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is this the 16th century equivalent of a shitpost? what were some examples of shitposting from other eras?

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A Modest Proposal was pure shitpost

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Timothy Dexter

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The 95 theses wasn't shitposting senpai. You need to stop reading so much /pol/.

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true. more of a reddit shitpost tho

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hey, dude... what if like, martin luther wrote the 95 theses as a ShItPOST? hehehe..

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fucking legendary

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Inspired a pretty great painting too.

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Amerigo Vespucci actually travelled to the Americas and had to convince people it was worth doing so, so he wrote a modest book about it only read by scholars while there was a different cheap bootleg version of the travels to the new world which was all about its riches and wonders and that became people's vision of the american continent at that time. When inquired about it, Vespucci condemned the book and said it was not his. However, some people think that it was actually himself faking as a faker of himself so not to harm his reputation and at the same time raise interest in travelling there. Masterful shitposting and trolling. A continent was named after him for it.

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It's not a shitpost if he was serious. Diogenes is more of a shitposter

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>early modern Navy Seal.txt

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why is santa there, and why is it being written by a 21st century professor

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I remember reading somewhere that posting a list of harsh complaints on Church doors was actually commonplace in the 16th century and Luther became the unwilling figurehead of reformation more through timing and luck than by doing or saying anything particularly inciting. Does this have any truth?

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That’s the exact opposite of a shitpost. It was well thought out, he truly believed it, and he stood by it with his actual identity.

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Yukio Mishima was so fucking gay he thought that pretending to be a samurai would somehow make him look less gay.

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>this is the iq test that OP took

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>The Greeks after this assembled at Corinth and agreed to invade Persia with Alexander for their leader. Many of their chief statesmen and philosophers paid him visits of congratulation, and he hoped that Diogenes of Sinope, who was at that time living at Corinth, would do so. As he, however, paid no attention whatever to Alexander and remained quietly in the suburb called Kraneium, Alexander himself went to visit him. He found him lying at full length, basking in the sun. At the approach of so many people, he sat up, and looked at Alexander. Alexander greeted him, and enquired whether he could do anything for him. "Yes," answered Diogenes, "you can stand a little on one side, and not keep the sun off me."

shitposting peaked in the 4th century BC

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so is it L or K?
i'm a brainlet

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the MAN

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is that the same guy that took a shit in the theater and masturbated in public?

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Not only there were probably thousands of similar events, Luther himself helped suppressing a bunch of them. Check out the Peasants War and the middle age millenarian movements.

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look again anon real closely

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Dammit, H

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Welp, time to kms

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now you're gettin it :)

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Hole in the bottom that fills F
Can't be filled because of the vertical pipe that will fill a bit until J's is high enough to spill into L then into F.

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Ok this is epic.

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OTJ&TL is Luther's real shitpost

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