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Mini = whites
Cream = nonwhites (blacks, latinos and arabs)
Peep = east asians
Peanut Butter = south asians
Chocolate = indians, native americans, aboriginals, island people, etc

Read Hegel

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I was Mini, no I'm peanut. In real life I'm your mother.

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There are white latinos, black latinos, amerindian latinos, mixed latinos...

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Which all fall under "nonwhites (latinos)". btw did you unironically post >>10930310 then come back a minute later and post >>10930314? wtf? is this something your indonesian abuela taught you to do?

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Is this the mods wanting to destroy 4chan? It seems like the perfect way to cause inboard fighting

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The point is that "Latinos" can fall into every team since it's not a single monochromatic race.

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i'd still eat all of those desu

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I support this

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I'm sorry, I got lost, how do I get to lit?

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Peep is vastly superior.

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>Chocolate = indians, native americans, aboriginals, island people, etc
>Read Hegel
But in Hegel, the landlocked nation of Switzerland, known for its chocolate, is said to be ruled by different means, and with good reason, than the Prussian nation, known for its whites, but not minis.

I think you need to go back to Kant to be honest.

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>Peep = east asians
i wish

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How do I find out my team? By posting, like this? Also, what do the team names even mean?

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genetic test post

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rolling for team peep

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I alw.ays wanted to be a Japanese schoolboy. Wearing/fa/ uniforms and eating lunch on a fucking roof. Schools in America have metal detectors, armed guards and cameras everywhere. God, I wish we were disciplined and homogeneous so that kids could actually enjoy school without worrying about if they're going to get beat up in the bathroom.

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but i am german

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what an enticing semen demon... good god.

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Rolling for pb

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Is this literally all there is to the joke? Getting autists to speculate on what each team represents and raising engagement by getting them to post more so that their team (((wins)))?

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Kind of true from my experience of China. Although I'm pretty sure hierarchies and bullying still exist- just (a) not at the same level and (b) not targeted at the clever/hard-working kids- in fact they tend to be high up the hierarchy, with kids who are both smart AND good at sports at the top.

This structure is arguably worse, since if you're stupid in a western school, at least you might be popular and get to stick smart kids' heads down toilets. In China there's no such compensation- you're just stupid.

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You fucking dillweed, the divisions don't denote literal parallels between ethnicities and candies, but the very real "spiritual" (as in geists volks, welt and zeit) connotations of the ethnicities and their fitting representation by the candies (a testament to 4chan's approximately nexial position in the cultural flows). This is demonstrated subtly by, say, the relative and seeming anonymity/qualitylessness of teams peanut butter and chocolate, and more blatantly by the lead held by the creme (instinctively perceived as unarraned by most and blamed on sheer numbers) which, on the precipice of a mini victory, is superseded by an incongruously and quietly accumulated peep superiority.

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Good post. If online rightists spent more time talking about geists and less about 'muh genetics' I'd have far more time for them.

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I bet her mouth feels really good.

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>you'll never be east asian

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We're all peep on the inside

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