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I'm in deep shit right now. Like really deep. Where to fucking start. So the girl of my dreams got into some trouble (not yet my girlfriend at this point in the story). I don't want to get into it too much but it had something to do with an old boyfriend of hers robbing her and making her quit her job or something. She would never tell me what actually happened and she would get really defensive if I tried to pry it out of her, even if I just barely hinted at it. But anyway, we were both in college at the time (we still are, this was only last year) and she was in danger of having to drop out because of her money problems. Being sickly in love, I offered to help pay for her tuition until she could get back on her feet. She refused and told me that it was way too much to offer someone who's only your friend. But not long after offering her help, she seemed to take on a total 180 of the way she acted towards me. She started giving me hugs when we were leaving after class, and turning around in lecture just to smile at me. She asked me out by the end of the week. Literally nothing in life will ever best that feeling I had in that moment. Needless to say, now that she was my girlfriend I demanded she take the money as I would not let her life fall apart while she was under my wing and in my protection.


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So let's fast forward a bit. Things have kind of gone to shit. The magic is gone (for her it seems) and she broke up with me after a fight just a few days ago. It was all because of something really stupid and minor, in fact I don't even quite remember what started it. I think it was something related to me asking her if she remembered to bring a charger (which she actually didn't remember) and then flipping out on me "for being condescending" or something. I mean, things have been a bit sour for her for months in all honestly. Like she just seems really pissed about me when I haven't done anything and then refusing to acknowledge that she's being moody. Well I sent her a text asking her if she can afford tuition for the spring semester and she (of course) flipped the fuck out. She apparently was under the impression that I would keep paying even after breaking up. She told me that I'm a horrible person for even considering such a thing. Then the next day on snap chat she had a public picture of her kissing this black frisbee athlete (I'm not racist, but I'm mentioning that he was black because she told me at least twice that she would never date a black guy). I didn't even know what to think. Then I texted her and pleaded how she could do that to me. She didn't reply, but then I got a call from her some time later. I immediately picked up, but it wasn't her voice. It was some man telling me that he wouldn't file charges for the assault I committed as long as I don't force my ex to drop out of college and pay the tuition I promised to pay.


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'WHAT'! I said and then they hung up. I never assaulted her. You guys have to believe me. I don't know where she is getting that from. I've only been drunk around her once and there were a ton of other people around too, so I doubt something would have happened then. Beyond that it's not like I ever yelled at her or hurt her in any way. You have to believe me. But the problem is, I can't really afford to pay her tuition anymore without taking in a loan. I only planned on paying for one her semesters anyway, not three. I texted her this but she still isn't replying to me. She sent a few more public snapchat pictures/videos with her new boyfriend and then blocked me after I tried contacting her from there.

So because she won't reply to my texts, I want to write her a letter and apologize. I don't know what to say or how to get her on my good side. I guess if I have to pay for her tuition I will, but I really don't think I should have to if she's not even going to be my girlfriend. Can you guys help me figure out what I should write to her so that she changes her mind and comes back to me?

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cunt get a fucking lawyer. Everything is going to be okay. This girl can’t take your fucking money just because she says she wants it and is saying you beat her. But you need to go get a lawyer and man the fuck up and cover your arse before this cunt ruins you.

This is almost definitely bait but if it isn’t, all I can say is that you sound like the biggest fucking faggot

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quiet, molloy.

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Get a lawyer.
Shut the fuck up in regards to her general direction. Don't try to contact her in any way. Move the fuck on as much as possible. DON'T DO OR SAY ANYTHING STUPID IN CASE YOU ARE BEING PROVOKED TO DO ANYTHING STUPID.
Don't lift a single finger in regards to any of her shit. Her "impressions" are her own goddamn business. It's not a given for you to concern yourself with anyone's business.
If she, or any of her "spokepersons" contact you, ignore their yapping, without saying a single word, then go on with what you were doing before the distraction. If they actually do anything towards you, act accordingly.
Also, you don't really seem to ACTUALLY be in the deep shit right now. You are under IMPRESSION you are in the deep shit - and there are people trying to INVOLVE you in the deep shit - but unless you do something drastic, with evidence supporting that - you are not actually in the deep shit YET. Your primary concern shouldn't be FIXING situation, your primary concern should be NOT WORSENING it.

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Dear Cunt,
I'm a cuck, so I guess I got what I deserved. And there's no need for this letter because you already wrote it out in your actions.

