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Has a book ever made you cry?

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Forever War did

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I can't think of one that hasn't

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Les Miserables hit me hard when Marius discovers how much of a hero Jean Valjean was but it's all too late.

Don Quixote as well when Sancho Panza says his final words to Don Quixote about becoming shepherds and continuing their adventures as friends, but the Don is gone.

Also Watership Down's ending. I genuinely fucking wept over that one. It's beautiful.

Shit, if you don't feel emotional with those, you're heartless or maybe autistic.

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used to happen when I was younger but now it doesn't, in fact the last time something I watched or read made me cry was tscc, no particular part just knowing it was going to end
t. read 20 or so classics in the last 3 years

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I'm not a female, so no.

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Don Quijote.

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Yes, but so has porn, so I'm not sure it counts.

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O coruja (The owl) by Aloisio Azevedo

Probably doesn't even have a translation for english, but man, in the end I cried like a little baby, that damn thing hit me right in the chest.

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I almost cried near the end of The Catcher in the Rye when Phoebe wants to come with Holden

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Tale of two cities and a Christmas Carol. Dickens fucks my emotions man

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When i was yound and read Where The Red Fern Grows i cried a lot. Im a sucker for doggos and that hit me hard as a kid

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City of Thieves made me cry like in the movies.
You know when the mc is holding his dying friend in his arms, and he's sobbing and then the dying friend makes some joke and the mc sort of laughs weakly while still sobbing?
EXACTLY like that.

Persian Boy made me sob like a bitch when Alexander died. But that was more the topic. There's something about people wanting to create this great "utopian" empire and working their whole lives and then it all falls apart the very second they die. Like, even when I read about "the golden age" of some kings or some shit, that makes me sad because I know there isn't a golden age any fucking more, and even worse that's just revisionist pandering anyway and god, it's so fucking depressing. Real life or fantasy bullshit, it doesn't matter. Humans are trash and the idealists can try as hard as they want but all they'll do in the end is suffer and die realizing humanity is garbage and their dreams were flights of fucking fancy and will never happen.

I try to avoid sad books because it's emotionally exhausting because I get so sad. Sometimes I get sad about shit that isn't even sad.

Holy shit. Our school librarian read this to us. I don't remember crying, because I was so shocked. It came out of fucking nowhere.

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>MFW Ilyusheka's funeral and Alyosha's beautiful speech.

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>MFW Stoner's friend Dave Masters dies in WWI.

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Recently,Gulag Archipelago, The Aquariums of Pyongyang, In Order to Live

I cry from half the historical books I read, but I cry listening to Shostakovich or Mussorgsky, so I might just be a wimp. Hell, I cried listening to Winston Churchill's "Never Surrender" and Reagan's "Tear Down this Wall" speech. Fiction is usually less emotional for me though

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My dad used to read to us as kids and choked up during A Single Shard and The Cay which made me cry too. I think I listened to the Red Fern on tape, can't remember if I cried but I probably did. Also Bridge to Terebithia, and maybe Freak the Mighty

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I can't even cry anymore.
I didn't cry at my grandma's funeral and it was very awkward

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>Bridge to Terebithia
Oh god, I remember that. It was really big when I was in 6th-7th grade, and a few times I was tempted to read it, but I found out that the girl dies and flat out refused.

Another book that made me cry was- something I can't remember. We read it in 5th grade, and it was about this girl that was adopted by this fat black lady and the girl was a bitch because she was convinced that her mother had been forced to give her up and that if only the foster mother would let her go find her then they'd live together happily ever after. Eventually, the foster mother gives in and lets her meet the real mother and it turns out she's just this awful alcoholic that just didn't want to raise a kid and didn't give a shit about her. The girl leaves the (train station maybe?) where she met her mom and the foster mother is standing there, and she wordlessly holds her arms out for the girl to come and hug her and cry.
That really fucking got me, and I'm not adopted. There's just something about dreams being crushed that really get's to me.

