? Is it because every new philosophy can be interpreted as just another step towards the Absolute?

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Hegelianism and anti-Hegelianism are both part of the dialectic, which confirms Hegel's dialectic..

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That was my thought. But how is that particular to Hegel? Don't all the great "theory-building" philosophers claim there is nothing beyond their philosophy? Taking Schopenhauer's philosophy you could say that every attempt to overcome his philosophy is just a particular manifestation of the will perceived through our limited senses.

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You examine Hegelianism, you find flaws, you react against it, become anti-Hegelian, then you realize the Anti-Heglian reaction to the Hegelian is the dialectic and therefore Hegelianism may have faults but the extent of its dialectic truth cannot be fully rejected, thus the synthesis.

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Reminder that Hegelianism justifies the Holocaust as a temporary necessity.

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That's why you become a messianic Marxist like Walter Benjamin

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> Endorsing Paul without endorsing Jesus/Christianity

this kind of mental gymnastics is why nobody understands Benjamin when he talks about history

anyway, his work is still part of the dialectic

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>Endorsing Paul
Who are you quoting?

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Benjamin's concept of messianic time. It's Paul without Christ....you've read Benjamin, right?

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I have. I also read the Bible. Not sure what you are getting at. I guess I missed the part where Paul says that the path of progress leads only to destruction and we need a revolution to save us.

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>at the end of which he stands, motionless, waiting for us
A very uncanny imagine. Imagine if you put on They Live glasses and you started seeing Hegel's face everywhere.

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This is why based Kierkegaard was correct to take the antirationalist position. As long as you cling to reason Hegel is invincible and inescapable.

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As long as it is young Hegel I wouldn't mind desu

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Irrationalism is already part of the dialect development of spirit as it is. Kierkeshit just went several steps back in evolution.

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crazy how Rene Girard is the only guy to have gone beyond Hegel...

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>namedrop some lesser known philosopher without explaining why he would have gone beyond hegel and leave
heh nothing personell

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This is tantamount to claiming solipsism is inescapable.

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girardfag worries me because becoming a kantbot miniature e-celeb is one of the great counter-initiatiory cul-de-sacs of this pivotal world-historical moment

i think all the girardfags and proto-girardfags out there, even the kantbots, should take a step back and ask "is what i'm writing right now actually pushing me or others toward qualitatively higher knowledge? or am i spinning my wheels as a consolation prize for there being nothing else to do, no reward for all my seeking up until this point, except to come down off the mountain and do parlour tricks for the plebs?"

kantbot is all speed with no acceleration, he's falling back into the reign of quantity by ceasing to be novel and generative, and becoming merely explicable, by a formula like "i guess one of these alt right faggots was eventually going to be a real grad student with some talent and authenticity instead of just some fag watching evola youtube videos. it makes sense taht there would eventually be A Kantbot"

if kantbot wants to be more than A Kantbot and girardfag wants to be more than A Girardfag they shouldn't fall into the same trap all the french niggers did by becoming so good at weaving metaphors and associative complexes together and such "erudits" that they don't do anything fucking else, again all speed with no acceleration. the better you get at this shit, the more garbage articles you can churn out for upstart faggot twitter magazines, and you just plateau, as a little gay sorcerer who can do some magic sparkles for the rubes. faust is supposed to get bored of his parlour tricks and strike out again on a new homoerotic shaman quest, not accept the parlour tricks and the trickle of dopamine he gets for showing them off as his fag reward for a lifetime of failures.

i hate these niggers. i don't like these big jerkoff threads. i don't like the fucking french and the academic bigwigs and zizek wannabes who hit the wall of What Can Be Done With Philosophy So Far As We Know It, get a single drop of authentic initiation from their journey, and immediately go "Well I guess taht's it then" and start writing IRONIC!!! HEGELIAN ANIME ANALYSES. i'm a 60th level heidegger mage, dual classed into all kinds of weird GIRARD shit.. i'd better impress rubes by showing how effortlessly i can see girardishly while looking at th emovie "Johnny Mnemonic".... isn't it cool that i can be both an amazing philosophy sorcerer while also being so laid back and casual about it?

the entire 1960s was a mind parasite invasion counter initiation psychic trap for the species, and the french were its hollowed-out zombie servitors. in fact they did the same thing with the enlightenment. the french have to be stopped. they set this whole gay pussy trend of being counter-cultural while also being a master philosopher. i want german angst back. adorno saw some tits and died of fright. where are the adornos? everyone's jerking themselves off on twitter.

