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How /lit/ is your name?
>tfw unironically named Todd
I give myself 1/10, I mean what fucking author do you know with that name

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Benito Camelo

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Christian [Scandinavian]sen

I give myself a 3

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Bog standard biblical name, 5/10.

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Norman Edward [last name]
Not bad imo, although girls always say I haave an "old man name".
Also, my middle name should be Edwardovich (like my older brother), but my dad wanted a more American sounding name (my brother was born in Russia, whereas I was born in America).

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Now that is a lala prancing homo name

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5/10 because it's attached to a single prominent author but /lit/ would hate it for being too American and trendy and I would agree

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Norman is a good name

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Joshua. It's a common name, but I think it's better than Josh.

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inb4 William sweeps the thread

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You never even had a chance.

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I’m Norman Bécel-Meso, which is exotic, if nothing else.

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Braxton desu

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DuBois Auerbach Éntaune

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Gustavo Euclides

or Gustav, Gustaf, Gustavus, Gustave

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Mathias (first name) is pretty dope.

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I am a white male

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(((semi-obscure Biblical name))) (aesthetic English surname)
7/10 it'll look good on what I want to do.

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tfw two first names

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Same. We are named after the lord and savior, the greatest of all, the redeemer of the world.

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sup Esau

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>jamarckius mcspeartoss
I get by

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Liam _____
It's supposedly one of the most common but I think I've only ever met another 3 Liams in my entire life. I'm 24.

Anyway I'd give my name a 4/10 because it's boring

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Lmao...sure if that’s how you rationalize it, Holofernes

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I changed my name in court because I had 2 first names.

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Bryan (weird name)

Probably a 7/10 could mingle well with freaks and hippies 2bh

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Not, William, just Will

I don't know what my parents were thinking

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It's Hunter. I find people either really love it or really hate it.

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I like it, the biggest downside is the amount of "alex"s, not people who shorten their name but people whos full name is Alex.
Alexander 9/10
Alex 2/10

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i hate it

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Whats the worst name ever? My niece has a baby named Nash and its the worst fucking name in existence.

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Felix Cooper [Last name]

I'd probably use F.C. [Last name] if I was a professional writer

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Nash is tight, sounds like a country music star, but I like Americana ish

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It's old-school but feels kind of smug.

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highkey wish it was carmelo, but that a good ass name

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what, cuz nashville?

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Christopher ?

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I like Silas. when you're an old white man, it'll be fucking badass. make sure to bald on the top only , have a nice full beard and smoke cigars

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Leroy. Love my name, not particularly literary, which honestly I count as a boon. Would dislike having a pretentious sounding named.

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My name’s Garrett and I literally know no other famous person named that besides some shitty actor named Garrett Hedlund

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Have you read The Rise of Silas Lapham

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This is good, if you ever become famous you'll have a monopoly on the name.

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yeah probably

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Eh, I'll take it.

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Haakon Stedt [Last Name]

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datamining thread

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>tfw named for the sixth book of the Old Testament


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2/10 your nickname better be "Benny"

Todd is a nice solid name, 6/10

0/10 there are too many of you


6/10 would be a 7 except that you're slavic

0/10 gross WASP name, unless you're a rich industrial tycoon in that case it's 8/10

can tell if fake, but french names are always 9/10

2/10 pretty gross

6/10 pretty unique

0/10 gross late millenial name

0/10 Bryan's a shit name

0/10 there are too many of you I would literally consider not hiring you against an equal employment contender because of that name


there are too many of you, 0/10


3/10 people will think you are an old man


8/10 insta-pussy

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>Felix Cooper [Last name]
shit I'm prepping to be an old man, I aint getting any younger

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Hows it going fellow Joshboys

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it's super common now, but not 24 years ago

that'd be bad for a boy, but it's TERRIBLE for a girl.

sounds like a name a shitty movie writer would give to a serial killer or chimo.

does your last name start with an L?

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Jake Shirley
I would probably just call myself Jake Edward (middle name) because that sounds better

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Luckily no

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Is my name peculiar to any of you?

John-Albert [Spanish Color for middle name] [Spanish last name]

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i have the same name as a famous football player
i used to get jokes about it
but it's kind of useful because at least if you google me you'd have to flip through 200 pages of reults about him before you found any of the stupid things i've done

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A rusty vermillion.