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Bridge to Terabithia fucked me up

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The saddest sentence I ever read was this:

>It's so hard to eat sandwiches when you're crying.

>So fucking hard.

It's just so viscerally tragic and can fucking FEEL the emotion. Just that sobbing, hitching breath, trying to force it back while you barely manage to take a bite, too emotionally exhausted to chew properly and the chunk of food is wedged between your teeth and cheeks while you desperately try to wrestle down another sob, but you can't, because it hurts, oh god, it hurts and your throat is closing up and it feels like you swallowed a nail but you can't even swallow this stupid sandwich that tastes like vomit in your mouth.
It's from a teen wolf fanfiction

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It hurt me more when the wife started taking the daughter away from him

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The part where that bitch was remembering when she threw rocks on a puppy that fell down a well in John Steakley's Armor. Damn did that fuck me up, even more so in how it relates to the story. Such an amazing book.

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>Jesus wept.

The saddest two words i ever found

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The Mayor of Casterbridge. Got me depressed for days.

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This is the second book, I remember reading it too

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When the Bridge to Teribithia film was about to come out, every single commercial that played on television for it completely misrepresented the story. It made it look like some kind of lighthearted children's fantasy novel with magic and shit. One of my aunts decided to take her son to see it based on the commercials. I tried to warn her against it, but she wouldn't listen no matter how much I told her that it wasn't that kind of movie. A few days after they went I was talking to her over the phone and she griped about how awful it was. The theater was packed full of very young children, about 5 to 9. Each and every one of them were bawling loudly, her son included. Even some of the parents were crying. It was an absolute mess.

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Oh fuck this. Not the book. The movie.

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Also, this fucking book. Jesus Christ this fucking book.

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Can't for my live remember the Name of it but it was a children's book about a boy who someday finds a dragon egg and cares for the dragon till she is old enough to care for herself. Then a mysterious dragonegg-salesman visits him and tells him that now his job is done he has to let the dragon go back into its world to her kin. The scene when they said their last goodbyes made me a depressed wreck for almost a whole week.

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hey, cool

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La Peste

>« Mais c’est difficile, disait-il. Il y a longtemps que j’y pense. Tant que nous nous sommes aimés, nous nous sommes compris sans paroles. Mais on ne s’aime pas toujours. À un moment donné, j’aurais dû trouver les mots qui l’auraient retenue, mais je n’ai pas pu. »

>“But it's not easy. I've been thinking it over for years. While we loved each other we didn't need words to make ourselves understood. But people don't love forever. A time came when I should have found the words to keep her with me, only I couldn't.”

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I only cried as a child for selfish reasons. Now I don’t cry, just get angry

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Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

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Confessions and Phaedo

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I hardly ever cry, especially with books. Contrary to the people who would insist crying is "feminine" or whatever, I think it actually shows someone who is better immersed in life. The last time I can remember crying to a book was reading Freud in tenth grade, for some reason I just found the "id-ego-superego" idea beautiful. Weird.

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the last few chapters of oblomov had me going quite good.

stoner too

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I've never cried about anything fictional (only exception I can think of was when I was a kid and cried at Cast Away when he lost Wilson). It can touch me and move me to extreme degrees, but it just fails to connect with me in that way. I only cry at books that make me personally feel guilty or afraid, and I rarely read anything like that because it's unpleasant.

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I’ve teared up with Anna Karenina (many parts), the same with Brothers K (many parts too, especially after Alyosha visits Dmitri in prison and there’s a moment of empathy after Dmitri asks him (Alyosha) if he believes he (Dmitri) was the murderer).

In general I tend to tear up or feel emotional at really ‘small’ moments or simple lines, while the parts that are almost set up to made you cry do nothing to me and even feel over the top sometimes.

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Yeah, men don't read, you're right, but it makes you wonder why you're even here then.

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The Green Mile

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Can you name which books made you feel guilty and/or afraid? I eat and breathe that shit

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I hadn't read A Christmas Carol in years until last December when I went over it again, and my god it's traumatizing.

