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Define reality

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What the white man created, and what the cultural marxists want to tear apart

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Reality is is the means to describe reality.

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/pol/edditors are the cancer killing /lit/

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Not. An. Argument

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I will trust Horselover on this one.

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That's obviously a false-flagging leftist

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reality is the dreadful phenomenon that channers experience when they leave the house.

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No, if it was he wouldn't have deleted.

I feel like reality is a particular individuals phenomenological experience. Nothing more or less.

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you need to go back

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Fuck off rabbit

You too

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did you just play Soma or something?

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The sum total of all phenomena.

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All phenomena as experienced by man, or...?

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whats soma?

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watch the first 30 sec for the quote

It's a survival horror game that it heavily inspired by PKD -- was bretty gud desu, first videogame I've played in years

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This actually looks pretty good, is it 2spooky tho, im not a fan of horror games tb h, just interested in the plot?

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it's kind of spooky at parts, but the plot makes it more than worth it. I only played it because I was stuck on campus for thanksgiving and my roommate's PS4 was still here, so I'm not a big gamer in general, but it definitely made me think. Also made me want to read some PKD.

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That which is the case ;^)

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Reality is that thing that, when you venture away from it, it seeks to trap and ensnare you and beat you into submission until you remember what it is again.

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>believing in reality

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thanks lad, its apparently on a sale for just 10 euros on steam right now, i think im gonna just buy it, i have a bottle of whiskey next to me, and i plan on just getting drunk, playing it and chilling tonight

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I really like this one.

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All definitions given so far can be called "small r reality" definitions, as they either reduce reality to other phenomena (phenomenological experience, subjective reality, etc) or they define reality by its excess (sum of all relations, sum of all phenomena, that which "outside"). While apparently giving specification, the implicit maneuver of these definitions is to drain Reality as a concept of all universality, and henceforth to say that what we call "Reality" is either an illusion or a mistake. In order to give a substantial definition of Reality with a big R, one has to make explicit reference to objects, acknowledging that objects also have an "outside" or an excess, acknowledging that subjects are ultimately another form of object, finally that our attempts to capture it always fail.

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that's awesome, you won't be disappointed

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Nice leap of faith faggot

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That could also be your abusive dad or the police or an illness

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>Define reality
You don't have a dictionary?

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epic bro xD

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that which is true

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aka reality

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:^) ... :'^(

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Reality is that which is dragged on stage, stripped naked, and illuminated by reflectors.

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Reality is whatever the hell you want it to be.

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here, let me punch you in the sternum to simulate the pain

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Is it this a reference to pleasure/reality principle in Freud?

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CORRESPONDENCES BETWEEN GURDJIEFF & PHILIP K DICK (**note: everything not quoted from the Exegesis is something either of Ouspensky (who exposited Gurdjieff) or Gurdjieff)

"In addition to those centers [of functioning inside of man] of which we have so far spoken, there are two other centers in man, the 'higher emotional' and the 'higher thinking'. These centers are in us; they are fully developed and are working all the time, but their work fails to reach our ordinary consciousness" (In Search of the Miraculous, p. 142)

"But in ordinary conditions the difference between the speed of our usual emotions and the speed of the higher emotional center is so great that no connection can take place and we fail to hear within us the voices which are speaking and CALLING TO US from the higher emotional center" (ISoTM, p. 195)

"The point is re-establish what has been lost, not to acquire anything new" (Views from the Real World, p. 145)

"There is nothing new in the idea of sleep. People have been told almost since the creation of the world that they are asleep and that they must awaken. How many times is this said in the Gospels, for instance? 'Awake,' 'watch,' 'sleep not.' Christ's disciples even slept while he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane for the last time. It is all there. But do men understand it? Men take it simply as a form of speech, as a metaphor. They completely fail to understand that it must be taken literally" (ISoTM, p. 144)

"The higher thinking center [...] is still further removed from us, still less accessible. Connection with it is possible only through the higher emotional center. It is only from descriptions of mystical experiences, ecstatic states, and so on, that we know cases of such connections. These states can occur on the basis of religious emotions, or, for short moments, through particular narcotics; or in certain pathological states such as epileptic fits or accidental traumatic injuries to the brain, in which cases it is difficult to say which is the cause and which is the effect, that is, whether the pathological state results from this connection or is its cause.

