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Tao Lin is not a good writer.

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He’s a good thinker, though. Way ahead of the curve. Remember on “Cooking the Books,” how he explained his method of chopping vegetables with his teeth? That was years ago and England is finally catching on to the value of it.

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I am excited to hear his conclusions on alienation and psychedelics. I've felt there is much to be said in about their correlation, and I bet this will be a nice quick read for the summer. Looking forward to it, Tao!

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this is fiction or nonfiction?

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Go to bed Tao

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I'd honestly be more inclined to read him in that mode over the meta, post-ironic bullshit fiction I've seen posted here.

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classic meme

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The 60's are over. What's interesting about a man retracing the steps of pioneers, except half a century too late? The 60's (in this context) lasted into the 70's, surely, and echoed into the 80's, but the intellegentsia of the era truly and fully withered away by the 90's.

We don't need dull imitative Learys or McKennas or Robert Anton Wilsons or Shulgins or Huxleys or Hunter S Thompsons or, furthest back, William Jameses. We already had the originals, why put the energy it making a copy?

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You are a fool.

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I'm excited, but the worst thing about Tao Lin is that he isn't Jordan Peterson.

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Well, you need to read what Bookforum -- the mainstream literary journal (in which Joshua Cohen ripped Tao's fiction in the last review they published of his books):

"TAO LIN’S EIGHTH BOOK, Trip, is his best yet, and it’s all thanks to drugs. Well, perhaps not entirely thanks to drugs. With exercise comes mastery, or at least competence, and Lin has been practicing his idiosyncratic craft for over a decade. His first book was published in 2006, when he was twenty-three; improvement during the intervening years may have been inevitable. But Lin—whose authorial voice, notoriously, is so assiduously literal that it sometimes seems transcribed from a robot failing a Turing test—has never been more creative, precise, or inspired than when he details psychedelics-begotten behavior and theories. The behavior is mostly his own, while the theories are often borrowed from Terence McKenna,"

The entire review is an almost unqualified rave, and that's coming from a hostile publication.

Even the haters love "Trip"! You will, too. Order your copy today. You won't be sorry.

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now that his career as a fiction writer failed he must be angling for a teaching gig so he's tryna write some faux-academic pap

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literally anybody can write for bookforum, i know a dude who writes for artforum their parent publication, all you need is a degree that costs more than a pleb can afford and not be totally illiterate

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>le tranny fucking gook kid

this meme died 2 years ago

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this got me hyped desu

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Bookforum's review says Tao has defeated Huxley and the others:

His rendering of tripping is perfect—better even, for me, than Aldous Huxley’s elegant and evocative passages in The Doors of Perception, because Lin’s account conveys reverence and immersion without grandiosity. And that allows humor to leak through. Psychedelics offer up inimitably pure and beautiful visions, it’s true, but, like other drugs, they are also very silly, and very humbling.

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Maybe when the common population and governments stops treating psychedelics on the same level as Heroin and being more rational and realistic about a harmless activity, we can stop trying to educate people about them

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You are going to be rewarded. As the review in Bookforum said,

"When Trip sloughs off the weight of McKenna’s influence, it becomes a joy to read. Lin is a meticulous cataloguer, and his predilection for building entire books out of the relentlessly mundane details of everyday existence has long stuck in the craw of his critics. By recounting his drug experimentation, he’s found the perfect outlet for his obsessive MO. His hypersensitivity to the granularity of lived experience becomes a boon.."

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Hi tao

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Is this viral marketing

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would you mind taking Lin's dick out of your mouth? You sound like a paid shill and probably are.

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would you mind stop hating on Tao Lin so much? You sound like a loser sperg and probably are.

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come on tao if u wanna make any money playing writer u need to spam this shit on /pol/ like jordan peterson, /lit/ is the lowest traffic board, you're not gonna get any sales from here

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I'm excited. His ideas about drugs and their function/place in modern society has always intrigued me. Should be interesting to see his voice in non-fiction terms.

Anyone who doesn't like Tao read this:


fucking hilarious

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go to bed Tao

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nope, but I will support him by expressing my excitement because I like his work. I'm sure he appreciates your bumps.

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Whoa I'm on a chan this is happening this is real Chans exist

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I mean this whole thing is weird there is an ad in the corner that says "start scrying now" I mean come on this is occult man

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Chans can't like really exist, I hear about them online and such but they can't REALLY be real....

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ok now Tao is here everyone say 'Hi Tao!"

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Shut the fuck up Tao
t. Tommy Pynchmeister

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imagine this thread is made up of replies exclusively between Tao Lin and Thomas Pynchon?

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The youth of today dont take psychedelics for mind expansion boomer drivel.
The drugs young people do these days are downers to escape how shitty life is. Heroin, Xanax ,codeine, prescription pills.

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yes, but also no.

the fact that downers are big is a very telling fact about the current state of youth/society, but i think psychedelics are also more prominent than ever before (just not to the extent downers are).

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My brother's a cop in a predominantly white upper-middle-class suburban county of Atlanta. The amount of wealthy white teens who overdose on heroin and die there is staggering.
They find their neglectful parents' unfinished painkiller subscription and go off the deep end from there. Their parents find them blue in the face and choke out the same exact story of how their baby was a perfect angel who would never do this when the cops and paramedics show up to take them away.

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Thats what books should be being written about right now. Not this bourgeoisie call back to boomer psych escapades DUDE WEED LMAO

The actual cultural zeitgeist of the modern age is an endless nihilism of existence under a neoliberal order and taking xans to cope because its the only way to escape

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post a fucking PDF, Tao you have enough money faggot

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You could focus a story on some new-money suburbanite trying to get ahead with their kid in the background, mostly forgotten. Then the punch in the gut when he finds his son on the floor one morning. Dead youth stretched out on the ground, blue in the lips, the Creation of Adam.
That could be beautiful.