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*blocks your path*

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Does Wittgenstein even bother addressing Hegel? I know he liked Schopenhauer when he was younger.

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>How can anti-Hegelianism be just one of Hegel's tricks?
someone post the "Hegel baits the Germans into destroying the world" meme

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I don't know, but he refuted solipsism.

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> girardfag worries me

stopped reading right there

dont care about girardfag and i find his posts to be cringe and generally unreadable

read Battling to the End by Girard

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>Battling to the End by Girard
any part in particular?

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try not to be a baby and read all of it

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why would i waste my time on a recommendation from some random guy on the internet when i can't even be sure he understood what he was reading. which you didn't, judging from your inability to explain in your own words what the fuck you're getting at

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couldn't care less what you think/do since it doesn't change the fact that Girard has gone beyond Hegel

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Are there any works were he critiques Marxism?

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Hegel's dialectical "reason" is not reason at all.

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It definitely leads to a more purer form of reason.

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It amounts to a form of structured imagination.

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Doesn't mean it isn't a tragedy, just something that is at risk of happening and then will pass. You could say the same about every massacre in history. Was Hegel supposed to condemn all human action?

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You can blame the holocaust on every important western thinker. Plato could be considered the god father of genocide.

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What do you mean? Are you saying nothing of reason has been reached by this structure of imagination?

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Didn't Popper actually do that?

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Nothing in it is reached by logical argument.

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>logical argument
as according to your predefined conception of logic

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If I remember correctly, Nick Land said that western philosophy with its obsession with metaphysics already contained the seeds of totalitarism, which is similar.

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Girard is included under Hegels philosophy. You can go beyond and still have been predicted by Hegel.

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Why can't spirits reasoning through other spirit be considered logical argument? We have reached reason either way.

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Hegel's dream of a presuppositionless philosophy is a joke.

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How does Hegel account for the unconscious mind?

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Is that Nietzsche's sister? No wonder he was attracted to her.

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No one is presupposing experience since its self evident.

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Maybe, but from a Kantian point of view, we might argue that we bring something to the table in order to have experience at all.

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That's a presumption though. Hegel formulated his logic through the ideal.

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Why should we begin with the category of Being? You can't answer the question without putting something before the logic.

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>ruins own legacy by becoming a neo-liberal

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Read William Egginton's article 'From The End of History to The Death of Man'.

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He BTFO the church at that time and it was very much called for. And it still is in most of the world.So shut your ignorant whoremouth.

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German Idealism DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC

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But what can be done? Violence isn't even counter-cultural anymore. School shootings are this generation's faggoty gentrified protest movement. To have angst one must feel as though things could be worse.

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how do you pursue authentic initiation?

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It is impossible to be anti-rationalist. It presupposes logic in order to make its case. Any yes can only exist by the existence of a no. As soon as you have logic you have Hegel, as his initial movements are the inevitable consequence of logic.To be anti-hegelian is to be completely incoherent and naive. You can't escape him except through lack of understanding and confusion.

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Funny post, guy

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Logic is self necessary. It cannot be doubted. It is implicit in the nature of being. In order to be something else cannot be. This is the foundation of logic. Positive/negative yes/no on/off

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*Snap* yep

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Doubt logic. Doubt Being itself. It's impossible to do either. To doubt is to utilize logic within Being. They are self evident and self necessary. Schop didn't understand Hegel, he just hated him because he wrote like a prick.

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umm wat?

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>as a little gay sorcerer

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I think he understood pretty well that using phrases like "self-evident" to describe an almost empty abstraction like "Being" in service of the "Absolute" is not very far from the "self subsistent, absolutely necessary Being" proclaimed by the Ontological proof (which Kant derided). Schopenhauer called Hegel's philosophy "nothing but a monstrous amplification of the Ontological proof."

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It's impossible to doubt logic and it's impossible to doubt being and Hegel's philosophy is a direct consequence of the unfurling of logic. He can't be refuted, at least not his most critical points.

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There could not be less connection to the ontological argument.

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adorno actually talked about this, you have to attempt to create transcendental metaphysical experiences before everything local and individual is swallowed by the hegemomizing force of capital,

haha im doing what the post is criticizing lol. thats whats funny about this post

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Yeah dude we get it you dont like the French just talk straight

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>faust is supposed to get bored of his parlour tricks and strike out again on a new homoerotic shaman quest

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To clarify, my previous post was an attempt at refutation

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This guy knows the score.

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