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The Epilogue of the first book in the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster-Bujold always fucks me up like nothing else. I could read it only twice, teared up both times. A Mortuary Affairs spaceship gathering corpses deep space after a huge space battle. The plot twist at the end is devastating. Fuck I'm tearing up again..

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Btw the firt book is Shards of Honor. Sometimes sold as an omninus with the second volume under the name Cordelia's Honor. Such great entertaining books, with incredible worldbuilding, all of them.

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I cry every time I read a biography and get to the part when the author/subject dies.

The first time happened when I was 8 and was reading Da Vinci's illustrated biography. He lived a long and productive life nonetheless death struck him who to me seamed immortal.
I cried myself to sleep that night.

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the last fifty pages of return of the king made me cry

farewell to arms felt like a punch in the stomach

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My nigger. TBK ending is fucking perfect.

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For some reason reading historical non fiction is the only stuff that makes me tear up.

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Nothing makes me cry. I have antisocial personality disorder.

>> No.10763469

what,s that like

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I've cried at the bit where he tells his parents that he won't be going back to the farm after his graduation, I can feel the emotions in the room

>if you think you ought to stay here with your books, then that's what should do

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nah but when that sunken eyed platonist gets shot by japs in TTRL I teared up a little

>> No.10763522

genuinely lol'd

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In Crime and Pinishment when Raskolnikov has the second dream where he relives the initial murder, but he keeps hitting her with the axe and it doesn’t work. He keeps bringing the blade down on the old woman’s head but she won’t die. I didn’t cry the normal way like over sadness, but my eyes just started watering like crazy. It was kind of freaky.

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Last paragraph of that book made me cry like a baby

>> No.10763700

Expelled air from my nostrils

>> No.10763702

I cry every time I read the sermon on the mount.

>> No.10763703


Steppenwolf made me completely break down at the part where it described having to walk and walk and walk until everything superfluous burns away.

>> No.10763723

it counts

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I read probably seven of Plato's Socratic dialogues before I went in to read Phaedo, and my god, did it really hurt.

You can't get that from contemporary philosophical text anymore, that raw emotion when Socrates finally drank the hemlock.

>> No.10763768

Socrates laughs for the only time in any of Plato's dialogues at that point and chides them all for missing the point, he literally spent the whole dialogue explaining the immortality of the soul, I think the description of Socrates' death is more comic than tragic

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Are you me?

>> No.10764232

Not a novel, but an essay.

A Winter Walk by Thoreau

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Several times in East of Eden, the end of A Farewell to Arms, once in Crime and Punishment so far (only made it to the dream with the horse, which is what brought on the tears).

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That fucking part near the end of Notes from Underground where he has a complete breakdown in front of the whore

>”They won't let me . . . I can't be . . . good!”

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>once in Crime and Punishment so far
The epilogue made me tear the fuck up. I don't think you're human if you can't even shed a tear at it. You better cry when you get to it, that's all I'm saying.

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Yeah, that point wasn't lost upon me, how he was sort of making fun of them saying "you dumbasses, this is the reason I got the women out of here, so I wouldn't have to be bothered with all this crying", but still, just the fact that everyone there watched their mentor willingly die in front of them, and the fact that he faced death with absolutely no fear or hesitation, that's what gets to me.

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Well, to be honest, it's not usually books, but more often news or journal articles. "Afraid" might be the wrong word, instead I would use "concerned." For example, anything about sad states of affairs in the world. Or anything written by a fucking retard that makes me concerned about the ideological state of my culture.

Guilty is harder to pinpoint; it's usually more limited to things in my interpersonal life that I've fucked up and usually would only be an e-mail or text, so not anything literary.

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yeah, everything related to Raskolnikov’s mother is just very sad

>> No.10764720

I couldn't sleep the night I read Van Gogh's biography

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underrated post

>> No.10764823

Brothers Karamazov, Lilith, and Heart of Darkness got me pretty close to crying desu.