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>J.E Juneau
I want to change my first name to Roman, but changing your first name seems a bit forced

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Indians fucking love it but I'm not Indian and my parents chose it for being an Irish name apparently

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Nicholas Alexander

kinda cool imo

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Opinion on Joshua?

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OP here.

Francis Bartholomew Irving. That's FBI for short.

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go to bed oj

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Nicholas [flemish(dutch for u geography brainlets) occupational surname]
my last name is pretty much the only one like it in america, tho its fairly common in the region my family is from

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>Ashley as a boy's name

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My name is José Antonio, many people like it but I think it sounds dull as fuck. It's my dad's name btw

My friends callme Tony which I like, the only problem is that is also my fathers' nickname

José Antonio 4/10

Tony 7.5/10

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Heinrich Oppenheimer

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you have a talk skull and look intelligent, good for you and your parents anon. you deserve to breed, find a wife if you don’t already have one and give the gift of progeny to the race

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Not having three (3) first names

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it's all good senpai; That's my good friend's last name

I find that John-Albert Vermillion [Spaniard Name] is pretty cool

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Very scholarly British surname, belongs on textbooks

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I'd give myself 6/10 since it's not very common.

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isaiah. i really can't give myself a score

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De Andrade surname. How /lit/ is it?

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Thanks anon, I will find a good wife and we will live in the countryside

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very lit considering theres a tranny who shares it

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Adam. I can't state my last name because I'm the only person on the planet with my name.

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Similar story here. I have 2 middle names cause my mother decided not to change her last name when she got married so I have the anglicised version of a Czech surname.

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Alfredo Montejano

My first name gets mixed reactions, my last gets mostly praise because it isn't common.

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Ever try Tonio? I've got a friend with nearly the same name except it is Jose Antonio Olivares but his family just calls him Tonio.

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you lyin'

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Sarah (greasy Italian name)


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My dumb bogan cousin naked her kid Lexi but spelt it leksi.
So she made a a bad name even worse.

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You sound like a villain.

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Leroy is a doofy name.

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Nathan Doe


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Seemed familiar, then I remembered

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Sounds cool.

>> No.10389018

Javier Adrián (Last name)

Sounds like a south American writter.


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if it may be allowed any consolation:

in my language, it's close to "liksi", meaning "vigor" or energy/energetic.
still sucks since in that pronunciation (LEKsi), it sounds extremely provincial. like, "WELCOME TO THE FUCKING RICEFIELDS" provincial.

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I am a joshboy and i am named after a famous gun manufacturer...

Joshua Remington

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You went to Campolindo High School?

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My name is Mario.
Solid patrician roman name also Nintendo: 9/10

>> No.10389286

oh shit
i cant remember the character though. what was the context

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James Chen

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Ignatius [surname from Southern Italy] and I absolutely loathe A Confederacy of Dunces.

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Nicholas Alexander [surname]. Both derived from Ancient Greek, there's a Nicholas mentioned by Thucydides, and Paris in the Iliad is also known as Alexander.

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William [English last name]

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Pretty sure there is a writer named Garet Garrett.

Samuel here.

>> No.10389371

That's the word for "word" in greek.

>> No.10389381

Silas was the protag's bro, tough motherfucker too

>> No.10389390

wow, i like my name to a point but always thought the combination was shit but alright

>> No.10389391


You can't beat me

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Autistic Nazi/10

>> No.10389474

4/10, just because muh bible and steinbeck
also could one of you fuckers call my name in one of those book name threads just for once please

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0/10 name for publishing in English or indeed outside Scandinavia.

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When I was younger, I didn't like it very much, but now that I think of it, it's pretty /lit/. It's the Finnish version of Alexander, and Wikipedia has this to say about the meaning of the name:

>The name Alexander is derived from the Greek "Ἀλέξανδρος" (Aléxandros), meaning "Defender of the people" or "Defending men" and also, "Protector of men", a compound of the verb ἀλέξειν alexein, "to ward off, to avert, to defend" and the noun ἀνήρ anēr, "man" (GEN ἀνδρός andros).

This is very fitting, because as a thinker and a writer well, both of these are still very much a work in progress, although I do think and write I see my purpose to be a champion of God and Mother Europa. What I mean by this, is that I'm most interested in promoting traditional values, fighting Islam and degeneracy in all its forms, and practicing Christian apologetics. In other words, I aim to defend traditional Christianity, and the integrity and continuity of my country and people.