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>Shitposting has become a writing exercise for aspiring writers

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>write her a letter and apologize
If you do, she will hate you even more

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In other words, you don't know what her intentions are regarding you, while knowing she DOES have some intentions regarding you (for example, making you pay two more semesters of tuition). One thing is certain though: those intentions don't really seem to be friendly.
Since her intentions don't seem to be friendly, regard her accordingly, if not as an enemy, then at least as an opponent, DO NOT TRY TO BRING HER BACK, just go all "Fuck that noise" on any and all instances of "B-b-b-b-but AH still WUB her".

In any case, currently, she is an opponent, and, judging from her behavior, she (or her allies) believe she has both the initiative and the upper hand. LET HER PLAY IT. Don't get smart, don't try to prevent shit that didn't happen, just REACT in minimally sufficient way, don't say a single NON-NECESSARY word in her (or her allies) direction, don't do a single NON-NECESSARY thing. In all related situations, exert as much self-control and care as possible, while keeping in mind, that in a lot of situations doing and saying nothing is much better than doing or saying anything. Let them actually play their hands out, and observe what's this they've actually got, in order to distinguish between THAT - what you merely THINK they've got.

Keep in mind one thing though. Well, at least, it seems to me, like that thing is the case, judging from your texts. YOUR CONSCIENCE IS CLEAR. YOU DIDN'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING WRONG (YET), IN YOUR OPINION, IN REGARDS TO THE SITUATION. Don't let anyone tell you what you SHOULD or should not feel guilty about.

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this is a great great thread

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Also, going without saying is that YOU DON'T WRITE HER A FUCKING LETTER, YOU DON'T CALL HER, YOU DON'T SMS HER, YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP IN HER GENERAL DIRECTION, YOU DON'T LIFT A FINGER IN HER GENERAL DIRECTION, YOU GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE REGARDING HER MERELY AS A DISTRACTION. End of the story. And of course you don't pay for her fucking tuition (no need to notify her about it too, see "SHUT THE FUCK UP" part above).

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>she was in danger of having to drop out because of her money problems. Being sickly in love, I offered to help pay for her tuition until she could get back on her feet.
>She started giving me hugs when we were leaving after class, and turning around in lecture just to smile at me. She asked me out by the end of the week.


>Then the next day on snap chat she had a public picture of her kissing this black frisbee athlete

You tell the fucking bitch you are hiring a lawyer to get every fucking penny she wrung out of you unless she shuts the fuck up, and then you tell her you will get a restraining order on her psycho ass. If that doesn't shut the fucking whore up, ALPHA the fuck UP!

Give yourself a few bruises and a black eye if necessary after the next time you see her alone, you are clearly a beta male and people would believe it if your gf beat you up. Don't text these things, make sure you only call and don't leave any incriminating evidence of you faking your injuries.

Don't you fucking pay a penny you sunovabitch! You hear me! You read me!

This, fuck the whore, never give in to whores, the whole reason she ditched your ass was cause you are clearly Beta, what the fuck is wrong with you. Paying for a Whore's tuition. She had a shitty boyfriend who was clearly way more ALPHA than you, who had the bitch under her thumb. Why did you even fall in love with such a slut?

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You've got a real problem on your hands. I assume. I didn't read your post.

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>mfw this thread

Women are a fucking meme

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Get a fucking lawyer ASAP and don't even attempt to have any communication with her and forget about her PERIOD.

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Your first problem was showing weakness by offering to pay for her fucking tuition as a friend lol

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Basically you are a Soyman and a woman used for money.

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I don't want to do anything that would put her in harm's way. I don't even know what incident she is referring to with the assault accusation. I mean, what if it's just a misunderstanding? There's no reason things can't go back to the way they were, right?

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>threats to destroy his life
>"I dont want to harm her"
pay her even more, pal!

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Just pay her tuition, it's what you clearly want and deserve

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I'm calling bullshit on this. No man walking around with an ounce of self-respect thinks like this. If you don't realize that she's playing you with these accusations, and if you're serious, then maybe this will be a learning opportunity so you can see the world for what it is henceforth.

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I think I know you irl

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HAHAHA oh man

OP do you live in Minneapolis??

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Dude just tell her you love her and beg her forgiveness, she will be fine. Apologise for roughing her up and just admit it was your fault for snapping, that's all she wants to hear. Also, try not to be such a dick next time, sounds like this whole situation is your fault and you could've been way more supportive. No worries though, we all make mistakes. Hope she leaves that nigger dick and comes running back!

