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>creates nihilism

Heh ... nothing personal, Western civilization

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>Nietzsche teleports behind u
Omae wa mou, shindeiru
>Luther turns, confused and panicked and utters "Nani?!?!"
>He fucking explodes

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He’s surely in the ninth circle of hell.

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t. Jew

>accidentally drops pic related

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>implying I’m a hymie

That kraut faggot is the worst thing to ever happen to Christianity.

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Luther is the opposite of nihilism

Typical Catholic confusing Dante's fiction with doctrine and scripture

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Actually, the Catholic Church is the one behind all the nihilism that assolates modern society.

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For most of post-Reformation history, it has been axiomatic in theological histories of the controversy to propose Martin Luther as a devoted follower of the theology St. Augustine of Hippo, the great opponent of the Manichees. This is not surprising, given that Augustine is often invoked by the Reformers against Catholic dogma, that heretics such as Calvin and Cornelius Jansen have made a corrupted Augustinianism the center of their doctrines, that Augustine's bold stance in favor of grace against the Pelagians lent itself to a certain degree of use by Reformers arguing in favor of sola fide and double-predestination, and that Luther himself was an Augustinian monk. Contemporary scholarship, however, reveals quite a contrary picture of Luther. Far from invoking Augustine against Rome, Martin Luther shows himself disdainful of the great doctor of Hippo, and in fact an advocate of the dualist theology of the Manichees.



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*only good

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Elaborate pls

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Read Dostoyevsky and you'll understand.

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>Anyone who reads a book understands it
I hope that everyone who says things like what you said is just memeing

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Also Kierkegaard

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You need to read Dostoevsky more critically and not just mindlessly repeat what he says or what some scholar wrote in an introduction or footnote for the Grand Inquisitor scene.

Dostoevsky did not know anything that he was talking about with regard to Catholicism. The West would be nowhere without the Catholic Church; it did a far better job at preserving civilization than any Eastern institution. In fact, the Catholic Church is the only powerful Church institution of any influence today and many of the once mighty historical Protestant and Eastern Orthodox churches are in terminal decline. In the coming years, Christendom is going to look more Catholic and Evangelical than anything else.

Dostoevsky did have some prescience with regard to the value of institutions and their preservation, especially the institution of the Russian Orthodox Church. He was spot-on in his judgement that the rise of the nihilists corresponded with the rise of the Enlightenment and the decline of the Church. However, this idea was already well-defined by Edmund Burke in his observations on the French Revolution. Dostoevsky, whether he was familiar with Burke or not, was essentially a Burkean conservative and knew what doom would come to Russia with the destruction of the institutions of monarchy and church.

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Tsarist Russia was a monumental shithole, though. Peasants could not even afford to eat chicken once in a while.

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He oдним хлeбoм cыт чeлoвeк.

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g*rmans are the worst thing to ever happen to the human race

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So deep... бляяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяя.

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True, however, Tsarist Russia often failed to provide even the most basic means for human existence. 90% lived miserable lives and couldn't care less about the philosophical aspect of life.

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>serfs in misery can't care for the philosophic aspects of life

Fucking neoliberals every time.

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They simply hadn't had the education, not even a basic understanding of causality.

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Over two thirds of population were illiterate in 19th century, you bumbling pol mongoloid.

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>philisophy = logic
>literacy is a prerequisite for philosophy

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>bumbling pol mongoloid
Says the smug chauvanistic paternalist

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>>literacy is a prerequisite for philosophy


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>look guys I'm pretending to be retarded

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The funny thing about Russia is that the elites (which acquired their obscene wealth precisely through neoliberalism) themselves have their property and children stored in corruptio-free Western countries.

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>look guys i'm feigning superiority because clinging to absurd assumptions has backed me into an ideological corner

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> intensifies your Lutheran path and creates post-modernism

"I am Heideggerian." - Jacques Derrida AND Michel Foucault

Remind me again when Germans stopped practicing human sacrifice? Heidegger would probably jerk off to this like it were a good thing. "M-Muh Heraclitus! Muh German-Greek verb tenses!"

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Jesus never read nor wrote

Eschec mat atheists

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The assumption that Russian serfs had a possibility to acquire any meaningful knowledge about the World around them is false.

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You realize Alyosha literally tells Ivan "That's not even Rome" right? Dostoevsky was probably butthurt about Catholicism like all good Russians but he doesn't straw man them in Brothers Karamazov, even though he thinks Catholicism will become more progressive. It's less than Catholicism is bad and more of "Catholicism will stop being real Catholicism, what a stupid shame! begome..."

