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hey I have 10 questions about "The Elephant's Foot"
1. Would it be possible to get into the area without being discovered?
2. Would it be possible and stand in front of it for more than 30 seconds if you had a good suit?
3. Would it be possible and cut a piece of it? "What could its reaction be if you did?"
4. Would it be possible and put it in a radioactive safety container or a piece of it?
5. Would it be possible to move it outside the area?
6. if point 3. is negative you could do it with a robot? and would it be able to cut that piece off?
7. If it is 10,000 roentgens per hour without how much would it be inside?
8. Is the area in high security preparedness?
9. Would its radioactivity have any effect on a robot?
10. What would happen if you threw a bomb in there?

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are you a terrorist?

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You should taste it :)

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No im not a terrorist Lmao

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I think OP visits the Elephant Foot on a daily basis

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Post >yfw three brave Slavs volunteered to jump into radioactive water to swim to the flooded pressure release valve to prevent the reactor from exploding even worse knowing it was certain death

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1. Yes if you can if you know how to sneak into the exclusion zone
2. Yes
3. Yes. Removing the exterior layer would be unwise though
4. Depends. Some parts are more radioactive
5. At this point if you actually in you should be able to sneak a piece out
6. yes. Highly possible exposing the interior is enough to quickly fuck up robotics
7. Literally nobody knows
8. There is only the exclusion zone. Ain't nobody volunteering to patrol that shit
9. Radioactivity is very bad for robots. Fukushima will break a drone in about 30 minutes
10. You're just going to blew some shit up. You won't just magically make more radiation and you'll only get shot that way

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>yfw that no matter how fucked up the world gets there will always be people willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and that somehow makes all the awful shit that happens somehow worse.
I'm so tired

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I wonder if the elephants foot would be a cute girl in real life

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People talk like this thing is a Resident Evil villain

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1. The exclusion zone is a guarded zone though I've don't that hard to get in, only so many guards with quite a lot of border. Getting into the reactor is probably a lot harder though, there's an extra lager of security I think and quite some people still active in the plant, it's slowly being demolished now.
2. Though it would be very unhealthy, obviously, you would probably not die from radiation poisoning; 2 mins is though to be lethal.
3. Yeah why not? I don't see why anything werd would happen, it's just a bunch of radioactive metal.
4. Containers are only so effective, but sure. You could probably stille measure radiation outside the container. Gamma radiation especially.
5. That's basically 1 in reverse. Of course they would never let you if they found you. If you leave the area the normal, legal way they will scan you for traces of radioactive contamination.
7. No clue
8. I think it's officially a military site at the moment, but from what I've heard the security isn't that good.
9. Yeah, but only to a certain extent. The radioactive particles can interfere with the electronics, causing a bit of current here and there. You'll need a lot of radioactivity though. I know that in the inital cleanup a lot of robots broke down, I'm not sure what the elephant's foot would do
10. You would spread a bunch of radioactive metal around.

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true heroes

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>tfw all those brave people sacrificed themselves and died believing they did good, while only succeeded in prolonging the stagnant, corrupt living death of the mindless cowardly slaves left behind

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>tfw you want to believe in the inherent goodness of man, but all efforts and acts done by good people, the countless instances of helping people, of saving animals, of trying so hard to fix what's broke... is not only outweighed by the horrible, cruel acts of a small minority dragging everyone around them down, but is actively fought against and prohibited by people with too much power and too much greed.
>intentional, perpetuated and institutionalized cruelty.

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try marx

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Its his waifu

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>objective morality

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go home Vollmann.

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