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Actually Lin went through the whole nihilistic addiction thing. If you look up some background about this book, you'll read that he struggled with xanax and adderall, and doing shrooms and dmt is what inspired him to emerge from that malaise and write Trip

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post the download link or fuck off tao im buying this trash

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What does neoliberalism have to do with anything?
Genuinely curious.

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Its the system we have lived under since the late 70's

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People take downers to get sleep after taking uppers you stupid faggot. Drugs aren't cool but neither is being ignorant about them.

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Fuck off Tao, and take your fanboys with you.

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Tao tweeted that he earned only $1900 last year. You probably have more money than he does. What gives you the idea that he should work for free for you, scumbag?

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Kirkus Reviews disagrees:

"A drug-soaked excursion through addiction, psychedelics, and fascination with a visionary psychonaut.

In his first full-length nonfiction book, Taiwanese novelist and poet Lin (Taipei, 2013, etc.) probes deep to expose his struggles with drug addiction and isolating depression, two suffocating encumbrances that threatened to extinguish his artistic creativity and even his life. In this peculiar yet addictive patchwork of memoir, biography, and meditative self-analysis, the author explores how studying pro-psychedelic mystic Terence McKenna (1946-2000) liberated him from an amphetamine, psilocybin mushroom, and opiate-fueled “zombielike” state while finishing the final draft of his previous novel. Lin’s fixation with McKenna forms the core of the narrative and the center around which a lot of his life-altering revelations are based. The author briskly escorts readers through McKenna’s nomadic life as a self-proclaimed “hardheaded rationalist,” and he explores his visions, public talks, and imaginative interpretations with encyclopedic thoroughness. Both Lin and McKenna shared a preoccupation with psychedelics, but the author’s own drug history also encompassed Adderall, methadone, MDMA, and opiates. Lin’s depiction of his magic mushroom and DMT trips are strikingly vivid. Over time and with varied use, those two psychoactive indulgences proved the most intensely transformative for both Lin and McKenna. Lin coherently challenges the sense behind labeling psychedelics as controlled substances, agreeing with McKenna’s declaration that the government made them illegal because they dissolve “opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” Lin also writes thoughtfully about cannabis, “the plant I’ve had the closest relationship with so far in my life.” A decade after McKenna succumbed to cancer, Lin visited his guru’s former wife, which he recounts in a bizarre epilogue that is as buzzed, foggy, meandering, and eccentric as the rest of this unconventional memoir.

A kaleidoscopic fever dream of ideas, idolatry, and lots of drugs: uniquely produced and curiously intoxicating."

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Publishers Weekly disagrees:
"Novelist Lin (Taipei, Shoplifting from American Apparel, etc.) chronicles his experiences with various psychedelic drugs in his first nonfiction book, weaving autobiography, history, and spiritual journey together to pose existential questions. Drawn to psychedelics by the life and work of Terence McKenna, an advocate for psychedelic drugs, Lin begins documenting individual trips on substances like psilocybin and salvia as well as the history of each substance. In detailing his own history of drug use, Lin separates addictive, mood-changing drugs like cocaine and caffeine from mind-altering psychedelics, which he credits with providing the imaginative, profound experiences that have reshaped his lonely, empty worldview into one more routinely populated by awe and magic. The psychedelics Lin zeroes in on are all naturally occurring, and he is best at examining and questioning the illegality and societal suppression of substances that he contends allow him to safely explore topics like time and consciousness. A lengthy epilogue, in which he switches to a third-person narrative, follows Lin to San Francisco on a visit with Kathleen Harrison, McKenna’s ex-wife and a strong proponent of psychedelics herself. It’s here that Lin’s tendency to rattle off precise measurements and scientific terms in quick succession starts to feel a bit long-winded. He eventually steers the epilogue toward a level of personal clarity that perfectly punctuates an introspective work of this depth and caliber. (May)"

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>fascination with McKenna

Fucking dropped.

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Why are people who claim neoliberalism is the source of all problems in this world always so vague?
They can't even form a proper argument.

>> No.11047110

You may not like hearing what PW, Kirkus, Bookforum say about Trip, but is any post here actually one-hundredth as thoughtful as anything these reviewers are writing? No! Face it, you haters write like children compared to real writers.

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Kill yourself, Tao. sage.

>> No.11047128

whats so vague?
You're a managerial capitalist scum that wants to preserve the status quo that sucks the life blood of the proletariat

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So basically like the mystical bogdanoffs?

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First thing that caught my eye mid sentence - I thought I was going to read 'he must be angling for a teaching gig trying to get xan-addicted [art hoes]' which to be frank, would be excusable for someone like him

>> No.11047231

This book is literally a memoir about how he moved on from that exact scenario.

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I hate to ad hominem here, but why should I take advice / direction (which this book pushes) from a guy who has never worked a full-time job, whose parents bought him a NY city apartment aged ~23, who believes 9/11 was not only an inside job but an inside job conducted by top secret US military weaponry, who has previously stated that he doesn't believe in privacy and thinks everyone should be able to know everything about whoever they want (I can find the interview link if need be), etc.

Tao just comes across as a well-meaning but ultimately dumb, naive, obsessive autist. I would rather read a book about manipulating others to make money than to read a book about why DUDE WEEK is so great. Terence McKenna may have had something interesting to say as a cultural observer (dude owning shit won't make u happy) but as theorist he was debunked again and again, be it his I-Ching world history or his theory about psilocybin's rule in the evolution of self-awareness.