"If we could connect the centers of our ordinary consciousness with the higher thinking center deliberately and at will, it would be of no use to us whatever in our present general state. The mind refuses to take in the flood of thoughts

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,emotions, images, and ideas which suddenly bursts into it. And instead of a vivid thought, or a vivid emotion, there results, on the contrary, a complete blank, a state of unconsciousness. The memory retains only the first moment when the flood rushed in on the mind and the last moment when the flood was receding and consciousness returned. But even these moments are so full of unusual shades and colors that there is nothing with which to compare them among the ordinary sensations of life. This is usually all that remains from so-called 'mystical' and 'ecstatic' experiences, which represent a temporary connection with a higher center. Only very seldom does it happen that a mind which has been better prepared succeeds in grasping and remembering something of what was felt and understood at the moment of ecstasy. But even in these cases the thinking, the moving, and the emotional centers remember and transmit everything in their own way, translate absolutely new and never previously experienced sensations into the language of everyday sensations, transmit in worldly three-dimensional forms things which pass completely beyond the limits of worldly measurements; in this way, of course, they entirely distort every trace of what remains in the memory of these unusual experiences. Our ordinary centers, in transmitting the impressions of the higher centers, may be compared to a blind man speaking of colors, or to a deaf man speaking of music" (ISoTM, pg. 195)

Compare to PKD for now:

"We're (1) missing entirely certain faculties and (2) what we have, the remaining ones, are very much hazed over ... The only this is, how come this happened? How did we (1) lose certain faculties entirely and (2) have the remaining ones occluded as they are, for all of us, unless somehow, as in a miracle of healing, they're restored?" (Exegesis, pg. 60)

"The experience of anamnesis is the moment when this sleeping mind which once was conscious remembers its own existence (Exegesis, pg. 61 - 62)

"We are talking about an intrinsic long-dormant personality capable of functioning on a level high enough to allow it to see, hear and understand the supernormal universe of the divine -- none of which can be perceived by the normal self" (Exegesis, pg. 282)

Back to Gurdjieff/Ouspensky for a while:

"It must be understood that man consists of two parts: ESSENCE and PERSONALITY. Essence in man is what is HIS OWN. Personality in man is what is 'not his own'. 'Not his own' means what has come from outside, what he has learned, or reflects, all traces of exterior impressions left in the memory and in the sensations, all words and movements that have been learned, all feelings created by imitation -- all this is 'not his own', all this is personality [...]

"Essence is the truth in man; personality is the false.

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But in proportion as personality grows, essence manifests itself more and more rarely and more and more feebly and it very often happens that essence stops in its growth at a very early age and grows no further. It happens very often that the essence of a grown-up man, even that of a very intellectual and, in the accepted meaning of the word, highly 'educated' man, stops on the level of a child of five or six. This means that everything we see in this man is in reality 'not his own'. What is his own in man, that is, his essence, is usually manifested only in his instincts and in his simplest emotions" (ISoTM, pg. 162)

"Moreover, it happens fairly often that essence dies in a man while his personality and his body are still alive. A considerable percentage of the people we meet in the streets of a great town are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually ALREADY DEAD" (ISoTM, pg. 164)

Back to PKD:

"There are 'androids' or 'the mantis' among us which appear human but only SIMULATE humans" (Exegesis, pg. 257)

More PKD for a while to make it even:

"...rather than a split between body and spirit or body and soul, inner or outer in the usual physical-mental sense --- that totality is as the rotting fruit is to the growing seed within; as the fruit rots, the seed within grows ... What grows within me grows perhaps a new body as well as a new spirit" (Exegesis, pg. 64)

>(Soft parentheses such as these () are PKD's; brackets [] are added by me; same for other of Gurdjieff's quotes)

"Nurturing. I am not, rather than merely being nurtured (by the Earth, etc.) but nurturing Firebright [**GLOSSARY: One of Dick's terms for ultimate, living wisdom] within me ... This is the normal growth-line of an organism: it is born, and must, as an incomplete, ungrown infant, be nurtured ... So long as one takes [as opposed to giving], one is not full grown, and certainly not yet a parent (of the Spiritual, Immortal body within). One could speculate that this is the purpose of human beings: Why We Are Here: to serve as the recipient 'female' 'mother' for the implantation of the solar spermatika, the divine seeds" (Exegesis, pg. 150).