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>John 15:13 (KJV)
>Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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anything written about a white society makes me cry. why couldnt i have been born before we were swamped by the great brown wave

>> No.10764996

No you retard. Nevermind it being at most a sensible chuckle, it was clearly acknowledged

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I don't think I cried at Les Miserables, but I did get feels multiple times.

>> No.10765066

infinite jest is underrated

>> No.10765072

The Road made me unironically cry at the end.

>> No.10765082

I only saw the movie of it but it got me all kinds of fucked up. I used to get a little excited about that SHTF/doomsday, like how some people on /pol/ get if "it's happening", but that movie made me wish there is not a happening that serious in my lifetime

>> No.10765108

based fucking anon

it's been a long time, but yeah probably. the only one that comes to mind is Harry Potter, when Snape is revealed to be a handholdless wojak with oneitis. i cried because he was me..

>> No.10765114

oh and probably a few times throughout Dumas' Musketeer stories, the first book and the last (Twenty Years Later).

>> No.10765493

Yeah, really depends on my mood though. Most recently I got teary eyed at the part in Storm of Steel where Junger spares the British officer after he shows him a picture of his family.

>> No.10765525

>Of mice and men
This is really normie tier but seriously the only book that has brought me to the verge of tears and in a public library nonetheless.

>> No.10765834

>11 years old
>reading harry potter and the deathly hallows
>his owl dies
>cry like a pussy

>> No.10765842

Was gonna say this, and Armor when Forest dies

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the wave is only brown because it has been gardened of fruit and only its dirt remains. You reap what you sow.

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I teared up towards the end of Narcissus and Goldmund.

>> No.10765957

Look! I am alive.

>> No.10766140

fucking this

>> No.10766201

Flowers for Algernon fucked me up

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>> No.10766214

Journey to the End of the Night

the horse scene in All Quiet on the Western Front

the suicides in The Elementary Particles

>> No.10766218

Books are the only things which really make feel, Anon. :-(

>> No.10766221

>watching documentary on civilians in wwii
>brits blown to bits, krauts/japs fried, russians shot and put in mass graves
>leningrad symphony
>choking back tears
why am i like this

>> No.10766244

because you can instinctively tell that they had it the worst besides the Jews who didn't fight much in the war and whine about it too often to care anymore. The slavs were the bravest people in human history and deserve endless praise for crushing the Germans so swiftly

>> No.10766251

>The slavs were the bravest people in human history

>> No.10766259

I mean to be fair, have you ever read about the Eastern front

>> No.10766341

Okay weakling.

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Call it tragedy porn if you want, but this book had a clear goal and it succeeds.

>> No.10766364

its just a fact, they are the bravest people to ever live, the generation of slavs who endured the Fascist occupation had balls the size of Jupiter and a love of destiny you could never fathom. Literal ubermensch

>> No.10766365

Everything by Carrington

>> No.10766379

What's that picture?

>> No.10766384

Me when Dumbledore died. I was 11 or 12.

>> No.10766406

le pere goriot
Well I didn't cry but I felt something

>> No.10766653

might as well ask here,

Any recommendations for short stories that capture sad stories really well? Like go into dark territories but leave hints of humanity. Im a /lit/ retard sorry, the only things that sort of come to mind are the grimm fairy tales.

>> No.10766661

The Metamorphosis

>> No.10766729

I usually cry with films, esp. family melodramas or when they feature imposing classical music (think Amadeus or My immortal beloved, which is why I never go to concerts btw)

Books have never emotionally affected me as deeply. I do feel my throat tensing up and tears welling in my eyes from time to time, but it always passes very quickly. I guess I'm more sensitive to music queues and books are hardly musical in that sense.

The House of the Dead. Knowing it was autobiographical fucked me up a bit.
Kokoro on my second read.
Buddenbrooks when the kid dies and everything just fucking falls apart.
This made me tear up a bit as well.

>> No.10766739

That's cool, there's plenty of moments to feel during that book. Another part that hit me hard is when disguised Jean Valjean encourages Cosette to play with a little doll he bought her and she doesn't fully understand what she has to do.

