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>read a book
>makes you cry at the end

Which book is it /lit/?

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stoner probably made me cry more than any other book i've ever read

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what the fuck is "cry"?

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Eliot's Four Quartets

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swat wardine be

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>swat wardine be
is this supposed to be an anachronism?
i'm drunk before noon, i don't need this shit in my life.

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not anachronism

see what you do to me

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Many parts of the book get me but especially the last page. Incredible ending

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Sorrows of Young Werther

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ok yeah the Consul's story NEARLY got me

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Oyasumi Punpun

except I cried all the way through

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The end of Cities of the Plain got to me. It’s probably my least favorite McCarthye novel but that last scene did get me weepy as a pregnant woman.

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it's an infinite jest reference

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Pro choice.

'We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.'

Not gonna lie, completely lost my shit at that.


Stoner, A Kestrel For A Knave, The Road

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it's important to remember that it is a novel where the city of dublin is the protagonist

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Also Purgatorio

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The young Hitler I knew.

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not even a /pol/edditor
it's pretty sad

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Of mice and men got to be. First book I had read in a few years

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A Farewell to Arms

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Brothers Karamazov

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i got a little misty-eyed at Phaedo

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Reading Thomas Wolfe’s Of time and the river in Europe while my dad was undergoing cancer treatment. Book was torn out of my own life. I was even the same age as the protagonist. Fucking cried my eyes out an an overnight train from Vienna to Rome.

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Amber Spyglass

still remember crying on my bedroom floor at 2am.

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Anna Karenina

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Mein Kampf. It always makes me sad that the kikes won.

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Probably the best version of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 2: Elektrisches Boogaloo

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Gulag Archipelago made me cry at one spot in the middle

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Quixote my boy, it's always been Quixote

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sancho begging him to go on one more adventure.

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too much man, i'm gettin a little misty just thinking of it

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Sancho is trying to kill him

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Sancho is not a hospital employee being paid by Medicare, mate

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Book of the new sun
almost turned catholic

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Sancho saw him as a crazy person with a little bit of money and a little bit of nobility and took advantage of him, letting him indulge in his fantasies that would surely wreck a frail person. He was betting that nigga necked himself

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that may have been true for the better portion of part 1 but by the end of the tale he certainly did not want him to die anymore

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one would certainly hope, but read the last bit again

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Waiting for Godot
Wittgenstein’s Nephew
Rings of Saturn

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>waiting for godot

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>>makes you cry at the end
>not crying in the middle instead
never gonna make it

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>not crying out of nowhere and then have ge epiphany of reading that book

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I was pretty bummed after Farewell to Arms

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i admit defeat

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Tale of two cities.

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you should have said you were pretty disarmed after Farewell to Arms

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>inb4 my diary Desi

But seriously though, this one every time.

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The Brothers Karamazov, The Savage Detectives, East of Eden? Also, what part of TSD made you cry.

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And I totally didn't see it coming.

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unironically this, but more like teary eyed hoenstly

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more like oyasoymi punpun you sentimental FAGGOT

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Anyone have a PDF of this?

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I can't remember any book making me cry

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The epilogue of "Shards of Honour" by Lois McMaster Bujold is perhaps the saddest and most emotionally moviing bit of writing I know. Pretty unusual for a pure science fiction novel

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Is the book as good as the film Kes?

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Brave new world

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The Magic Mountain, I have no idea why

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Stop with your revisionist shit to undermine well established facts, faggot, it only comes off as edgy

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because it is a beautiful, touching book, nothing to be ashamed about was it when they escorted the dying girl to the graveyard?

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The film is very true to the book. Each are heartbreaking in their own right, although I've got an edition with an afterword by Hines that says, in retrospect, he was far too unsympathetic with Billy's brother and mother.

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"We'll hang ourselves tomorrow. [Pause] Unless Godot comes."
That makes me laugh, certainly, but it's also astonishingly beautiful. Has beauty never moved you to tears, anon?

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Don Quixote

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time got my eyes wet at the end.

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Cried ay the beginning of Murasaki Shikibu's diary.

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Stoner caught me by surprise

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Gregor the Overlander

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La Marquise de Ganges - DAF de Sade

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a book has never made me cry. music and movies have

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East of Eden and A Farewell to Arms

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this, also anime

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colorless tsukuru tazaki
its a weak book, but one of the last scenes made me remember a girl i really liked and that really liked me, and the circumstances we separated from each other

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probably the book that made me cry hardest was How To Win Friends And Influence People. some part of it made me imagine welcoming my daughter home from elementary school and being overcome by her reaction to her first report card. I cried hard.