Back to Gurdjieff:

"You must understand that the 'astral body' is born of the same material, of the same matter, as the physical body, only the process is different. The whole of the physical body, all it cells, are, so to speak, permeated by emanations of the matter [of the astral body]. And when they have sufficiently saturated, the matter begins to crystallize. The crystallization of this matter constitutes the formation of the 'astral body'" (ISoTM, p256)

"Inner growth, the growth of the inner bodies of man, the astral, the mental, and so on, is a material process completely analogous to the growth of the physical body. In order to grow, a child must have good food, the organism must be in a healthy condition to prepare from this food the material necessary for the growth of the tissues" (ISoTM, p180)

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Back to PKD:

"I am led to the inescapable conclusion that, totally unknowingly, we are all constituents of a vast living organism" (Exegesis, pg. 278)

Back to Gurdjieff:

"It is not only we who are alive. If a part is alive, then the whole is alive. The whole universe is like a chain, and the earth is one link in this chain. Where there is movement, there is life" (Views from the Real World, pg. 85-6)

"The conditions to insure the passage of forces [from other planets to the Earth] are created by the arrangement of a special mechanical contrivance between the planets and the earth. This mechanical contrivance, this 'transmitting station of forces' is ORGANIC LIFE ON EARTH. Organic life on earth was created to fill the interval between the planets and the earth.

"Organic life represents, so to speak, the EARTH'S ORGAN OF PERCEPTION. Organic life forms something like a sensitive film which covers the whole of the earth's globe and takes in those influences coming from the planetary sphere which otherwise would not be able to reach the earth. The vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms are equally important for the earth in this respect. A field merely covered with grass takes in planetary influences of a definite kind and transmits them to the earth. The same field with a crowd of people on it will take in and transmit other influences" (ISoTM, pg. 138)

"The idea was roughly this: humanity, or more correctly, ORGANIC LIFE ON EARTH, is acted upon simultaneously by influences proceeding from various sources and different worlds: influences from the planets, influences from the moon, influences from the sun, influences from the stars. All these influences act simultaneously" (ISoTM, pg. 24)

Back to PKD:

"So our little psyche-world systems are perpetually bombarded with incoming information which we process and, at the right time to the right other stations we transmit in the rightly modified form --- but all this takes place THROUGH us as if we were transistors, diodes, wires condensers and resistors, all none the wise (Exegesis, pg. 387)

"The purpose of it all -- this feeding energy in, patterns in, at one end of the cube within which we stand yoked together, trapped within the cube like so many parts mounted on a circuit board --- this energy presents 'signals' which we experience as movement and events taking place within the cube. We respond, according to instructions fired at us from around us on all the six sides of our real world. The 'signals' or events are incorporated into each of us as learning -- learning by experience -- and they permanently modify our brain tissue, leaving permanent although minute trace-changes in us. This way we store this information, combining it and altering it, and we are prepared to transmit it again when instructed, to whoever we're instructed to transmit it to. Each of us is a vast storage drum of taped information which we purposefully modify, each of us differently" (Exegesis, pg. 129)

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"In its moving about (discorporate in one sense) the brain [cosmic entity PKD claims he was possessed by on 2/3/74] is like a giant floating crap game.

"If it's like a floating crap game, this vast brain must be an organizing principle. A system of linking. This fits in with the disassembling and reassembling into a new structure. I was taken into a thinking system ... how, if at all, does this system exist independently from the constituents which it links together? The same question has long been debated about the relationship between a human mind and its brain! Can the mind exist independently from the brain?