Nomen est omen.

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would all drink till closing time with/10

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You changed your first name to a last name?

>> No.10389642


I like it

>> No.10389657


I don’t think it’s very /lit/, but I never had problems with it.

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Fucking kek.

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My mexican friend would be proud of me because I actually understood this

>> No.10389674


Feels white mane.

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You mean slavic,

>> No.10389709

Howard Flenvang
i think it's ok

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Have you seen Twin Peaks?

>> No.10389746


I think it's pretty nice but people always assume I'm black for some reason.

I like these.

I knew a retarded kid in highschool named Calum who started living in a homeless camp and was arrested for stealing a gun. 10/10.

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Great post my man, please fuck off back to your containment board now and never post again you huge faggot

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>mooom, someone on the internet disagrees with me

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How /lit/ is that? I honestly have no clue because I never come here.

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My name is basically George Emperor if I translate it to english. Pretty good.

>> No.10389803

juden raus

>> No.10389831


Most of my friends call me ‘Oli’ which definitely discounts the literary value.

>> No.10389862

Sergei Soyuz

I need to write dimestore scifi to submit to asimov's or something.

>> No.10389882


Recently overused, liked it better when I was the only one I knew.

Still 6.5/10

>> No.10389891

Unironically terrible name, and you don't have the right to judge yourself to begin with.

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biblical king/10

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>> No.10389916

Blacks in the USA use a lot of Roman era names like Marcus and Lucius etc. Not surprised someone would think that you're black even though your name is Greek and as far as I know blacks don't use Greek names at all.

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>> No.10389927

Eirik, FUcking vikang name that sounds retarded in any other language than norwegian

>> No.10389949

why would niggers use Roman names

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>> No.10389967


My initials add up to JRE. That's the same acronym as Java Runtime Environment. I could e in a Discordian novel.

>> No.10389973

>tfw alfred and surname is a medieval village in Somerset

Parents named me after Tennyson desu

>> No.10389977

It's pretty bad cause most Andrades suck.

>> No.10389984

i was named after ivan karamazov, in a female version. 9/10

>> No.10389985

ivana drimpf lol

>> No.10390014

>ctrl+f "Sebastian"
>not a single hit


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My sister named her daughter Tegan, and I always thought it sounded like a white trash name, but kept the opinion to myself.

>> No.10390069

Aria (male)

>> No.10390070


Who else here /slavshit/?

>> No.10390073

0/10 people will think you're a football club

>> No.10390109

Pascal de Hond

>> No.10390120


>> No.10390130

I have one of the oldest Biblical names.

>> No.10390173

Erick Horacio. I really don't like my second name tho

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My name is Agnar, I am literally named after an author.

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My name is Arthur.

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it just works

>> No.10390306

Christian is provocative, though, in these times. And nords get a +1 bonus due to that girl who guy. Unless you are Christian Rapemyfagassen I'd say at least 6/10

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>Christian is provocative, though, in these times.
Where tf do you live? I live in one of the largest cities in Norway, and I have never encountered anyone who have had any "objections" to the name, and it is quite common here.
The only example of such a thing I can think of was when this guy changed his name (he was born Kristian).

>> No.10390381

Pleb name desu

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Aurélien. 7/10

>> No.10390445

>Where tf do you live?
Jew York.

>> No.10390460

surname is archaic French that nobody can spell or pronounce so 2/10

>> No.10390474

Sergei is a perfectly fine name

>> No.10390550

they wuz romanz

>> No.10390575


-> What the fuck is this -143598723 /10

>> No.10390582


Most /lit/ name ever desu

>> No.10390592

Well I suggest you either take up crossdressing as a hobby and full-time activity or change your name.

>> No.10390611

you'll have to master the difference between was/were if you're going to be a professional writer, bucko

>> No.10390621

stands out to much in the southern US

>> No.10390635

well why are you using the worst version of my beautiful name

Zachary is excellent

>> No.10390646

My mother fell in love with a G*rm

>> No.10390679

>tfw you have some dumb Irish-celtic name no one can pronounce


>> No.10390699

Jeremias. R8

>> No.10390711


>> No.10390728

pedrinho is 9/10

>> No.10390736

Nah, I haven't; I just searched it. lol Dale Cooper? hhaha

>> No.10390744

looooooool, thats funny

>> No.10390763

Sumire [common surname]-e

I'd give myself a 1/10 for generic

very cute. if you have siblings I hope your parents continued the theme.

h-hi, how do i befriend a nord

how often do people pronounce your name correctly? 10/10 in my book.

