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Just ordered the text.

What am I in for?

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Hegel's Phenomenology of the spirit

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Spending 200 hours, reading 591 pages.

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about my usual rate

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Like trying to jump into a viscous abyss. It can be fun though, he uses his own words to denote his own concepts so you're kind of in a unique abstract world where everything inverts and splits and reconnects. Sorcery desu

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it's basically theology in rabulistic disguise
or as Schopenhauer put it "A flat-headed, insipid, nauseating, illiterate charlatan."

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Just learn serious maths desu

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You should really just form your own opinions
>implying theology in rabulistic disguise a bad thing
Did you skip Aquinas and Hinduism to?
The point isn't to learn about the structure of reality as we can actually understand it, but to learn about Hegel's own world. It's an art form, a fundamental part of humanities and linked closely to religion; plus Hegel published lectures analyzing art and history from his own lens, and influenced all the later philosophers worth reading. If you critique Hegel like this then you must do the same to Plato or Buddhism, but that'd be fucking stupid wouldn't it?

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Being totally redpilled!

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Schopys philosophy wasn't all that different from Hegels, except for the part where he couldn't into Parmenides (which is pretty ironic considering he was a huge Plato-fag)

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Schopenhauer was bitter that he didn't receive much recognition for much of his life which I think motivated some of his peppered critiques of some of his contemporaries (speaking of the random angry attacks that pop up in his work, not his longer actual critiques)

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