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>a comic book writer is going to win the Nobel Prize in your lifetime

You all know this is going to happen. Who will he be, /lit/?

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Donlad Trumfp

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Not if I kill myself before then

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It will be a comic about a paraplegic autistic gay transman

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Bronald Blumpf

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Jordan B. Peterson

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god you're so boring

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You know it's true, though.

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Takehiko Inoue

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He’s right.

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he's right

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his bright

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there's literally nothing to indicate it tho. i agree that a comic is going to win within the next century, but when it does, it will far more likely to be one that is based around subversion of common comic tropes a la the superhero or detective comic rather than the kind of confessional eisner bait that's become popular in the underground scene. every time the lit prize gets awarded to an artist in a new genre/medium the first time, it's almost always the former type of work

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either that or something of historical import, like louis riel or some shit

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>it will far more likely to be one that is based around subversion of common comic tropes a la the superhero or detective comic
Watchmen was released 30 years ago, though. I doubt something is going to come along and do anything similar nowadays.

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he right

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i agree, but again, watch out for the next work like louis riel

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Would he have won the Nobel if he was still alive today?

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litèral hù

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no, asterix is far too good to win a nobel

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Goscinny is dead m8

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i was joshin brah

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How about Pratt? Would he have won if he had more recognition? You think he was nominated at least once in his later years?

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Michael Deforge

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*stares into your soul*

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If it was going to be any one it'd have been Alan Moore.

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Bill Watterson

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Probably this

Grant Morrison is also a strong contender. He touched some literary points in Arkham Asylum, Batman RIP and Final Crisis
Frank Miller is a Nobel tier narrator, but he has gone too cuckoo bananas. Never winning anything again

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This probably. You just know the nobel committee gets hard thinking about how he quit at the peak of his game to go paint landscapes in the woods

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I would have preferred Alan Moore winning than Bob Dylan tbqh

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>tfw the future of art is slave morality PoCWoC tranny capeshit and there's nothing you honkies can do about it

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Sacco, maybe. Or Tomine, or Seth, or Delisle, or a Hernandez bros, or Chris Ware. Lots of good stuff out there these days.

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Someday he will and you all know it.

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Sacco or ware.

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Calling it now: They won't even give it to a western comic book. Some Japanese manga writer is going to get it.

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Or worse: a manhwa artist

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I'd be very happy if Yang got it. I'm enjoying his New Super-Man quite a lot if not then I think it should go to someone like Moore.


I think someone like Asano or Shūzō Oshim would definitely be deserving.

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Still more deserved than Bob Dylan.

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I can't say I'm too familiar with manga writers, but I'm skeptical of them deserving. I read Watchmen. It's okay. Significantly better than most comics, but that's like being the smartest kid on the short bus. It's not world-shattering. It definitely isn't good enough for a Nobel.

I imagine those manga writers are similar: They're really good for people who write manga. But Manga isn't exactly an complex medium in the first place.

Am I too far off? I don't mean to be overly dismissive, just pessimistic. I'll look into their work body of work and hope to be surprised.

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What are you talking about? Comic books are dying. Say manga or light novel and you might be right.

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League of extraordinary gentlemen has some cool meta shit

Not the film, I believe. Never saw it

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There's a much more robust manga market than comic, and it means there's a lot more experimentation. There is some real art out there.

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Western comics really limit what you can work with compared to manga which pretty much has free reign and every western book is either Capeshit or some faux existentialist wannabe novel.

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Looks like somebody never read Blueberry...

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It's as interesting as he can be in a world where all art has been reduced to ticking off boxes on the intersectional checklist.

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Yes, literally all art, not a single exception.

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a what? why dont 2e just not tell what. prize

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>There is some real art out there.
Got some recs?

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To be honest, it gets even me a little aroused sometimes.

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Can't really find anything. The artistic class has been politically homogenized. There's no meaningful variation in this regard.

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I don't know if they're Nobel-tier, but I'm a fan of Vinland Saga, Pheonix by Osamu Tezuka, anything by Irie Aki, and some of Takahashi Yousuke's stuff like Mononoke Soushi or Yoruhime-sama

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I'm agreeing with you. Literally nothing. Not one book, song, film, or poem in the last ten years has been anything remotely different than a politically correct checkbox. You should give up on all art. In fact, I think that, in protest, you should refuse to post or discuss art ever again. It would probably be better for everyone involved.

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I get too much of a kick out of complaining to stop. It's the only way to find enjoyment in such a dull world.

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If moebius was alive he would be the best choice

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Not even his best work.

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Why can't comics reach the heights of literature? Is there a problem with the medium or dose it just attract childish minds?

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Marjane satrapi is a good candidate. Remember that the nobel is a social price

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It was stunted in its formative years by the comics code. Killed off every genre but capes, which saved them from the extinction they were headed for and instead gave them full monopoly over a medium.