>> No.10390771

My first name is pretty normal which is fine but my last name makes me sound like I'm fit to write self help books sold in airports


>> No.10390802

tfw generic serf Russian last name
If I ever publish anything it will have to be pseudonymous

>> No.10390808

Nathaniel Edward (first and middle name)

My father is from Concord, Massachusetts. My mother was reading The House of Seven Gables at the time of my birth.


>> No.10390877

Not funny. It's a traditional name.

>> No.10390891


I'm not black, I'm a scandinavian dude. It's a really common name where I live

>> No.10390897

non-Generic Finnish name and it's still pretty crap

>> No.10390900



>> No.10390911

Caleb, Praise yeezus

>> No.10390983

my cuzin has a fancy italian name that doesn't go well with his jewish last name(were american, but his dad is an italyboo). to make matters worse, his dad gave him the middle name 'reef' (and he uses the middle name quite often) because he loves surfing. hes a lawyer, so i dont know how this retardation overcame him

>> No.10390995

what name will you give your children, /lit/?

for me: Dietrich, Roland, Kurt, Donovan, or Rodrick

>> No.10391014

Vitus - it's actually not an uncommon name where I'm from

>> No.10391019

Ian 10/10

>> No.10391029

>three first names
>first and last are Gaelic bullshit
>people confuse my first and last names all the time


>> No.10391036

I’ve liked Noah for a long time but it’s gotten too popular lately

>> No.10391038

>h-hi, how do i befriend a nord
get us drunk or take us hiking in the mountains

>> No.10391044

My name is unironically Aristotle.

>> No.10391048

Hedda, Nora and Solveig

>> No.10391054

hello Brian Riley

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File: 54 KB, 197x190, haii.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is Malcolm /lit/? i'm not black btw

>> No.10391083

my kids are being named Agafia, Alyosha, 'Mitya and Duncan

>> No.10391100

I know someone who named her kid Grayson Ajax [last name]. Ajax is cool except this isn’t 1000bc, the parents are boring and unimpressive people, and the kid is already a fucking spoiled asshole at like 4 years old.

It’s like naming your kid Thor. Basically never gonna work. Although I do know a chick named Athena who’s hot enough to pull that off.

>> No.10391118

how do you like Nogne brews? we can read some Hamsun in our cabin.

am I doing it right?

>> No.10391183

>h-hi, how do i befriend a nord
Same as most places I would imagine, just take care not to be overly extroverted.
tell us our country is great as well, especially our nature
Also, don't group "nords" into one group.
The only reason we drink is to get shitfaced as well.

>> No.10391271

jealous cus Ajax is going to grow up to be a Chad

>> No.10391294

Thor/Tor is pretty common name in Scandinavia.

>> No.10391384

Barrett LeSabre

Rate my name

>> No.10391398

Nobel Prize winners and emperors have held my name .

As for my surnames, both of them are Italian. One is not very well-known, the other was the surname of a few eminent people, including a woman who's usually regarded as one of the very greatest actresses of the past century.

>> No.10391413

Valentino, Ludovico, Durante, Francesco, Giuseppina, Eletta, Martina, Anna Antonietta.

>> No.10391414

Tfw Barrett

We could have been name-brothers

>> No.10391424

Oh God if you’re Sarah A then i’ve never forgiven you for dumping over text that shit was low

You can unfriend me but you can’t unsuck my dick.

>> No.10391455


>> No.10391477

Never seen Thor with an h in my life.

>> No.10391485

>tfw Burns
Robert Burns did it so it works

>> No.10391502

Silas is a great name.

Honestly, that's an improvement.

>> No.10391527

Anton Saguaro Jackson III

>> No.10391560

I kind of want to name my son (if I have one) Ulysses.

>> No.10391568

Been told multiple times mine sounds likes a writer's name

>> No.10391569

Joshua. It's a name good for anything.

>> No.10391574

Say your name ya big wuss.

>> No.10391607

Vladimír for male
Veronika or Viktorie for female

>> No.10391616

Andrew, followed by stereotypically Northern surname. Siblings are named in ways which coincidentally (and apparently inadvertently) makes us all named after current members of the Royal Family.