"This model (brain-mind) is a good one for my understanding of 2-3-74. I keep hypostatizing Zebra [another of Dick's terms for the entity] as God or Nous [Greek for "Intellect"], and now as brain. But WE are the (physical) brain (components). The plasmatic entity I saw which I called Zebra must have been the analog for the electrical discharges constantly moving through neural fibers --- i.e., throughout the brain itself. Those electrical impulses are the life of the brain: its activity. So my brain, made up of millions of cells, in billions of (electrical) combinations, became ONE station (cell) in (of) a larger brain, linked to other 'cells' (persons), some dead, some living, some yet to be, with Christ as the total mind (psyche)" (Exegesis, pg. 354)

"The Jews theorize that the resurrection of the dead is accomplished through God's memory (of them); suppose, via our long-term DNA memory we ourselves are units of God's (the total organism's) memory systems? Suppose, for some of as at least, THAT (called, I think, WITNESSING) is our prime purpose? We ARE (parts of) His memory?" (Exegesis, pg. 240)

Gurdjieff (note: this passage may alert you as to why I have not more often quoted directly from Gurdjieff himself rather than quoting Ouspensky; this passage is written from the point-of-view of Beelzebub, and includes neologisms not to be found in any dictionary)

"This concentration of substances, localized in [the heads of human beings], they [human beings] call the 'head brain.' The separate 'ossaniaki' or 'poptoplasts' of this localization or, as terrestrial learned beings call them, 'brain cells', are destined to fulfill exactly the same purpose for the whole presence of each of them [human beings] as is fulfilled by the whole of our Great Universe by the perfected highest bodies [souls] of three-brained beings* who have already united themselves with the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute or Protocosmos [God]" Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson, pg. 713)

[tc;dr (too confusing; didn't read): The purpose of our souls, according to Gurdjieff, is to be braincells in the brain of the universe/God]

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"In other words, God is larger than man but congruent with him; we are identical" (Exegesis, pg. 300)

[Note to understand this part: holograms have the unique property that any part of them (if not too small) has the information of the entire whole although with some slight loss of information. If you cut a hologram in half, that is, you'll get two smaller but identical-scale holograms of the original holograms.]

"Could OUR agony be microcosmic replication of the macrocosmic divine, with which we are (1) isomorphic; and (2) actual fragments of, like bits of a hologram: intact gestalts but 'dimmer' or less defined ... We as dimmer bits have not yet achieved ... self-intuition; hence, when we suffer, we do not know why. Up the hierarchical scale [towards greater consciousness] there is still suffering --- even perhaps an increasing level of suffering at each hierarchical stage. But also at each ascending stage there is a quantum leap in a self-intuition which bestows (permits) greater UNDERSTANDING of WHY there is this suffering" (Exegesis, pg. 287)


"Suffering can be of different kinds. To begin with, we shall divide it into two kinds. First, unconscious; second, conscious. The first kind bears no results. For instance, you suffer from hunger because you have no money to buy bread. If you have some bread and don't eat it and suffer, it is better. If you suffer with one center, either thinking or feeling, you get to a lunatic asylum. Suffering must be harmonious" (Views from the Real World, pg. 101)

"Everything in the universe is one, the difference is only of scale; in the infinitely small we shall find the same laws as in the infinitely great. As above, so below" (Views from the Real World, pg. 16)

"It is possible to study the sun, the moon. But man has everything within him. I have inside me the sun, the moon, God. I am -- all life in its totality.

"To understand, one must know oneself" (Views from the Real World, pg. 102)

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"And here also is God!!! Again God! . . .

"Only He is everywhere and with Him everything is connected.

"I am a man, and as such I am, in contrast to all other outer forms of animal life, created by Him in His image!!!

"For He is God and therefore I also have within myself all the possibilities and impossibilities that He has.

"The difference between Him and my self must lie only in scale.

"For He is God of all the presences in the universe! It follows that I also have to be God of some kind, of presence on my scale.

"He is God and I am God! Whatever possibilities He has in relation to the presences of the universe, such possibilities and impossibilities I should also have in relation to the world subordinate to me.

"He is God of all the world, and also of my outer world.