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Don't forget the horse shit that was archaic revival.

>> No.11047470

Haven't read that, but I think the whole "dude God was a SHE!!!!" thing is just bangwaggoning to an extent to fit in with current mores. I mean I'm sure there's some historical accuracy to the claim(s), but leave it to obscure academic reference journals or serious historians, not a whacked out weed goblin. I just struggle to take Tao seriously. He doesn't respect society enough imo.

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he delivered pizzas and worked in several libraries and angelika kitchen a vegan organic restaurant

>> No.11047635

I liked Shoplifting from American Apparel
But I don't have anyone to sell me drugs so this doesn't seem like it's for me
Even if Tao convinced me that I should retire to my parent's basement and smoke some hippie plant all day I wouldn't have any way of following through with that

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cannabis is legal in four states

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weed isn't a psychedelic bro psychedelics are lsd, shrooms, dmt, pcp, etc. weed just makes you think the way you think when you are really really tired but without being tired i,e, forgetful, silly, slothful, etc. lsd is where the mind expansion happens

on a related note: did u dudes see dmt is legal in peru for religious purposes so a lot of trustfund hippy dropout have moved down there to these little indigenous villages and do dmt all day with local shamans, i only know this cuz one of the drug tourists went nuts and killed a venerable medicine woman and ended up getting his ass lynched by indians

>> No.11047761

I think weed is actually a psychedelic.

>> No.11047765

It's all hippie plants son

>> No.11047766

only people that have't done real psychedelics could think that

>> No.11047768

Tao tweeted this thread hi and go to bed Tao

>> No.11047774

weed is a psychedelic, try eating it

>> No.11047797

>Theories often borrowed from Terence McKenna
So you're saying it's a contemporary rehash. Why should I read such a book if I can just score some shrooms and tabs of acid??

>> No.11047808

weed has given me lsd tier paranoia but you never get any kind of visual hallucinations on weed, i guess maybe if you're one of those shook pikers who takes like half a hit of acid it will feel similar to weed maybe, but don't be a fucking pussy, u need five strip minimum to start seeing imaginary animals, maybe twice that to go full dream world, potency of lsd varies of course, but i think those are a good rule of thumb, for best results mix shrooms and lsd, i did that by accident once, i think that was the night i lost any hope of being a normie, now i can only fuck with people who read shitloads of books, especially literary theory

>> No.11047828

Have you read Taipei?

>> No.11047831

you can feel psychedelic effects from weed from one hit of it

>> No.11047959

Pay me to give a damn, then you'll see what you get.

>> No.11048148

Not everyone can. Especially not their first time. I had taken giant big boy hits off of joints and blunts on 3 seperate occasions thinking "this weed shit isn't even that bad" before I reluctantly accepted weed on a 4th occasion and turned into a drooling retard for the rest of the day.

>> No.11048164

>t. someone who doesn't know about either

>> No.11048259

You made a good joke

>> No.11048294

We don't need them? I'm curious which drugs you qualify humanity does need and doesn't, so your assertion could become clear. Like it or not research chemicals have grabbed the nerves of a significant portion of people, so it's better to know what's going on in the world than not imo.
Tao's fiction is an atrocity but I'll read the pdf if one should be posted here.

>> No.11048359


drugs are a tool, and there’s a time and place for every tool. They just happen to be a tool in breaking through alienation/isolation of modern society (psychedelics, I mean), so I think that this time in particular, especially with the opioid crisis, psychedelics can be a proverbial rope with which you can pull/be pulled from the pit of ennui/whatever nihilism is causing you to resort to opioids (drugs that, in my opinion, are ‘dumb,’ because they deprive you of things/cause inaction, whereas psychs/uppers provoke things from within you/cause you to act)

>> No.11048509

unironically this.

>> No.11048615

Okay guys let's turn this into a serious discussion. I don't wanna talk about trip because how could you judge it if you haven't read it but i get a lot of stick for my novels on this board, despite being widely acknowledged as one of the most interesting and talented writers of our time.

Make good arguments as to why my books aren't great and i will try to refute them.

>> No.11048627


Tits and timestamp, you whore

>> No.11048844

Nice false flag, Rupi. Almost got me.

>> No.11048915

You know that his daddy invented lasik right?

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He's literally here btw.

>> No.11048944

Hi Tao! Send me a copy of your book so I can read it.

>> No.11049058


He's also working on a novel.

I think Tao realized he had reached the limits of what he could do with his original style and outlook and spent 5 years expanding himself, which is some of the material for this and the next novel.

His career as a fiction writer hardly failed. He was picked up by a major publication and was a small but real figure in the literary world, the center of a "movement,' etc. This might not have all produced any really good writing but it's much closer than any cynics like you can say for themselves.

Ding ding ding.

I am excited for Tao's next novel. I have no real interest in affectless minamalism about directionless NYC twentysomethings or dudebro psychedelics but I think the combination of the two could produce an interesting novel, especially now that Tao is experienced as a writer and he has good editors behind him. I think Tao actually has something to say about human relationships and life in general and he has the practice to maybe say it. He's not just going after Xanax feeling or trying to be contemporary. He could maybe do all those things while saying something beyond them.

>> No.11049086

>being this tao

>> No.11049089

yeah, that doesn't mean it's considered a psychedelic. it also has sleep-inducing effects (yet no one calls it a narcotic) and can even be uplifting (yet no one calls it a stimulant), and it's a painkiller...

weed is usually in its own drug category because it can have really varying effects and elements from multiple drug categories. when people say "psychedelics" they don't mean weed.