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Read Tolstoy fagget

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>feigning superiority
Nobody said anything about superiority or inferiority. It's a simple fact of life that masses of uneducated proles weren't concerned/able to be concerned with mental work much, whether in Tsarist Russia or Medieval Europe or hundreds of other societies.
>pol images
Please, crawl back to your shithole, insane putinbot.

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>poor people just dont understand the world
Progressives, everyone

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>Aristocrat says aristocracy is good

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>if someone isn't a petit bourgeois from 21st century first world academia they are incapable of mental work

Wait who is the autocrat here?

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That's largely correct.

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He said it was bad and was instrumental in liberating the serfs you fucking twat

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I didn't say incapable. Stop trying to slide this into autistic shitflinging, please.

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Illiterate, uneducated, borderline starving people don't understand the world

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Serfs aren't proletarians. How's highschool?

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Prole is colloquial for lowest class in English, vatnik.

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Can't wait for Jesus to come back and BTFO you witless fucks DESU

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>Can't wait for Jesus
'Fraid you're gonna have to.

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>ignores what the word means
The absolute state of the English tongue.
But yeah another neoliberal tactic of jargonizing whymynotsurprised

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>language is static
Freshman linguistics would like a word with you.

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You are the reason the working class is abandoning liberalism.

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Descriptivism is wrong
Prescriptivism is the way

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Working class was and is predominantly conservative in every society on Earth ever, dunce.

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Okay just ignore every major uprising since the 1700s i guess.

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>supporting some liberal thought means you're liberal

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>violently overthrowing the state and church is something conservatives do

Do you think Marx himself killed the Tsar?

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Interestingly the man who killed the Tsar was a convert to lutheranism

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>being conservative means supporting the status quo regardless
Are you 13?

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>Boksheviks are conservatives because they assume poor people are capable of qualia

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He never invented anything, it is an unavoidable incontrovertible feature of the Faustian organism.

*tips calculus*

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>construct a straw man so remote from actual things stated it might as well be a post from a different thread
Not your brainlet homeboard, sweetcheeks. Try again.

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Throughout the entire Old Testament period, and through almost the entire New Testament period, the people of God have not as a majority even been literate enough to read the scriptures, nevermind learned enough to interpret them. This is one reason why the Lord instituted a priestly caste in both eras. "Sola scriptura" is just a revolutionary tactic introduced by devil for the cause of creating anarchy in the Church.

Indulgences are great. Read about them.

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>Indulgences are great.

The absolute state of Catholicucks

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>the incredible works of a person
>probably divinely inspired
>not part of doctrine

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>Indulgences are great.

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>Protestants create universal European literacy
>Cathocucks learn to read
>start shitting on their benefactors

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>Protestants create universal European literacy
Like it is a good thing.

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You know, I think about two-thirds of the time you get in an argument with a "Catholic" on the internet, it's really with some sedevacantist schismatic who will defend literally *anything* the Catholic Church did prior to Vatican II. Like, if people couldn't read before the Reformation, then literacy is bad, ergo >>10327976

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Protestantism gave us Anglos in their current form. There's literally nothing positive you could bring up that would outweigh that scourge upon humanity.

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Do you acknowledge Francis as the Pope and submit to his teaching authority, as well as the teaching authority of his Bishops?

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>Peasants could not even afford to eat chicken once in awhile.

Be that as it may, life became much more insufferable after the Bolsheviks. Anyway, my criticism had nothing to do with the value of the Russian monarchy and was more about correcting anon's opinion about the Grand Inquisitor scene.

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No. I'm not even a believer.

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lol i didnt know nrx dweebs were still shilling this meme

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Luther was an amazing writer desu.

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This why he created Sola scriptura

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By my exquisitely snarky demeanor and unsurpassable wit?

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Then it was never real catholocism

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No, that's why he created Sola Fide and Sola Gratia. Don't get me wrong, I can't find much fault with how the climate at the time generated the five Solas -
Christianity needed that paradigm shift, but holy shit did it turn out to cuck up Christianity and slowly drive it into the ground.

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No. I mean the idea where if you write with enough prose you're suddenly divinely inspired.

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*teleports behind you*
*saves the liturgy*
pssh... nothin personnel... my child

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There is /his/-tier retardation in this thread lmao
I hope all of you return there

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not even once

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definitely personal...?

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butthurt christfags are ruining this board

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t. someone who vaguely remembers Ivan railing against the church but didn't absorb the information and now has to vaguely refer to the source of what could have been his knowledge had he actually understood his favorite book

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>That kraut faggot is the worst thing to ever happen to Christianity.
nah, it is catholics, then liebrals

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Whats wrong with killing heretics?

