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Who /angryatuni/ here? I’m just generally sad because it feels like I’m the only one here that can really be genuine about things but I’m also retarded and nobody wants to talk to me. I wish I could find purpose in life but increasingly I realize that it was never my choice to be a subject in the great canon that’s gone before and that my whole life literarily will always just be working very hard to become the stamp pad that gets used by the next inevitable imprint made by the stroll of our culture which will one day die out. So here we are just jerking off trying to find something to do, and it’s starting to make me mad because as long as I’m here I’d like to have a good time but as I said I’m completely retarded and no one likes me. This is at Harvard btw.

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The only way to live a genuine life is so succeed on being your own person which means achieving goals and getting rid of frivolous idealogies.

I hope this bait, but I dont think it is this time.

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Haha nice dubs. No, it’s not bait, and this is a serious problem for me. I’m feeling very purposeless and I have a really hard time narrowing down what my goals actually should be; they all seem to fall prey to ideologies that I don’t like (all of them). I don’t know what the solution is here.

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