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What is the orthographically correct way to transcribe the first sentences of this song?


niggas iffy, uh. blicky got the stiffy, uh.
got the blicky, uh. drum, it holds fifty, uh

I'm quite unsure of the punctuation on the last part (drum it holds fifty uh).

How do you account for the sentence-ending "uh"s when choosing between different punctuation marks?

t. didn't attend enough grammar classes in high school

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Shut up. This thread isn't funny and has no potential.

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What is blicky?

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blicky is a handgun from what i have gathered.

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how come its one cholo and a lot of black people?

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>White male leftists will see this and still pretend degeneracy isn't real.

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i heard in an interview 6ix9ine doesn't even listen to his own music lol

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mfw seeing this thread in the catalog

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This is just an expression of masculinity, the real question is why aren't aryans following the example

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it has more testosterone than anything spengler wrote

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>wahh degeneracy
we get it, you've never had sex before

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your thread sucks dick dude samefagging with the virgin signifying frog isn't gonna fool anyone

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wasn't samefagging but if you're this upset about the thread you could try hiding it so you don't see it the 15-20 times you scroll through the catalog every hour

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