>> No.11049091

2010 called, they want their shitty meme """writer""" back lol

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File: 120 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180423-141342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The plot thickens

>> No.11049214

I almost preordered the book until I realized I almost fell prey to an actual /v/ style shill thread.

>> No.11049222

how do i into mckenna?

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>> No.11049273

Go to bed, Tao.

[Spoiler]But actually Taipei was brilliant and a huge part of why I'm now studying to get a PhD in literature. First time that I ever felt fiction directly addressing me, that already felt like a part of me before I had read it. Thanks m8[/spoiler]

>> No.11049327

if this is actually you, which of your novels would you say you are most proud of? I haven't read any quite yet but I've been meaning to for a while.

>> No.11049666

this man will kill literature, stop the shill

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Go to bed Tao, you fugly gook loser

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Looking forward to Leaving Society, Tao.

Also do more podcast I enjoyed the Stoner one.

>> No.11050486

idk is it just Terrance McKenna but less explicitly bat shit insane?

>> No.11050503

> weed has given me lsd tier paranoia but you never get any kind of visual hallucinations on weed
I’ve seen beautiful golden birds above my bathtub after smoking some Nepali temple ball.

>> No.11050512

>mix shrooms and lsd
ngl this sounds like it would be absolutely fucking horrific.

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Call me when Leaving Society is out.

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>> No.11050526

At least he puts in effort. Are there any better contemporary writers you can name?

>> No.11050532

drugs are for gaylords

>> No.11050535

Don't be a pussy.

>> No.11050583

Wtf you don't see "imaginary animals" at 500ug. Classical psychedelics like LSD simply manipulate your perception but does not cause pure hallucinations like a classical deliriant would

>> No.11050589

Tao Lin has never done drugs nor does he advocate for their use.

>> No.11050603

Hi Tao

Just curious if you are friends with Hamilton Morris personally and if you consulted him when writing your book


>> No.11050670

smoke dmt

>> No.11050686

This is a really pathetic attempt at self promotion, tao

>> No.11050701

>rich kid didn't earn money in a year, still got to live in a hip area of Brooklyn and buy lots of drugs
Damn, sucks to be him.

>> No.11050707
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would it be considered 'kafkaesque' if I took LSD last Wednesday and unintentionally ended up in a mosque and converted to Islam?

>> No.11050717

Hey, Tao, please guest lecture my class next Thursday, thanks.

>> No.11050818

Do you honestly think you're fooling anyone?
>tao is a small but real figure in the literary world
>tao actually has something to say
>wow so nuance

>> No.11050835

Lol, writing self-inserts with "dude, deep" thoughts doesn't qualify as work. Anyway, fuck him. Some trust fund baby who clearly only wants fame and attention (and drugs and easy sex etc)

>> No.11050857

That pic is more libertarian than neoliberal. Libertarians love that zero assistance zero sympathy shit

>> No.11050870

>Some faggot literally drugs himself into writing a memoir
You won't see me biting on this shit

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File: 283 KB, 640x706, A0D52EBD-126E-4E56-81B7-CA250787EE4E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This poem completely changed my perspective on Lin and I think it may change some people’s in this thread as well. A lot of Alt-Lit was garbage, but Tao is the real deal. Who gives a fuck if his ‘dad is rich,’ does that change the way he sees the word and feels things? He’s got a very interesting perspective on things, which is worth a lot more than a fuck ton of other young writers. You can’t deny that he’s dedicated to his craft, which is respectable AT THE VERY LEAST

>> No.11051200

Hi Tao, l pre-ordered trip and am looking forward to reading it when it arrives. Thanks for Taipei. I read it 4 years ago for the first time and 3 more times this past year. If I have enough money after cashing out of cryptocurrency in the near future I plan to travel from Alberta to Brooklyn to attend your reading series on June 7th.

>> No.11051447

Hey Tao, big fan. Reading Richard Yates rn, just wanted to ask what relation the title to the actual novel meant. Also I like how you allign randomness in a narrative context with the title "Eeeee Eee Eeee" going 5 then 3 then 4. That book, couldn't get into, you got better from then on.

>> No.11051486

That’s not Tao’s idiolect.

>> No.11051502

Opioids addiction has been fairly constant throughout the years, there have always been people needing that stuff, the result is crime and risk taking. It isn't soley a generational epidemic.

>> No.11051613

He drew the cover. He draws while high. Visit the better drug imageboardz. Leary spoke about weed as a psychedelic. If you injest enough it can be quite a trip. Once in a while can count as a psychedelic trip.

Morning Glory seeds and DIY acid at home

>> No.11051618


liked the poem

>> No.11051639

nah bitch this sucks dick

>> No.11051810


you literally create these threads yourself.

I remember how I pondered suicide after finishing tai pei

>> No.11051903

not true
his writing has gone downhill, but his writing used to be very good and influential

>> No.11051943

@tao_lame is a hilarious Tao Lin parody account

>> No.11051951

no >:(

>> No.11051966

That account so obviously belongs to Tao as a release valve for all the retarded thoughts that come into his brain. Not that he doesn’t have any good ones, just anyone doing drugs (or as many drugs as Tao) is bound to have quite a few retarded ones along the way.

>> No.11052045

Tao Lin was asked at tao lin info who operated that account, and he replied that it was Mira Gonzalez.

He then added, 'JK. I don't know who it is.'

Do you really believe Tao Lin would make fun of his own parents like that?

Also do you really believe he has a deceased, sex-addict uncle named 'Dao' who died trying to bang 9 Taiwanese hookers at once?

