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>Be Rich
>Provide fair wage for his workers
>Sell the products they produce
>Scale, get more workers to produce more product or service
>Create a booming economy
>Some nut job steals your cart in banking business
>Gives it to the least productive people in society
>calls it fair

Is robin hood the first socialist?

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He's certainly the first retard

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Why are you Americans so happy to be exploited by your masters?

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I'm not American, but being exploited means you're weak. Enjoy living as a slave and not a master

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>Have Capitalistic market
>Choice of working somewhere else or your own business
>Nobody put a gun to your head to work

It's called the Free Market.

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>Nobody put a gun to your head to work

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>Equating feudalism and liberalism
Dumbest thing I've read on this board in 4 years.

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So you get to "choose" which master you will be a wage slave for? Sounds wonderful.

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this comrade knows. if only the dumb Americans would understand that by seizing the means of production we would have literal fully automated space luxury gay communism with no work and catgirls...

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I never said anything about communism. That's almost as bad.

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>Criticizes things
>"Bu- no I didn't say that"
How about you make your point clear and say what economic system you support instead of being a bitch?

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>Is robin hood the first socialist?
Funny, but sad to see retards who actualy think like that

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i support an economic system that allows me to, whenever i want, withdraw billions of dollars from the money tree and buy all the hot dogs, cheetohs and onions lecithin i can ram up my fat ass (i eat (with my) ass btw)

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I support a sensible mixed economy like an adult, you child.

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America is a mixed one, you fucktard.

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Why do Americans instantly start pointing out the flaws of communism whenever someone points out the flaws of capitalism? It's a strange knee jerk reflex that always keeps me wondering if they know it's possible to critique a system without endorsing its opposite

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But Prince John and the Sheriff didn't do any of that. Quite the opposite. They were taxing the people to death and starvation to fund a war. There was no "free market," and no "wages"

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>flaws of capitalism?
Name one.

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It tends towards a monopoly/oligopoly, granting too much power to those whose interests may not serve the common good

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then why are you making fun of people who work? do you think free markets and socialistic policies are incompatible? look at Germany

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That happens due to government intervention

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It inefficiently wastes transsexual labor, despite the fact they're the demographic with the highest IQ and frequently highly educated.

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Capitalism happens because of government intervention.

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Alright buddy

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Thanks for the chuckles.

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>granting too much power to those whose interests may not serve the common good

Such as, the government?

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Nice counterargument retard

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>Ah, yes, I will link to a centuries-old theory that's highly controversial and unsupported by the historical record. This will be an airtight response.
I'm a capitalist, but improve your argumentation ffs.

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Capitalist here also btw
Capitalism is so bad let's endorse communism

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Stefan, is that you?

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if the market decides my daughter needs to be sent to the inter-racial breeding grounds, to the inter-racial breeding grounds she shall go

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>muh gubmint is responsible

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>supported Richard the Third and the crusade
>opposed taxation
To ready us for a draft.

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No my name is Henry but I'll be Stefan for a price

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If the free movements of capital choose to place over ten million dollars in the hands of one individual, that individual should be allowed to molest children.

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I'm white and not European or American so check mate

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The Creature...

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The invisible hand wills it*
*NB the person is a jew

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robin hood's quarrel wasn't with industry, doofus, it was with taxation.

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Because he's an edgy contrarian.

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Good post

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>gibing things to someone is soshulism

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No, Jesus Christ was the first socialist. What do you think his spergout kicking loansharks out of the temple was about?

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highly successful neolithic goblins who inhabited the near eaat and europe were the first socialists

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first terrorist

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