>> No.10766741

Read the book if you haven't, the film is intentionally more optimistic whereas the book leaves you feeling cold and helpless. Genuinely don't see how people can't appreciate that book.

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we all want to save ourselves, tim

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>autobiography of a late cardiologist in California
>was a north korean kid during the korean war
>dad abusive and cheating on mom
>sister raped
>war breaks out
>mom sends him off to the South so he can escape north korea
>promises her he'll be back in 3 days with the UN + S.Korea counterattack
>counterattack is delayed
>never sees her for the rest of the war
>has medical knowledge but serves as a normal soldier alongside a bunch of other north korea kids who defected
>most of them die in the war
>after the war, he wants to go to med school, so he asks ppl who knew him from the war, and they provide him money for tuition
>becomes a doctor in the USA
>gets married, has a son
>goes back to North Korea with his son, and finds out from his sister who still lives there, that his mom died 2 yrs before he arrived.
I cried my fucking heart out at that point.
>even though she's dead and he failed his promise, he still advocated for veteran support in the US and tried his best to make sure the Korean war wasn't forgotten.
>mfw he never gave up no matter what.
i'm crying rn, anons
I want to be a good man.

>> No.10767422

>there are "men" who think it is dignified to brag about their emotional instability

>> No.10767575


I always used to cry in films. (Books, not so much.)
I thought I'd outgrown it but the final scene in Captain Philips got me. F*** you, Tom Hanks. And f*** you too, competent-and-reassuring navy medic woman.

>> No.10767578

the jesus freaks on this board are cancer

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If no book has ever made you cry, leave this board immideately

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>> No.10767624


>> No.10767640

I'm a female, kys

>> No.10767651

i left and came back
what now, novalis?

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To what degree ?

>> No.10767721

I think Seaman Bodine saying 'Rocketman, you poor fucker!' in GR made me feel a little sad.

>> No.10767961

>liking the epilogue

>> No.10768086

The Catcher In The Rye came close once, when Mr. Anatoli was explaining to Holden that he is on a very bad path, and could relate a lot

>> No.10768411

The Overcoat by Gogol

>> No.10769564

I teared up a little bit with Cyrano De Bergerac

>> No.10769573

FUCK you. ;_;

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How could I not?

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>tfw berlin fell
not good

>> No.10769805


raymond carver & guy de maupassant

>> No.10769897

Yes, there was this book about mormons or something. The book of mormon if think it was.

>> No.10770024

where the red fern grows never fails to make me weep like a bitch

>> No.10770040

and then he walked home in the rain

>> No.10770339

when I was younger The Scarlet Ibis made me cry like a bitch

>> No.10770359

Kleider machen Leute
Cried like a bitch when Wenzel threw himself into the snow waiting to die after the busted weeding

>> No.10770668

I think I cried at this too

>> No.10770685

I had my father read it, and he absolutely hated it

>> No.10770721

a small good thing by carver

"Smell this," the baker said, breaking open a dark loaf. "It's a heavy bread, but rich." They smelled it,
then he had them taste it. It had the taste of molasses and coarse grains. They listened to him. They ate
what they could. They swallowed the dark bread. It was like daylight under the fluorescent trays of light.
They talked on into the early morning, the high, pale cast of light in the windows, and they did not think
of leaving.

>> No.10770747

read a cnn article from 2013 recently about an italian man with neurofibromatosis who was kissed by the pope, which made me cry.

>> No.10770787

That's fucking retarded I can't understand how people cry or laugh over words, you need to go out more

>> No.10770822

smite thyself

>> No.10770825

please be in dublin

>> No.10771226

No. I'm a man.

I've gotten some feels-4-reals tho.

>> No.10771243

>I've gotten some feels-4-reals tho.
What are your feels?

>> No.10771248

>qt 2D Ayn Rand
can't unsee it

>> No.10771333

Where the Red Fern Grows when I was in middle school.

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Children of Hurin

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