>> No.11052343

this is not really interesting or engaging, i understan that he might feel something important, but for me it seems very flat and unskilled and also naive for someone who is over 26

>> No.11052600

What drug imageboards?

>> No.11052647

I think that’s the point, that it’s recognizable/honest (“‘sincere’”)

It’s a style, that’s all. It’s more substantial than other Alt-Lit trash. Probably why Tao ascended that whole thing (kind of) because his work isn’t all complete garbage considering the average stuff is:

drinking kombucha
scrolling scrolling
it’s 7am and I just smoked heroin
you didn’t text me back
so i’m sad but maybe kind of happy
i’m gonna smoke more heroin and try to sleep

>> No.11052684

'other Alt-Lit Trash'


You just called it 'trash.'

Maybe 'trash' is a polite word for the shit that 'isn't all complete garbage.'

>> No.11052696

His mandalas are honestly beautiful:


>> No.11052708

Nobody analyzed Tao Lin better than Ann Sterzinger:


>> No.11052715

Hey Tao, how do I get published if my parents aren't rich

>> No.11052819

>not mentioning Ken Keasy


>> No.11052882

Some of them are much more beautiful than others. Some just seem kitschy and overly cluttered.

>> No.11052942

Tao I would bag you in a fight meet me irl faggot. Skinny armed nigga

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>unironically posting takimag
/lit/ is dead long live /lit/

>> No.11052966

Go to bed Tao

Don't forget to SLAYER

>> No.11052975

Utter trash. Typical tumblrite all lowercase faux-naif run-on trash. People who write like this need to be contained to pop serial and other clown publications

>> No.11053002



>> No.11053022

he conspiracy theorist now. energy laser beam weapons, chemtrails, weed cures cancer... all that shit.

>> No.11053059

No I mean the trash that is 75% of alt-lit. I like Tao, he writes some trash, but he’s definitely legit in his craft (I personally think).

Also: >>11053022
Tao seems smart enough to actually be digging into some real stuff. Conspiracy theorist is a shit term because it implies anything that is not the norm is insane, which is a really dangerous way of thinking. I think Tao (despite all his psychs/apparent efforts to uproot himself from reality) is still grounded in reality enough to think logically about these ideas, which is why I’m excited for Trip.

>> No.11053177

'Conspiracy theorist is a shit term'

Yes, it's certainly shittier than 'crack pot.'

On Twitter, Tao Lin exhorts the insane 'research' of Judy Wood, a former Clemson engineering professor, who believes secret government lasers made the WolrdTrade Center disappear. She calls the new technology 'dustification.'

On 'Coast-to-Coast AM,' which which offers a dating service called 'Conspiracy Date' [evidently not a shit term to these lonely flakes], Judy Wood said that dump-trucks hauled fake debris to Ground Zero for two years.

'Digging into some real stuff' seems an ample metaphor for Tao's mental debris field.

>> No.11053186



>> No.11053251

Not saying it’s all good shit. I have faith that some of it is reasonable (Trip doesn’t seem to be about insane conspiracy stuff, more about government and psychs, which have a legitimate history that is ‘well-documented’ in the sense that MK ultra is real and such)

>> No.11053267

You forgot Havlock Elis before all of them.

>> No.11053308

Judy Wood's work is astonishing.

>> No.11053409


Tao Lin's 'government laser' theory for 911 likely stems from the fact that it's the government that put his father in a federal pen for stock fraud.

He doesn't give a crap about MK Ultra.

He's pissed off at the government for locking his old man up.

Tao falsely claims that his dad's conviction was based on some arcane technicality, but the fact is his father was a recidivist.

In other words, he had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar once before, and was warned he'd be prosecuted with a possible prison sentence if he did it again. And he did it again. Tao Lin will always hate the government for that reason.

I agree that the government has done plenty of bad things, like the Gulf of Tonkin and MK Ultra.

The Cold War was a time when many government zealots tried to throw the kitc hen sink at the communists. They also wanted to make Fidel Castro's beard fall out via chemicals.

It's unhelpful, however, for others to use those events to support insane claims like the 'dustification' of the World Trade Center via secret lasers and government dump-truck drivers who never talk.

>> No.11053413


I think you left off 'and crazy.'

>> No.11053466
File: 247 KB, 1536x2048, ignore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tao lin is a degenerate reddit tier drug addict who had a pathetic introductory "le society is bad" experience with psychedelics and thinks he is worthy of telling other people about it

fucking pathetic human being that would be better off dead imo

>> No.11053510

it's a very mild psychedelic
the second time i smoke i saw some kind of electric ghostlike figure and felt the same kind of waves you feel when doing shrooms

>> No.11053846
File: 41 KB, 290x290, 1493960390373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I myself eagerly await the sardonic Tao Lin novel that delves into Urban Moving Systems and the absurdity that of all people it was the Jews who did 9/11, and that it's incredibly ironic that one can risk one's reputation and career for pointing out basic facts about suspicious Israeli links to the attack because of the ritualized fetishization of the Holocaust in the modern west.

>> No.11053947


Well fucking put. Bravo.

>> No.11054001

Same, i would say my first time smoking was almost on the caliber of an acid trip. Tracer-like visuals, body load and all.

>> No.11055104


>> No.11055258

Decent article. Sometimes you just need to tell it like it is. Especially with alt-lit. If it weren't for the oh so quirky persona of tau, the endless promotion he's received solely from the intersectionalist wave bump, nobody would give a shit about him because his writing is genuinely meritless.

>> No.11055416

who hurt you, anon?