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What percentage of /lit/'s Christian population is aware of the Jewish Problem?

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>Lets just ignore the fact that Christiantiy is essentially Judaism and Christ himself was a Jew preaching for Jews

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Yes, I know and agree, but there are still a lot of Christians who understand the jew while successfully blocking out the ramifications for the jewish ideology they remain steadfast to.

>> No.10331326

>essentially judaism
Except Christ was considered so heretical they tried to murder God himself.

Either way, Jews would not be a problem if capitalism were dismantled. And no i am not a communist.

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Jews were a problem long before capitalism came around. Fucking sad.

Christcucks are going to have to be reformed by force once whites regain control from the jew.

>> No.10331349

>once whites regain control
It is sad that even in their fantasies White Supremacists are subordinate to what they consider an inferior race. If you people weren't so pussified and victimized maybe your appeal would grow. Learn about what is good in western culture and spend less time crying.

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The only one who seems to be crying here is you. And the jewish slave morality of Christianity that weakened the west first. I'm all for a return to whites being less pussified and victimized, but doing that requires removing the enemy, which is not capitalism.

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>capitalism is not the enemy
>unironically benefits Jews more than anyone
S-sure bud lets return to the great prechristian days of Europe and live in mudhuts

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No, empire. You self-hating, jewish-worshipping universalists are hopeless.

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Roman Empire? Fuck that. Top culture in history was pre federal America.

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lol. You Cathocunts and your endless butt hurt because Luther forever btfo your satanic pagan worship and fucked your shekels from here to eternity. lol. Get fucked.

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>Dante is doctrine
Fucking lol

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Any REAL catholics in here, non-LARPERs?

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Me, why?

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I don't believe in God. What do I do? I really want to

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What are you looking for? Philosophical proofs? Miracles? Spiritual books? Spiritual exercises?

>> No.10331834

Whatever impetus you can give me to develop something like faith.

>> No.10331864

Ok. Do you read a lot? How familiarized are you with philosophy and theology? Which languages can you read?

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>people still don't understand how Nietzsche BTFO nihilism
It's astounding, really.

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What does "t." mean?

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honestly dont bother with (scholastic) theology, the attempt to rationalize belief can never be fully convincing; try mystics like Eckhard or even thinkers like Novalis, Hegel, Jung

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/pol/ slang, ignore whoever posts like that.

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Terrible advice.

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Orthodoxy by Chesterton

>> No.10332544

You have no room to talk about H-man until you be-become-izing.

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Nihilism was not created it was always there now we just have a word for it.

>> No.10332638

It's the 20th letter of the alphabet. It's also derived from (((Taw))), the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

>> No.10332643

It's not pol slang it's used in every board.

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Now this is a divine comedy if I've ever seen one

>> No.10332753

But what does it mean?

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Holy fucking kek, he doesn't know what "t." means, TOP KEK LMAO, GTFOOH

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Not a theist - but try getting into vipassana.

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I'm never leaving until I learn the meaning of "t." I will be here FOREVEEEEER!!!!

Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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it means lurkmoar

>> No.10332932

You mean the ones always started by the middle class? Lol

>> No.10332995

Here you go, newfag:


Oh, and make us all a huge favor and after you click on the link, stay on that site and never come back to 4chan again.

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>stay on that site and never come back to 4chan again
You're not the boss of me.

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The Cathars were religious nutjobs comparable to ISIS today. Completely reasonable to destroy them desu

>> No.10333078

Lurk moar. You stick out like a sore thumb.

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Love for poor in principle, in reality they'd gas the homeless.

>> No.10333275

>Modern progressives
>Reading the great Russians

These things don't go together.

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>saves the liturgy
Heck yeah

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howdy friend

>> No.10333414

the door has opened and you seem mature enough to explore that opening :). there's a book (it's on amazon. its kinda old and hard to find) called Catholicism by George Brantl. I urge you to please check it out!!

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Deus vult amirite?>

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>unironically being a protestant

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>The Cathars were religious nutjobs comparable to ISIS today
>men, women, and children massacred en masse because a religious leader declared jihad

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>probably divinely inspired

Can you put on a trip so I can filter the rest of your posts?

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>implying germans are human

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>no Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, Heidegger, Wittgenstein

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Isn't the majority of germans catholic? I thought only memeanglos were pr*testant.

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They're "Catholic," in that they find it convenient to think of themselves that way culturally, but they don't go to Mass, don't receive the Sacraments, and don't actually believe in the Resurrection.

They'll go into the fire with the other atheists at the Second Coming. Unless they repent and regain their faith, of course.

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About a quarter a catholic and a quarter Evangelical

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> Marx
> German