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no, never fucking admit guilt. if she's serious about going to the police, that shit might hold up in court

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Buddy. You WILL NOT pay her tuition. You WILL get a lawyer if she continues to pester you about the "assault" and/or her tuition. You WILL NOT interact with her in any way unless absolutely necessary from this point on.
Can you follow these instructions?

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this. despite it being hard to read this OP, this is the best advice on this thread. I've been in a similar situation and honestly believed the other person was a nice person and that I had fucked up. I didnt. She's a bitch. It'll take you time to get used to that concept but for now, remember its not your fault and follow this dudes advice.

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shit, if he did continue to pay after being told to pay or they'd go to the police for assault, it could be taken as an admission of guilt and prosecuted on that basis

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>being this beta and giving out advice

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Exactly this. Don't you dare give her a penny.

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Block her and move on. That's it. She won't file for an assault you didn't commit because she doesn't have money in the first place to afford the lawsuit. She's trying to manipulate you. Block and move on. Easy.

It's not easy, seeing as you love her. But it's for the best.

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You guys are all chauvinistic assholes, seriously. This guy is clearly giving the poor girl on time and now he comes on here acting like he's the victim, giving you your queue to begin your woman-hating monologues. You fucked up. Admit it. Pay her tuition like you promised, buy her some flowers and suck it up.

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this is really good bait; uncanny how you were able to weave believable stupidity with popular memes like that. “she started talking to me after the nog (not yet named but implied) robbed her” “we dated for like a month and then she broke up with me after our first fight” “she dated a nog and wanted me to pay her tuition” “the unnamed dude threatened me with fake assault charges” “what bro! i totally wouldn’t touch her wtf bro” 9/10 made my morning

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>Tell her she's being moody

Big mistake, you never ever do that.
I fell sorry for you, but it doesn't sound like there is much hope to be had, less so in a fucking letter, by the sound of her. Good luck anyways.

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bro don't play yourself.

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Giving the poor girl a hard time*

You are no better than Louis CK or Harvey Weinstein or any of these other jerks, just man up and fix your mistake.

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Judging by this thread men are a meme too

t. Lacan

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This desu

>oh look I manipulated a girl into having sex with me why does this have consequences???
Cry me a river OP

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>literally exploiting a retard's financial insecurity
>not only that, but also convincing yourself that ITS TRUE LOVE
>act confused when your schizoid relationship falls apart quickly and completely


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Dear _______,

Let me begin by saying how sorry I am. I have a tendency to blow things out of proportion and I know I can be a jerk. I hope your happy with your new man, let me know what financial arrangement you need and please tell me if there's anything I can do to help.

Forever yours,

Something like that

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*Forever your loyal paypig,

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The "forever" part is important because it erases any doubts about your ability to be an independent and self respecting man.

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I'm at this point in my life where I just sit here and read really long blogposts about the fake lives of random virgins, and actually feel the need to comment. Someone save me

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>Paying tuition
Never even did this for my current LTR GF.
I was hoping she'd drop out so I'd be better than her.

Never pay what isn't necessary and when you must pay, make sure they know they owe you.

I would have started beating her or just flat out emotionally manipulating her.
Threaten to put nudes on internet. Post pics around campus walls.
At this point it's a fight for control and you shrank from the challenge.
You will either destroy her bend her to your will.

As for the black guy, just say you have HIV. You've probably got it now. Then go on about how they chick is loose used goods and ask him how your nuts taste.

Never ever answer her again and move on.

Boy, you in a whole heap of trouble. Best thing you can do is just cut her off move on and threaten to sue her for blackmailing if she calls you again.

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always affirming when you get riled up reading an OP only to find someone has responded already word for word what you were thinking in your head

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Print out the text messages and keep a log of the phone message and get a lawyer

Maybe see if you can report "extortion" or something to the police

that is if you didn't just make all this up

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>you still got the power to be a bit humoristic with those feels faces

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Try this.

To the wild shrew,

Though our time was brief and your legs quite loose.
Life has gotten better since we've agreed that my time is worth more than your vagoo.
Good luck with Tyrone, I'm sure he's going to help you come morning and you've caught hpv.
Mean while I'll be using all my extra money on another dumb cum slut.

Dictated not read,

Send it with some Monopoly money.

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fucking kek