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Will he ever finish Vagabond? Does he even care about it anymore? I caught up to about Chapter 300 and loved it, and I only kind of like animu stuff usually. Got bogged down after that because he barely releases chapters. That must’ve been 5 years ago and he’s only released 20 some chapters since then.

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Of who!? Giraud!? Yes, it was! L'Incal and all the shit he did for Jodo is mediocre next to Blueberry

Of Charlier? It's still the best

We are talking about writers

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Pretty sure he wrote edena

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it's very good, read this muttanons, now you can buy very excellent editions of it. Imagine Rimbaud-Conrad-Tolstoy-Borges.

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Full monopoly? Western comics have a huge range now. Go look at Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, or even IDW or DarkHorse's publishing lists. Or read any volume of the Best American Comics annuals. Capes don't matter at all.

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Please read my post within the context of the conversation instead of using the kneejerk response you have anytime someone accuses capes of saturating the market.

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Top Selling Comics of 2017:
>Marvel Legacy No. 1 - capeshit
>Dark Nights: Metal No. 1 - capeshit
>Doomsday Clock No. 1 - capeshit
>Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man No. 1 - capeshit
>Batman No. 21 - capeshit
>Batman No. 22 - capeshit
>The Flash No. 21 - capeshit
>The Flash No. 22 - capeshit
>Dark Nights: Metal No. 2 - capeshit
>Secret Empire No. 0 - capeshit

Top Selling Manga of 2017:
>One Piece - pirate adventure
>Attack on Titan - dark fantasy adventure
>Kingdom - historical
>My Hero Academia - capeshit
>Tokyo Ghoul: Re - horror thriller
>Haikyuu!! - sports
>Seven Deadly Sins - fantasy adventure
>One Punch Man - capekino
>Shokugeki no Soma - cooking
>Magi - fantasy adventure

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Alan Moore deserves it. Watchmen, From Hell, Providence, Swamp Thing. I'd be okay with it if it were Niel Gaiman, but nothing of his has really lived up to Sandman.

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I did. You responded to the question "Why can't comics reach the heights of literature?" Your statement was accurate once, but hasn't been since the late 1980s, and certainly isn't now. Even if cape graphic novels (forget "comics," since almost nobody but cape publishers bother with monthly titles any more) are still dominating, the expanded range is incredible, and they're selling enough to get published. Kids who grew up with bookstores stuffed with manga and graphic novels of many genres from many countries may think it's always been this way, but anyone old enough to remember the 1980s or earlier knows better.

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Watchmen was okay. It was really good for a comic, but that's a low standard. It's definitely not worthy of a Nobel. Are his other works substantially better?

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>One Piece - anime
>Attack on Titan - anime
>Kingdom - anime
>My Hero Academia - anime
>Tokyo Ghoul: Re - anime
>Haikyuu!! - anime
>Seven Deadly Sins - anime
>One Punch Man - anime
>Shokugeki no Soma - anime
>Magi - anime

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P-peterson? But why? Why the makeup Peterson?

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Comics are more closely related to literature than fucking Bob Dylan, so honestly I don't really care.

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My statement that the industry is stunted is still accurate. Capes no longer have a full monopoly, just most of one. You overestimate the number of non-cape comics, because you're used to that number being close to zero. Compared to every other medium it's still a pitiful fraction of an absurdly undersized number of publications.

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What is the point of this post?

>> No.10866941

Channeling his inner benevolent mother. And just like you have to clean your room first before changing the world outside of your home, you also have to master the art of makeup first before you are allowed to criticize such things as makeup in the workplace.

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Hmm. You're right, actually. My expectations are pretty low, but even by European standards (where capes never achieved the full domination they did in North America), the imbalance is extreme.

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Sounds like you haven't actually read Watchmen, but only watched the movie.

>> No.10866961

No, I read the comics. Again, it's really damn good for a comic.

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it will be Morrison, Gaiman, Ennis, or Moore. Transmetropolitan deserved to win.

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you’re right

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>Benis spends 18 years destroying marvel
>DC hires him for Action Comics #1000
why are they doing this to me

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Pls no Gaiman. All others are great, but Gaiman is the John of Baptist to JK Rowling's HArry Potter

>> No.10867165

b-but Sandman and Miracleman!

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>I'd be okay with it if it were Niel Gaiman
No, it wouldn't be okay. A NOBEL prize for writing that? lol no

>> No.10867182

They are great. But Sandman #8, when Death first appeared, set the tone for Young Adult Fiction of the XXI Century

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>implying starting a new cancer is actually good

>> No.10867189

that's true, but can you blame a good author for hacks trying to copy his style?

>> No.10867192

I didn't say it was good. I said it was the opposite of good. What the fuck are you doing on this board if you can't even read a conversation!?

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clearly he smelled this thread all the way from /co/, but probably got confused/scared by the lack of pictures

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