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The actual overall stories or plot don't move me but the smaller character moments sometimes make me tear up.
>The Brothers Karamazov
When Alyosha tries to offer the father Katerina's money, the father beams with joy and explains how much it will help out his family before rejecting it out of pride.
>Crime and Punishment
That part where Dostoyevsky is just describing how shit Katerina Ivanova's life has been despite her being such a good person and then slowly peeling away her mental fortitude, leaving her a hollow shell of a person. Her transformation was very sad to me, the character exemplified that same purity and innocence that Sonya did only it was much more worn and tattered. It was sad to see it destroyed.
>Flowers for Algernon
The part where he goes back to work as a more intelligent person and realizes how his life long friends were taking advantage of him this whole time and realizes that he is truly alone in the world.
Also that part at the end where he goes back to Ms.Kinian's class and she runs out the room crying after she realizes what's become of him.
>No Longer Human
Pretty sad in general. Just hearing him describe how he feels about himself and the world around him made me tear up sometimes.
>Starting Point by Miyazaki
This part where he describes his relationship with his family and how he sacrificed it all to focus on his career. How he promised his wife when they got married that she could also have a career but then as he grew busier, advised her to become a housewife. Or how he made an assistant who worked 16 hour days keep working because a deadline was approaching.
His melancholic and nostalgic descriptions of nature and his youth sometimes got to me. There was a lot of fluff in there but also some genuine honesty.

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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

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LotR, actually teared up for a couple of minutes, even sobbed a little. Such a bittersweet feeling, and I felt very attuned to Tolkien at the time (and ever since). Anyone who hasn't read it owes it to themselves. The movies are good, but they simply don't do the book justice.
BotNS, tears of joy. Hard to explain. Dark place in my life at the time, and it felt like I'd been given some kind of indestructible hope. I've since gained more faith in God and humanity, even though I'm not particularly religious. Wish I could shake Gene Wolfe's hand and tell him how much he's helped me.
The Road, bitter tears.

I am unfortunately a very soft person. Stories often move me to tears, but these ones were the most significant.

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Never cried reading a book or watching a film. Not sure why. It's not like I'm too tough or strong. I've cried over real things in life within the last couple of years. Only once or twice though. I guess books don't impact me on that level. Kind of wish they did.

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The first time i read 1984 back in high school i nearly cried out of intense terror at some segments. It was the first "patrician" or whatever book I read.

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I first read the Chrysanthemums as part of my high school curriculum. I was very glad that the teacher had assigned it as homework because I couldn't keep myself from weeping while reading it. It was a moment of strong introspection for me and had a big impact. A favorite of mine now.
The worst part was going to class the next day and no one really cared about the piece, as usual.

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If you've experienced true love before in your life then this will bring you manly tears.

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>Kolya parts of TBK
>When Augustine's mom dies in the Confessions

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>an old autistic NEET offing himself

how sad

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>it's important to remember that it is a novel where the city of dublin is the protagonist

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I might be a bitch, but I cried a couple of times reading Les Miserables.

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Yeah, I feel just the same way about The Wire, lot of people don't get it, it's very "high-brow" so to speak, but the main character is Baltimore - the city. I feel the same way about people who don' get that that I feel about people for don't laugh their ass off when reading Kafka (I know Wittgenstein believed some things could only be expressed through jokes) - they're too lowbrow.

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>The judges of this State may calmly condemn our actions, yet history, as the goddess of a nobler truth and of a more perfect law, will someday smile as she tears up this judgment and frees us from all blame and guilt”.History will, however, also call before her tribunal those who are in power today, those who trample on justice and law, those who have led our people into suffering and misery, and those who during the Fatherland’s humiliation, placed their own interests ahead of the community’s life
Made me cry, because we will probably fail this time too

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Surprised no one said Ulysses yet.

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city of thieves
the persian boy.
I was completely inconsolable for half an hour when alexander died

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>traumatize pure waifu and leave her alone with regret, never understanding what she could've done to prevent it
Yeah nah, fuck that guy.

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Pic related kept me down for a bit but in a pretty stupid way.

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If you didn't cry we can't be friends

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This desu. The very ending

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Justine by Marquis deSade

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When Humbert finally finds the doomed Lolita, pregnant and dying, and grovels to her. Gets me every time

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literally everybook that has a sad ending. im a fucking shit at the end of books.

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Children of Hurin

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>We went in then and found Socrates just released from his fetters and Xanthippe—you know her—with his little son in her arms, sitting beside him. Now when Xanthippe saw us, she cried out and said the kind of thing that women always do say: “Oh Socrates, this is the last time now that your friends will speak to you or you to them.” And Socrates glanced at Crito and said, “Crito, let somebody take her home.”

>And some of Crito's people took her away wailing and beating her breast. But Socrates sat up on his couch and bent his leg and rubbed it with his hand, and while he was rubbing it, he said, “What a strange thing, my friends, that seems to be which men call pleasure!"

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Never let me go

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War and Peace
Anna Karenina
The Brothers Karamazov
A Living Relic (short story in A Sportsman's Sketches)
Unconditional Surrender

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My dudes
>tfw you will never find what you lost

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The closest I came to crying from a book was reading the scene in which Odysseus reencounters his old dog in Ithaca.

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I cried like a fucking baby the last time I read this. it was so humiliating, but it did prove that I still have emotions.

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Oblomov just broke me

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>End of Eva
seconded desu

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this shit got to me as a kid. was a gift from my schizophrenic uncle

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