If it is unintentional it's testament to how deep the reverence for the monarchy runs in the English subconscious.

>> No.10391619

Jensen is a good last name.

>> No.10391622

Juan Galo

>> No.10391637

Heyerdahl, Hushovd, the list could go on

>> No.10391645

>3 names
>one german, one latin, one italian
>surname is archaic word for hunter, rare
I'm doing fairly good, but I don't even want to imagine how americans would pronounce it, so I go for a 8/10

>> No.10391653

Thank you.

>> No.10391656

I think my name is pretty /lit/

>> No.10391686


>> No.10391692


>> No.10391766

Please rate:

Michael Anthony

>> No.10391819

Joseph, but I go by Joey and Yoav to certain friends and relatives.

>> No.10391976


>> No.10391981

Did you go to Copenhagen Business School?

>> No.10392012

I literally can't post my last name cause there's only 30 people in the world with it.
My first name is Daniel though

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File: 205 KB, 900x750, george-bernard-shaw-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

George, named after the kings of England. Jealous, much?

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>> No.10392037

Kieran [shitty gospel singer] [random gaelic name]

I just tell everyone my name is Kiera so I don't sound like an edgelord

>> No.10392051

Jan-Marc Reichenbach here

>> No.10392090

Nicolas, common and boring, but not so bad

>> No.10392117

My name (initials and surname) is only a single letter different from that of a small time Fantasy author's, I'd say 4/10.

>> No.10392123

I like it and there hasn't been any great writers with that name yet so even if I end up mediocre no-one will confuse me for someone more talented.

>> No.10392137

Also what kind of pleb doesn't have multiple names? Is this an anglo thing?

>> No.10392139

Felipe Arturo


>> No.10392209

Theodore , kinda like it

>> No.10392214


>> No.10392240 [DELETED] 

>>10387820 Todd 6/10 >>10387824 Benito Camelo 8/10 >>10387833 Pat 3/10 >>10387836 Norman Edward 4/10 >>10387838 "lala prancing homo name" 4/10 >>10387857 Joshua 4/10 >>10387864 Norman Bécel-Meso 5/10 >>10387867 Braxton Desu 4/10 >>10387903 DuBois Auerbach Ãntaune 6/10 >>10387916 Gustavo Euclides 2/10 >>10387948 Mathias 5/10 >>10387958 Sequoyah 1/10 >>10387968 <Rare biblical> <English> 10/10 >>10387983 Jamarckius Mcspeartoss 0/10 >>10387984 Liam 1/10 >>10387989 Holofernes 8/10 >>10388004 Bryan 5/10 >>10388007 Will 3/10 >>10388023 Alexander 5/10 >>10388044 Ethan 1/10 >>10388045 Zeus Lloyd 8/10 >>10388145 Nash 1/10 >>10388156 Felix Cooper 7/10 >>10388163 Silas 4/10 >>10388166 Highkey Carmelo 3/10 >>10388168 Thorold 2/10 >>10388173 Christopher 5/10 >>10388178 Leroy 6/10 >>10388180 Garrett 6/10 >>10388249 Patrick 5/10 >>10388261 Haakon Stedt 7/10 >>10388263 lol >>10388361 Jake Shirley 2/10 >>10388461 John-Albert 3/10 >>10388471 Michael 2/10 >>10388484 Alejandro 2/10 >>10388506 J. E. Juneau 7/10 >>10388522 Rohan 5/10 >>10388529 Padraig 4/10 >>10388530 Nicholas Alexander 5/10 >>10388547 Naylor 0/10 >>10388566 Francis Bartholomew Irving 5/10 >>10388593 Ashley 2/10 is pic hannibal butress? >>10388603 José "Tony" Antonio 6/10 >>10388614 Heinrich Oppenheimer 4/10 >>10388660 Braulio 5/10 are you related to dr brule >>10388675 get to work then >>10388686 Calum 2/10 calcum better >>10388695 Isaiah 5/10 >>10388716 De Andrade 6/10 >>10388734 Despacito 6/10 >>10388738 Spic 7/10 >>10388763 Adam 4/10 >>10388804 <Anglicised Czech> 6/10 >>10388883 Alfredo Montejano 3/10 >>10388894 Jack 5/10 >>10388921 Sarah 5/10 >>10388964 Lexi 4/10 >>10388997 Nathan Doe 7/10 >>10389018 Javier Adrián 4/10 >>10389023 " 'WELCOME TO THE FUCKING RICEFIELDS' provincial" 10/10 >>10389113 Joshua Remington 7/10 >>10389279 Mario 2/10 >>10389289 James Chen 5/10 >>10389312 Ignatius 2/10 sounds like ignoramus, gnat, and latinate >>10389321 Nicholas Alexander 8/10 hellenic >>10389323 Steven 3/10 >>10389391 Tiziano 4/10 >>10389444 Anders 8/10 like ender >>10389540 Abraham 7/10 >>10389564 Kjartan 6/10 >>10389574 Santeri 8/10 but why not the old gods >>10389642 Charles 3/10 keep liking it this 3 doesnt mean anything >>10389657 Zoltán 3/10 but lose the accent >>10389674 Vladimir 4/10 >>10389709 Howard Flenvang 8/10 >>10389746 Leonidas 9/10 >>10389790 Levi 4/10 >>10389799 George Emperor 6/10 >>10389803 Juden Raus 7/10 >>10389831 Oliver 3/10 >>10389862 Sergei Soyuz 8/10 >>10389902 Caspar 2/10 >>10389925 Lachlan 5/10 >>10389927 Eirik 3/10 >>10389949 adopted grandeur by those denied it (in part by such epithets) >>10389967 JRE 0/10 fuck java >>10389973 Alfred Tennyson 4/10 >>10389984 Ivan Karamazov 5/10 >>10390014 Sebastian 6/10 >>10390034 Travis 3/10 >>10390065 Tegan 3/10 >>10390069 Aria 4/10 >>10390070 Konstantin 2/10 >>10390109 Pascal de Hond 6/10 >>10390120 Dante 5/10 >>10390173 Erick Horacio 2/10 >>10390187 Agnar 4/10 >>10390197 Arthur 3/10 >>10390381 Zack 0/10