>> No.11055420

>Sometimes you just need to tell it like it is
Will do, bucko. This post is as "meritless" as you find Lin's writing.

>> No.11055458

Especially with better growing techniques and higher THC strains, many noobs to weed report on psychedelic effects from it and outright visuals when trying a heavy amount their first times. Visuals are well known to happen from THC at higher doses/at lower tolerances. In fact, hashish, a high-THC form of weed, was used in the 19th century for its outright psychedelic and hallucinogenic properties. Fitz-Ludlow, in his famous “The Hasheesh Eater” (1857) describes the outright psychedelic effects he got from eating it. There are many reports of visual, closed eye and open eye, from weed. I myself have had them. People who can’t fathom weed as a psychedelic probably have too high of a tolerance from smoking too long to ever reach such effects. I guarantee that if you do a ridiculous edible dose — say, 750-1000mg of THC — you’ll probably see some interesting visuals before you fall asleep for several hours.

>> No.11055562

dustificaiton is real

>> No.11055597

One thing I've been wondering about Tao lately is if his current LARPing as Mckenna will extend into his taste in literature. Mckenna's taste in books was pretty damn /lit/. He loved Joyce, Nabokov and even Pynchon. Tao has never seemed to be an adventurous reader- generally sticking to his core group of favorite "k-mart realism" writers. I wonder if since he is taking on so many of Mckenna's other qualities (doing and writing about psychedelics, moving to hawaii, becoming a mystic) if he will be motivated to read some fiction that McKenna liked.
I can recall an obscure interview with Tao where the interviewer, trying to be cute, asked him what he thought the only book in hell would be and Tao answering "Finnegans Wake maybe." I remember he said he thought he had read like 50 pages of each Joyce book and given up.
Incidentally there was another interview with him (or maybe the same one) where he had a gimmick- he was answering reader questions in the comment section of the interview after it had been posted. Someone asked him his dick size and he answered "five inches hard".

>> No.11055908


>> No.11055959

Nah. I don't dislike Tao, but he wouldn't be able to read Joyce. He'd have trouble comprehending your post after just one read.

>> No.11056394

infinte redditism

>> No.11057304
File: 66 KB, 640x483, alice-in-wonderland-1951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Drugs have been written about already so don't write about them
>(Love) has been written about already so don't write about it
>(Metaphysics) has been written about already so don't write about it.

Plug in any other word and realize how retarded your statement is. Additionally, because psychedelics are still illegal and heavily stigmatized, there is much to be learned about them.

>> No.11057587
File: 3.32 MB, 4032x3024, 1524715319111521430626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chapters include Psilocybin, DMT, Salvia.

>> No.11057595
File: 1.91 MB, 2160x2160, 1524715672130528593531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tao definitely got linked to Rogan on /pol/ or something

>> No.11057601

>he didnt know rogan as a commentator on every ufc for the last 15 years

i thought this dude was supposed to be in touch with our generation

>> No.11057605

Ugh who cares then

>> No.11057646

he wrote a bunch of books larping as a druggie and never heard of mckenna until 2012? this dude is such a phony lmao even the most illiterate dready stoner knows mckenna give me a fucking break haha tao really exposed himself this time

>> No.11057656

They are not free and easy to find. No word of mouth, no used book store exposure, no cross market considerations, no miserable talent.

>> No.11057668
File: 6 KB, 215x187, bpNichol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I lover books where the pitchs for reading the books are bigger than the books themselves. I've been working on a full length selection of quotes talking about how great my book is and how strange the circumstances and events are that surround my book. There is no escape from my genius, which is why I wouldn't allow someone t edit it. It will be self-published so as to piss off the major publishers ... well, once it has been touted as the greatest work in human history, the greatest act of a mortal.

>> No.11057690
File: 1.73 MB, 2160x2160, 1524717347941836033976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I honestly feel bad for him. This is in a part about his "recovery" from drugs and switch to psychedelics. There seems to be a lot of rationalizing. Get better soon, Tao.

>> No.11057762

Taking me back:

>> No.11057773

>this is your brain on Terrance McKenna

>> No.11057788

Post a page or two about him taking dmt

>> No.11057801
File: 1.82 MB, 2160x2160, 15247196020261486169871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11057805

goddamn I fucking hate tao lin

>> No.11057817
File: 1.89 MB, 2160x2160, 1524719750100202803027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11057823
File: 1.70 MB, 2160x2160, 152471984974182618460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11057863

Isn't this that Chinese dude that does a lot of drugs?

>> No.11057960

Tao Lin makes not reading fun again.

>> No.11057981

this dude is so entry level.

He is going to lose his mind when he discovers carlos castaneda

>> No.11058034

He linked to this thread on his twitter

>> No.11058260

Insightful stuff, fagbrains

>> No.11058345

This is the funniest goddamned Twitter parody account in this or any other universe, 'I feel'


>> No.11058825


>> No.11060253
File: 51 KB, 620x400, 1223400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>begging like a fucking dog on the internet

>> No.11060269

Maybe you and Tao Lame can snort the dustified World Trade Center & get crazy together

>> No.11060336


You go, Dusty.

Teach us all physics.

>> No.11060343

Pretty sure Tao Lin sucked me off and then drooled on my copy of Dubliners as we slept one time.