"I am God also, although only of my inner world. He is God and I am God!

"For all and in everything we have the same possibilities and impossibilities!

"Whatever is possible or impossible in the sphere of His great world should be possible or impossible in the sphere of my small world" (Life is real only then, when "I am", pgs. 31-32)


"The transformation from the inauthentic to the authentic mode requires the sacrificial death of the illusory psyche, a difficult price to pay --- difficult to make because for a little time it means the extinction of the person. He must actually go through the experience -- not just knowledge -- of the irreality of himself and his projected world; he is replaced and his world is replaced by the not-him and not-his-world. (This is depicted in 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead' as the Bardo Thödol trip.) Now, to his surprise, he is not who he is or when/where he is (I should say was). The impossible has happened; he has shed self and world. This is a moment of great fear and sense of dread, to experience the irreality of himself and his world, and to have both go, both slip away. Can he survive without himself and his world? The continuity of identity is lost. New memories arise as if out of nothing. And the new self and world; -- all out of nothing -- ex nihilo; new self, memories, identity and world without a history -- a past -- behind them: created on the spot -- as if he always had been this other person with these other memories in and of this other world. His self monitoring system discerns the impossibility of this and yet must accept it as so. He never really was who he was, or where and when he was. All reality, inner and outer [...] has been cancelled and replaced by, sui generis, the new, and the open. The closed sack has become the open sack" (Exegesis, pg. 390)

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"There is a book of aphorisms which has never been published and probably never will be published. I have mentioned this book before in connection with the question of the meaning of knowledge and I quoted then one aphorism from this book.

"In relation to what we are speaking of now, this book says the following:

"'A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake.'

"In another place it says:

"'When a man awakens he can die; when he dies he can be born.'

"We must find out what this means.

"'To awake,' 'to die', 'to be born'. These are three successive stages. If you study the Gospels attentively you will see that references are often made to the possibility of being born, several references are made to the necessity of 'dying', and there are very many references to the necessity of 'awakening' --- 'watch, for ye know not the day and hour...' and so on ...

"We have already spoken enough about the meaning of being 'born'. This relates to the beginning of a new growth of essence, the beginning of the formation of individuality, the beginning of the appearance of one indivisible I.

"But in order to be able to attain this or at least begin to attain it, a man must die, that is, he must free himself from a thousand petty attachments and identifications which hold him in the position in which he is. He is attached to everything in his life, attached to his imagination, attached to his stupidity, attached even to his sufferings, possibly to his sufferings more than to anything else. He must free himself from this attachment. Attachment to things, identification with things, keep alive a thousand useless I's in man. These I's must die in order that the big I may be born. But how can they be made to die? They do not want to die. It is at this point that the possibility of awakening comes to the rescue. To awaken means to realize one's nothingness, that is, to realize one's complete and absolute mechanicalness and one's complete and absolute helplessness. And it is not sufficient to realize it philosophically in words. It is necessary to realize it in clear, simple, and concrete facts, in one's own facts. When a man begins to know himself a little he will see in himself many things that are bound to horrify him. So long as a man is not horrified at himself he knows nothing about himself. A man has seen in himself something that horrifies him. He decides to throw it off, stop it, put an end to it. But however many efforts he makes, he feels that he cannot do this, that everything remains as it was. Here he will see his impotence, his helplessness, and his nothingness; or again, when he begins to know himself a man sees that he has nothing that is his own, his views, thoughts, convictions, tastes, habits, even faults and vices, all these are not his own, but have been either formed through imitation or borrowed from somewhere ready-made.

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In feeling this a man may feel his nothingness. And in feeling his nothingness a man should see himself as he really is, not for a second, not for a moment, but constantly, never forgetting it.

"This continual consciousness of his nothingness and of his helplessness will eventually give a man the courage to 'die', that is, to die, not merely mentally or in his consciousness, but to die in fact and renounce actually and forever those aspects of himself which are either unnecessary from the point of view of his inner growth or which hinder it" (ISoTM, pg. 218)

PKD: “I now see our fallen state as consisting of four basic deformations: (3) Pervasive deterministic enslavement, which reduces us to the level of reflex machines lacking true volition. We are totally unaware of this.”

