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What are the most romantic things said to a female in literature?

i remember some anon linked some phrase from divine comedy, not sure what it was but it was nice.

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spending your energy on women is the biggest mistake of your life

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Why is she tasting the back of her palm with the bottom of her tongue? The taste buds are on top

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all the sour buds are on bottom. girls have notoriously sour back-palms. It's like eating a sweet-tart and you make that neck-twistintly puckered meme face we all know and love. You know what i'm talking aobut.

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starting to become physically repulsed by thots.jpg

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Wow astounding you learn spmething everyday

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
This morning
Your cunt left
Some morning dew.

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Have you never eaten chicken wings?

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I liked the title of a poem written in secret by an oafish sergeant about his freckled wife, who frets over the spots. It was from a Discworld book.
It was titled something like:
>What is the beauty of the night sky without the stars?

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Romeo and Juliet struck me down with how beautifully it was written the first time.
Read their dialogue in the garden.

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Read the Marquis de Sade.

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Have you ever snuggled naked after sex with someone you love? Nothing compares.

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:( I try to block out the memories of that with work an alcohol.

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I hate this pic because it looks like she's got a fat wart on her tongue

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Oh wow,

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She's taking precautions not to taste the back of her palm - is it so hard to figure out?

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i would berry my dick so far inside your ass who ever could pull it out would be crowned king arthur

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That one Joyce's letter to Nora.

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Last night I got to the part in Norwegian Wood where they're hugging in the rain, and I damn near burst out crying when Midori says all that shit she says.
I probably wouldn't have been so emotional if it hadn't been 3am.

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>What are the most romantic things said to a female in literature?
you don't sweat much for a fat lass

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desu it's way more fun to flirt with girls
the tension exploding into raw passion
now thats a funny

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such vulgar, immature replies. can someone actually post something worthwhile? or even tell me the dante romantic thing in french.

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Sure, live in your idealistic bubble. Maybe try living your life?

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el meztizaje de las americas

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>such vulgar, immature replies
It's 4chan. Jesus Christ, the day this board becomes a sentimental faggoty Reddit-tier board where we don't have any sense of humor and don't make fun of cliches and stereotypes and emotions is the day that hell may as well freeze over and Jesus return to the Earth.

You have almost ANY OTHER PLACE on the fucking internet to talk about this stupid mushy shit and your "feelings". Reddit will love it if you ask what are the most romantic things said in literature. Tumblr will love it. Facebook will love it. Random forums will love it, and everyone will talk about quotes from Harry Potter and Twilight and everyone will go "oh wow that's so beautiful" and "wow sending this to my gf let's see how she responds thanks :)
Edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger! My girlfriend thought it was so beautiful we're getting married
Edit two: oh wow my inbox is blowing up I didn't expect this to get so big"

If you can't be an elitist, pretentious, sarcastic douchebag at least in one place -- if there is not one bastion of petty and deliberately elitist assholes discussing literature who are deliberately douchey to ward off airheads -- then Western culture may as well be dead.

Also in response to the OP,
>I hope you will love your baby. I hope it will be a boy. That husband of yours, I hope, will always treat you well, because otherwise my specter shall come out of him, like black smoke, like a demented giant, and pull him apart nerve by nerve. ...I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art. And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Lolita.

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ask me how do i know you're underage

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>if people don't take the 4chins seriously then western culture is dead

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Is this pasta?

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Mais non, putain. Calme-toi.

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big kek

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Ferme ta gueule, sale pute. Quelle connerie.

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its boring
>someone you love
oh wait

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If you want romantic love at its erotic best, just go for Goethe's Werther; a passage I quite like:
We went to the window. The thunder was passing by and a wonderful rain was falling on the land, filling the warm air with the most refreshing fragrance. She stood there resting on her elbows, gazing deep into the country about us; she looked to the heavens, and at me, and I saw there were tears in her eyes; and she laid her hand on mine and said 'Klopstock!' At once I remembered the glorious ode she had in mind, and was lost in the sensations that flooded me on hearing the name. It was more than I could bear; I bowed over her hand and kissed it, shedding tears of the greatest joy, and once again looked up to gaze into her eyes--Noble poet! if only you had seen the adoration of you in those eyes! and if only I might never hear again your oft-profaned name!

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yeah its been 4 years though

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extremely incel, not ashamed of double posting. this is fucking gay

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Please shut up, I can't take that right now

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First time posting on this thread, brother- let this one be the second. Why is this "fucking gay" and what is an "incel"?

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exquisite my dear

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Yeah, snuggling naked is not that fucking great

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I've been in love and had aesthetic moments with a lover and its not like that, goethe is a faggot and that passage is gay and pretentious, its unbelievably terse and constructed. What an unbelievable and unworthy display of affection, a romantic stereotype, dead on arrival. Its the only thing I dislike about N's taste, his love of Goethe and Wagner is in poor taste

Its incel because someone who has never been romantically, not just sexually, but also sexually, involved with a beautiful, healthy, high estrogen, vibrant young woman would think that's truly romantic. Except its not its fucking pathetic, its weak prose, it inspires nothing. Pure literati masturbation the entire feeling of joy is predicated upon some stupid fucking poem they both know. Disgusting. No one but the lovers should produce the moment. Not a single other person exists when you're in love, you would kill people, torture people, genocide people, start wars to keep that love. A poet is who he's calling to? Because its so beautiful? Bourgeoisie faggotry, I would kick the shit out of this character or Goethe if I saw them and break your jaw for liking it

Love is violent, its psychotic, monomaniacal, volcanic, cthonic, unkowable even when engulfed by it, its a buzzing, a humming resonance in your chest, your eyes rising out of their sockets, your hairs electrified by star fire. its nothing like this disgusting earthly nonsense, it rips you to pieces. When you're within it you move through space like an angelic being, you can bear any discomfort. I can't give this to you if you haven't had it, if you haven't loved a beautiful woman who loved you back with her whole being

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