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>Its a Marathe chapter

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it's been a few years since I read the ole jest. but the irony of the hamlet references in the book and of Blooms own negative views toward Wallace as an author as well as his well known Idolization of Shakespeare and of Hamlet in particular is staggering in retrospect.

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>DUDE what about Canadian ASSASSINS but get this, dude, what if they're in WHEELCHAIRS!?

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is Schtitt a homo? does he rape Mario? im on page ~200

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he rapes his sister Avril

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>it's a Hal chapter

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I was influenced by Manuel Puig for those chapters, I don't expect my American audience (obnoxious, low IQ, ugly, but good people) to understand

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>dude what if I made a book about fathers raping their sons but hide it within 1000 pages so people would think it's art?

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What? Literally where

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Are you retarded?

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Highly agree OP. I love IJ as much as the next guy but if you remove the mediocre material it's like 200 really good pages

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This is how Mario's born, correct?

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I thought Orin and Avril boned and that's why Mario came out handicapped

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Oh at the end, mickeys dad i gotcha

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>It's a Poor Tony chapter

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Orin wasn't old enough by then. It's a suggestion that CT isn't outside-the-family-adopted like we're led to believe through Avril.

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>it's a Poor Tony chapter

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Can we all agree Don Gately chapters are GOAT?

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Fun Fact from the DFW Biography:

His editor wanted to cut all the Marathe/Steeply bullshit from the book but the stubborn autist refused to do so

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schitt isn't avril's brother, that's tavis you fuck

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Reading for the second time. Is Orin a faggot for being attracted to Steeply in drag? What's the deal with that.

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>it's a Randy Lenz chapter

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But yeah the first time I read those chapters they fucking sucked! And the second time I dreaded them but came to find them somewhat interesting.

Highlights are cultural attitudes towards the entertainment, with the discussion of free will and choice. The illusion of choice giving way to instant gratification, vs a higher power steering people in a dignified direction.

But yeah. Very dry and boring shit for the most part, and by far the worst characters in the book.

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>It's himself's father drunkenly ranting about treating objects with care, and his son's prodigal future in tennis

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>marathe chapters are the best chapters

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>its an endnotes chapter

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for some reason i found randy lenz to be the most palpable character in the book, maybe its because im a touch schiz

orin's vanity interferes with his ability to see past the obvious disguise

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>obnoxious, low IQ, ugly, but good people

You may not like it, but this is what peak sincerity sounds like

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>obnoxious, low IQ, ugly, but good people

You nailed his schtick

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