>> No.10392245

You uh *smacks lips* missed me

>> No.10392253
File: 36 KB, 206x191, lids.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry desu 3000 char max

>> No.10392254

My first name is Jackson. pretty fucken /lit/ in my opinion

>> No.10392257

I uh *smacks lips* posted near the beginning of the thread

>> No.10392328 [DELETED] 

>>10390408 Benjamin 3/10 >>10390435 Aurélien 6/10 >>10390460 Ryan 5/10 >>10390575 Ouakli 7~8/10 >>10390582 Adam 3/10 >>10390592 sad but true >>10390621 Abraham 6/10 >>10390635 Zachary 6/10 >>10390646 Anton 5/10 >>10390679 Fionn 5/10 >>10390699 Jeremias Reight 6/10 >>10390711
Pedro 5/10 vote you >>10390728 Pedrinho 9/10 luck im a pedrinhophile >>10390736 Dale Cooper 2/10 >>10390763 Sumire 4/10 >>10390771 Boss 3/10 >>10390808 Nathaniel Edward 3/10 you already posted >>10390877 dont seek respect >>10390891 Marcus 4/10 wish you were black >>10390897 <Non-germanic Finnish> 5/10? >>10390995 Dietrich 5/10 >>10390995 Roland 6/10 >>10390995 Kurt 6/10 >>10390995 Donovan 2/10 >>10390995 Rodrick 0/10 >>10391014 Vitus 3/10 more like titus tight ass >>10391019 Ian 4/10 >>10391036 Isaac 5/10 >>10391044 Aristotle 7/10 >>10391048 Hedda 2/10 >>10391048 Nora 3/10 >>10391048 Solveig 5/10 >>10391066 Malcom 7/10 >>10391083 Agafia 1/10 what is this a play on gaddafi >>10391083 Alyosha 0/10 random phonemes >>10391083 'Mitya 1/10 whats it short for >>10391083 Duncan 1/10 molested me in gradeschool >>10391100 Grayson Ajax 3/10 >>10391100 Athena and hot enough to pull that off 10/10 >>10391384 Barrett LeSabre 3/10 but 9/10 iff drop the le >>10391413 Valentino 5/10 >>10391413 Ludovico 7/10 >>10391413 Durante 1/10 >>10391413 Francesco 1/10 >>10391413 Giuseppina 2/10 >>10391413 Eletta 1/10 >>10391413 Martina 1/10 >>10391413 Anna Antonietta 6/10 >>10391424 she would if youd let her >>10391455 Ekaterina 4/10 what does it mean, one-three-na? >>10391485 Burns 6/10 >>10391527 Anton Saguaro Jackson III 4/10 >>10391560 Ulysses 7/10 >>10391622 Juan Galo 8/10 >>10391637 Heyerdahl 1/10 sounds like you choked harold >>10391645 <German> <Latin> <Italian> <Archaic syn. for hunter> 4/10 but -1 for miscenomation and what's the word >>10391656 Anthony 3/10 >>10391692 Diana 4/10 >>10391692 Minerva 7/10 >>10391692 Apollo 9/10 but make him cute >>10391766 Michael Anthony 4/10 >>10392012 Daniel 5/10 >>10392026 George 5/10 better after mr washington >>10392037 Kieran 1/10 >>10392051 Jen-Marc Reichenbach 4/10 >>10392090 Nicholas 7/10 >>10392123 Visa 3/10 but interesting >>10392139 Felipe Arturo 7/10 >>10392209 Theodore 8/10 cf achewood >>10392214 Charlotte 6/10 >>10392254 Jackson 3/10 unless you're Litigation Jackson >>10392245 & >>10392257 lip smacking (You) poster 0/10