Gurdjieff: “The law for man is existence in the circle of mechanical influences, the state of 'man-machine.' The way of the development of hidden possibilities is a way against nature, against God.”

PKD: “The pluriform salvific entity, as mysterious as quicksilver, will save us in the end and restore us to true human state. We will then cease to be mere reflex machines.”

G: "The 'man-machine' can do nothing. To him and around him everything happens. In order to do it is necessary to know the law of octaves, to know the moments of the 'intervals' and be able to create necessary 'additional shocks.'”

PKD: “I kept dreaming of us as animals in a stagnant pond, interpreting this as our planet. But suppose it's not our planet, but our entire space-time universe, viewed from the next (Neoplatonist type) one? The "helium-filled balloons," then, which rise — those are our souls. This is also the next stage in our evolution. But the pond has become so stagnant, now; few "balloons" rise. It is sad....”

G: “The evolution of a certain small percentage may be in accord with nature's purposes. Man contains within him the possibility of evolution. But the evolution of humanity as a whole, that is, the development of these possibilities in all men, or in most of them, or even in a large number of them, is not necessary for the purposes of the earth or of the planetary world in general, and it might, in fact, be injurious or fatal.”

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Couldn't say, I was born after reality. I've only heard stories about it from older folk.

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woah bro deep bro woah

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reality is what's left when you stop believing in it.

ask anyone who's been in prison about fucking reality.

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i want reality to be where all the philosophags are exiled from /lit/, to /co/. or /mlp/. anywhere but here.

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wordy bullshit but 5% is correct
it's telling that they were trying for obfuscation to pad out a book or sound wise

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>wahhh i can't stop clicking philosophy threads i have no self control

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No you fuckhead, it's "wah, this philosophy thread could have put a potentially good thread about literature into the archives"

Imagine half the threads on this board were about noodles. THAT MEANS THERE IS 50% LESS SPACE ON THIS BOARD FOR LITERATURE THREADS YOU FUCK. What a nigger you are. If 75% of the threads on this board were about something random, like mathematics, then the literature threads would be driven off. This is what is happening with these stupid threads where people don't even discuss literature.

But I'm sorry to sound mad at you, you're probably an alright person in real life. Fuck i'm high lol but I love you man

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you ve been in prison? you like punking niggas by fucking them in the ass?

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It must not be that good of a thread if it's at the end of page 10.

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Reality is the child of collective belief and therefore the sphere where competing definitions subsist in conflict. I don't personally believe machines will ever surpass human beings as a legitimate object of human concern, but i also believe that the time when the majority of human beings will themselves believe otherwise draws nigh. Ars longa, Vita breva. If actuality may be reckoned as the fluxing 'thing itself,' then reality marks [our] collective inability to keep up. Reality too is in a state of flux, but far slower than the actuality it presumes to ape- by fiat, pretty much. Though I'm not too keen on Schopenhauer, I believe I've just defined reality as a species or as THE sphere of (the collective and therefore divided) human will. No doubt I'll change my mind tomorrow morning.

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you like punking niggas by fucking them in the ass?

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As my belief in Christianity faded, so did my interest in PKD. I feel I can no longer take his ideas seriously. Thoughts?

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you like punking niggas by fucking them in the ass?

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Cool guys powering up with their JO crystals.

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>>10316931 You sound like an eleven year old boy.

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ˇhow old are you

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>Yeah but what's REALLY real?
OP pic describes what's probably the only useful version of the word "real": mind independent.

>but does that mean my dreams AREN'T REAL?
It's not like a real/fake distinction. That version of the word real is the borderline useless and indefinable one.

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Reality doesn't exist
We apply reality to the experience of our collective consciousness

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>Reality is the child of collective belief
wrong, also you don't belong here

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No doubt in at least one respect, especially if one 'understands' that there isn't a right answer. 4chin/lat/ is about be-wonging? News to me..

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Captain Picard confirmed for real. I knew it.

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Why would ah do some'ting foolesh like that, now, do eh?

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