>> No.11060349

>he hasn't taken a 250mg+ cannabis edible

>> No.11060453

he didnt invent it, he created a patent for new technology involving LASIK
laser eye corrective surgery was around before he patented it

>> No.11060459

he made the thread lmao

>> No.11061612

Notice to all shittalkers on 4chan: my wealthy parents have lawyers who are monitoring your defamatory statements abt my literary abilities & even these lawyers have lawyers who also have lawyers & even attorneys, I feel

>> No.11061760


you will love my upcoming book

>> No.11062362

pcp is a dissasociative

>> No.11062431 [DELETED] 

so his dad is basically a patent troll, and tao is a typical trustfund waster, embarrassing. i think the only think that could redeem tao is his suicide.

>> No.11063142

bumping for based tao

>> No.11063270

""You can't disprove something that is true. You can only distract people away from it, and try to hide it."—Judy Wood

>> No.11063310

>It’s as uninventive and soulless as reading a cereal box.

lmao you can smell the crust, what an embarrassing old bag

>> No.11063968

fuck off tao

>> No.11064603


>> No.11064622


>> No.11064629

I'm gonna steal your book, Tao, and there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.11064634


>> No.11064642


>> No.11064678

whats good steven arc

>> No.11065027

Right, she's over fifteen.

Too threatening for Tao Lame.

>> No.11065120


Judy Wood claimed on the radio that thousands of tons of fake debris was hauled from somewhere to disguise evidence of the 'dustified' World Trade Center.

It's impossible for a crackpot like this to imagine the army of workers needed to create the fake debris, shovel it, haul it in dump trucks, and scatter it around for two years.

Plus, a separate counter-intelligence squad necessary to keep track of the workers and make sure none of them decided to be a hero and spill the beans on the secret operation. I guess all those were threatened with laser firing squads if they felt guilty and wanted to talk to the cops or some journalist.

Judy Wood and Tao Lame are nuttier than squirrel shit.

>> No.11065124

I'll second this, I took a double/triple dose of an edible back when I was rather green. To date my most psychedelic weed experience I've had and was definitely more hallucinogenic than some of my more mild lsd or shroom trips

>> No.11065675

lol and then went to jail over it for fraud

>> No.11065756


The Lins and their accomplices defrauded innocent investors of millions of dollars through an unlawful pump and dump manipulation scheme. Incredibly, the Lins launched this scam barely a year after being adjudged securities fraudsters and enjoined from such activity by another federal court.

>> No.11065834


damn is this why he does drugs then

>> No.11065854


He does drugs because he's addicted to damaging his brain.

It's the same reason teenagers cut themselves.

Then he writes about it [badly], and his brain-damaged, sub-literate fans eat it up.

>> No.11065874

*equally brain-damaged

>> No.11065884

self harm is typically a sign of emotional trauma tho.

desu tao if you're reading this my dad went to jail too for manslaughter when he was drunk, its no big deal man. u dont need drugs :)

>> No.11065909

That's right, Tao.

Think about it.

You don't need to damage yourself and literature.

>> No.11066100

>It seemed like a dungeon room from The Legend of Zelda

great prose

>> No.11066110

'Taipei' was published because it was 'exotic Asian,' but, thankfully, not too fucking exotic.

For example, no Filipino writer with a novel called 'Manila' would have ever gotten published at Random House.

American mainstream publishers want that Bourbon Chicken sample on a toothpick they offer at the mall's Panda Express.

They would recoil instantly from a Filipino offering of a 'balut,' appetizer which is a partially formed duck embryo, complete with feathers.

>> No.11066124


>> No.11066137

take a 250mg+ (or double/triple that if you have a decent tolerance) and you'll see THC's psychedelic potential. I'd say the same thing to people who think acid and shrooms aren't a big deal, take a high dose.

>> No.11066204

>anybody who doesn't like Tao Lin read this
I was indifferent; now I don't like Tao Lin

>> No.11066212

Can someone please give me a quick rundown on this guy?

>> No.11066213


>> No.11066219


It reads like someone studying English as a non-language.

>> No.11066229

>his ideas about drugs and their function/place in modern society has always intrigued me.

His ideas has always intrigued me, too.

We is Tao fans, bro.

>> No.11066292

Is that the same Gawker Tao ended up hating for exposing him as a 'statutory rapist'?

They didn't gawk closely enough, it seems.

Tao said she was legal (16).

And that her parents even approved.

Jeez, makes you wonder if they watched.

>> No.11066339

Hi Tao,

I also went through a long period of aimlessness in my life where I abused psychedelics. If you're not in a good place, please feel welcome to reach out. Not sure how best to facilitate a private conversation through 4chan, but I just want to make sure you're doing okay.

Hope to hear from you.

>> No.11066346


>> No.11066347

He's absolutely correct. There's nothing more to be said on the subject and any addition is bound to be masturbatory "introspective" bullshit with a few modern-life gimmicks.

>> No.11066539

Tao, how can I get rich, jet-setter parents?

I don't want the dubious, quasi-literary fame.

I just want the free Manhattan condo and the airline tickets and the regular money wires for weed/hallucinogens.


>> No.11066672


You've heard the Zen question, 'What is the sound of one hand clapping?'

Tao Lin's 'writings' are the sound of one man crapping.

And with all the time in the world to do it -- right into mommy and daddy's golden toilet bowl.

>> No.11066744



>> No.11066769


> Terence McKenna
> sesquipedalian language to convince drug addicts that they're intellectuals

>> No.11066832

OK, Tao, you win.

You started this thread as a smarmy publicity stunt for 'Trip..'

I'll write a fake glowing review on Amazon if you'll post your dad's sour-faced mug shot after the stock-fraud indictment.

That look must have been priceless . . . the look of a wealthy rodent, fat with cheese he couldn't steal enough of, who had just gotten his rat's tail stuck in the Justice Department's rat trap.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree, did it?Right under it, in fact.