>> No.10392331

holy shit

>> No.10392332

Flipping hell m8

>> No.10392345
File: 15 KB, 700x265, comic.php.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Téodor Orezscu
pic related∵your tocayo is right in first two panels

>> No.10392348

James Adonis

>> No.10392355
File: 272 KB, 498x392, 1510359418923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10392377

Hey I think I have you as a friend in goodreads!

>> No.10392386
File: 724 KB, 500x700, 1494359729124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10392389

My first name is p bland so I guess I'll use my second one (Francisca)

>> No.10392392

i dont get it mate

>> No.10392400


>> No.10392401

you sure you weren't ironically named todd? parents sometimes say one thing and mean another. like when mommy tells you 'no,' and it really means 'yes'

>> No.10392413

Quentin Van"something"
Alright I guess ?

>> No.10392678

Rory B. Wood

>> No.10392746


>> No.10392765

Why? I am named after the man who created the Cherokee alphabet.

>> No.10392778


>> No.10392790

My first name is Matthew and I have a Slavic last name that ends in " wicz " ( pronounced vicz ).

How lit is my name?

>> No.10392791

Khyam named aftee Omae Khayyam

>> No.10392859

sitcom tier

>> No.10392874
File: 219 KB, 372x371, 1509298718801.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have the name of a very famous author. Feels /lit/, man.

>> No.10392944

My name's Rômulo. Kind of /lit/ I guess, but I hate it.

Also, I didn't realise how many spics there were in this board until now.

>> No.10392953

First name it's Felipe. So yeah very /lit/ from the Bible and whatever. Last name it's italian tough.

>> No.10393106

Eliel Coen

>> No.10393151

nice, very likely since all of my 'friends' from goodreads are from here

>> No.10393160

Todd Bodd sounds like a children's author to me tbqhwyf

>> No.10393229

Ivan Daneiro fell down the toilet seat and hit his head on the floor. There was a little blood which had gushed from his hurt little head. A head which did not contain a lot of brain, but it was his and he valued it, even if not in an outspoken manner. Thus it must have been quite the shock when he woke up in the hospital and quickly learned that he suffered from some rather severe brain damage. His capacity to understand language reached far enough to create a sort of consciousness of the repercussions that his stupid fall from the toilet seat while drunk had caused on his regular life. He was struggling to get the words out of his mouth. He wanted to say something but it was just an empty stuttering. The tears welled up in Ivan Modeiras eyes. Poison creeped through his blood as he felt his powerlessness. Once again he tried to talk but his body did not obey, and the orders were nonsensical anyway. There was a deep need to communicate, but it was akin to a childs need to cry to garner the affection of it's surroundings. He stuttered with the intention to get consolation but the doctor was indifferent and moved away. Perhaps the doctor wished to avoid the sight of Ivan Cavaleiros miserable state. His hands were twichting furiously and had he not been restrained there might have been some much more absolute body twitching. A twitching that went beyond twitching. A twisting and turning. An unbearably loud scream of agony being danced out by the body of the brain damanged Ivan Cavalhiero. I think he would have taken a shard of glass and smash it into that place of the breast where the heart is located as to end his life. Certainly an overreaction? Ivan Caveliro had Brain Damage, but perhaps it could be recovered and perhaps Life was not such a bad affair even without a "fully functioning" brain. Ivan Lodeiro liked to read. He would read many hours per day if he was not working in the drug store. He also liked to drink with his friends. I think all 3 of those things could be recovered with some disciplined efforts to recuperate from the damages.But of course a rational analysis of the true gravity of his loss was out of place. Even if Ivan Ribeiro would be able to recuperate, it would just be a simulation by a retard. The brain damage was permanent. Like a dog he could be trained to emulate the life of Ivan Lodeiro as it had been, but certainly the void which his loss had left behind would never be cured. And he felt this void, this grand void which had emerged after his silly accident. He hadn't even noticed that he was bawling like a helpless little baby! Ivan Banderas drank a little too much and his head got wooshy and he fell from the toilet and his head smashed a little bit too heavily on the tile floor and blood was gushing. The door was locked. He was found the next morning. There was more blood there then and he was unconscious. An innocent night out with one's friends! Ivan wasn't a smart cookie but still. Just like that. it's a bit embarras

>> No.10393318


If you add a Hispanic surname sounds really patrician.

>> No.10393448

Manuel with a heavy German last name. Sortof annoying tho cause I'm 100% European, but ppl think I'm Mexican because of my first name

>> No.10393451

yeah americans are really really really really stupid, im only saying this because no one from /int/ posts here

>> No.10393829


>> No.10393988

Maximilian Wolfe

for real.

>> No.10393991

shut up spic

>> No.10393998

Konrad de Bruyner

>> No.10393999

>not telling the yankees face to face that they are dumb as shit save for the exceptions

>> No.10394075

Kutay. Has a nice meaning but resembles nasty words in some languages.

>> No.10394081

William Bradford Benson
A bunch of anglo and german nobleman names, pretty god tier for authorhood.
I do plan on sometime using the penname
"Radford Bradley Penname-ison"

>> No.10394100


>> No.10394154

Spelled the same way as mine. Well if I don’t become a famous Garrett, I hope u get to be

>> No.10394230

Nice Try CIA

you already have my name and number, plus, CIA is all palaver and what they can get out of you

>> No.10394233

Linguine? Avocado? Sicily?

>> No.10394254

it's surreal to think you people have names

>> No.10394261

I used to be an edgy nihilist in high school so once or twice people joked I was a Dosto character. My surname is a unit of measurement, so there's that.

>> No.10394268
File: 677 KB, 1148x720, 1450253117676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Joshua [French name] [Portuguese last name]

I am Asian.

>> No.10394270

I give it a 0

>> No.10394271

>[Gospel Author] + [Hyphenated surname (Uncommon Irish one + Uncommon English one)]

I win

>> No.10394274

Is it any good? Like Salman Rushdie sort of good?

>> No.10394276

honour, im italian so in italy its "onore"
6/10, i think its a good name but it can be placed in the same category as names like "hope" and "grace' which i dont love
t. girl

>> No.10394280

Hans Giger, its a gud name. i like women and dismemberment and thraot fugging a lot

>> No.10394320

Garrett Hedlund was great in Inside Llewyn Davis as a beat poet, have you seen it?

>> No.10394455

not everyone here is american. It's a french name. foreigners usually have a hard time pronouncing it though.

>> No.10394467


same :^)
not a slav tho

>> No.10394561


>> No.10394741

>tfw when two last names

>> No.10394800

After Beckett, of course.

>> No.10394861

Oskaar Erik [scandinavian surname][finnish surname]

>> No.10394866

All too common to be anything higher then a 4, yet exactly because i share it with some prominent historical figures it's not completely terreble.

>> No.10395009
File: 122 KB, 1200x1492, 1497350096268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really no, in my family the first son takes the fathers first name as his second given name.
So i can have my name like this:

Henry (father's name) (grandfather's name) (surname).

>> No.10395207

I'm sorry, that's actually the name I'm called by, but not my first name. It's Ernest. 8/10.

>> No.10395727

old first name, unique northern middle name and rare scottish last name. 10/10

>> No.10396098

Tonio? I've never heard of it, I only heard Toño as a diminutive of José Antonio but never Tonio, it sounds prettty cool, might try it.

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