He's a scam artist, and you're a scam artist too.

>> No.11067075

tao you should get in touch with lorenzo hagerty of the psychadellic salon

>> No.11067155

People literally pay for those reviews. It's a sham.

>> No.11067160

Tao's all right. Sure, he's kinda creepy and likes females that are barely legal.

In a lot of ways, he's like an old man in a young man's body. His brain seems quite old too. Hope the drugs didn't increase its deterioration, but I'd be willing to bet they did.

>> No.11067173
File: 1.19 MB, 3096x1228, 1524865083329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still a better love story than twilight.

>> No.11067469

General Tao's Chicken is incredible, wherever you find it. Don't know if they're related, but I love this dude's writing, especially Tai Pan

>> No.11067516

Go watch dragonball, you powerlevel lover teenager

>> No.11068121

Wood didn't say they made fake debri. They trucked in and out soil from the site for years after 9/11.

>> No.11068149

Red bull can't weld dank memes.

>> No.11069274

Tao Lin is a good writer.

>> No.11069631

I stand corrected, thx.

Here is the transcript:


>> No.11070318

Further information concerning Tao Lin's 911 mentor.

Needs more details, however.


>> No.11070389

My mom walked in right when I opened this in a new tab. WORK SAFE BOARD PEOPLE

>> No.11070589

911 Truthers and Judy Wood, Cage Match of the Nutcases

My Really, Really Bad Judy Wood Experience | 911Blogger.com

>> No.11071060

>There's nothing more to be said on the subject

You can't be this silly, don't be a silly bum

>> No.11071367


They didn't pick up how he stole his book cover for Taipei from Bradley J. Milton. He took emails from E.R. Kennedy and used them in Richard Yates. So what did he borrow here

>> No.11071419

They, too, are a copy

>> No.11071421


This is GREAT! Thank you

>> No.11071427


Draw lots of upside down crosses, bash Christianity, encourage young people to do drugs, and write insipid anti-poetry to keep people dumb

>> No.11071442

There are writers out there who are adventurous/smart readers but who aren't supported by the power structure. They're out there. Just have to find them

>> No.11071646

You're welcome!

Check out the Twitter account @Tao_Lame

I just discovered it, and it's hilarious.

>> No.11071781

Terence McKenna + criminally excessive electroshock = Tao Lin

>> No.11071789

No there is not.

>> No.11071790

The Tao that can be understood is not the true Tao.

>> No.11071904

I'm gonna guess it wasn't his parents' dough. No borrowing there, just hand-outs, I feel.

>> No.11071910


Of course there are. And with the way the culture is shifting now we might all be reading them sooner than later

>> No.11071916

How many of the 265 replies in this thread are tao himself? the over/under is 210

>> No.11071922

what if he never posted? what if he is the only poster? we could all be tao lin, man. all of us together as we live in our cyberdellic chatol hayuk or whatever the fuck they call that hippie dream city that most definitely was not a hippie dream city.

i would know, i've been there. while tripping on DMT.

>> No.11071926

Nope. Your a brainlet with delusions of grandeur thinking your speaking about youreself.

>> No.11071989


You are so ignorant why are you even on 4chan

>> No.11072064

maybe he wishes to learn

>> No.11072818


>> No.11074506

lol no.

>> No.11075341


>> No.11075367

If you take around 1000 mics you can definitely start seeing things that aren't there, not like you do on ketamine but more like moderate doses of DMT. A fiver can have alot more than 500 in it.

>> No.11075439

The autistic gook
He destroyed his cage
The autist is out

>> No.11075470

I thought it was pretty good.
I'm under 26. Haven't you dealt with your own naivety enough to sympathize with people who aren't enlightened like you are? If you haven't you are probably pretty immature.
I liked it because he was describing a feeling in a more analytical fashion, which helps to say something about that feeling in my translation. I don't feel the same way, I'm having a hard time how you can go around calling feelings "naive".

>> No.11075855
File: 2.27 MB, 542x450, plagiarism-small.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11075919

There's nothing particularly poetic about it. It's like a more verbose, male, Rupi Kaur in terms of content.

>> No.11075927

i read a poem which
was flat, unskilled, boring
and aped the style of the beats
and whitman
without any of the

>> No.11076125

pre-ordered it from amazon.
already quit drugs a yr ago and only take cbd oil. but gonna support tao anyway

>> No.11076163

Here's an iexample of the bad writing in 'Taipei:'

"The comical bewildering fear - equally calming and surprising, amusing and foreboding."


It's as awful as the writing of that Virginia Tech mass murderer -- Cho Whatever-His-Fucking-Name-Was.and his screwy play, 'McBeef.'

It's interesting to compare the fates of these two goofballs, Tao and Cho.

I think it would make a great movie as long as you kept their shitty prose to an absolute minimum. Just a little voice-over narration to get the awfulness across.

>> No.11076945
File: 116 KB, 341x310, 1503837134583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11076967

This makes sense.

His dad is a thieving piece of shit who served time in a federal pen.

And Tao Lin is a thieving piece of shit who rips off emails somebody else wrote for 'Richard Yates' and claims them as his own fiction, and then there's this cover you've found.

>> No.11076988

Yes, it's an interesting family of sociopaths.

I predict the entire clump of these diseased characters ends up suing each other to death.

>> No.11077046

Sounds like one of his short stories tbqh. I enjoyed the short stories much more than his novels.

>> No.11077091

Based Tao

>> No.11077328

drugs humanity doesnt need? ok:
>mainstream internet
>heroin, cocaine etc

drugs humanity does need:

>> No.11077328,1 [INTERNAL] 


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